Friday, 16 January 2015

Royal Commission needed to expose the corruption why Medical cannabis has taken this long for Government to approve the use

 Cannabinoid efficacy in ADHD has been studied overseas already and is proven to work to relieve symptoms. Since many medications on the PBS scheme have been accepted for clinical use without studies or trials here in Australia why then should Australians be forced to wait for access to cannabinoid therapy? Perhaps an inquiry into this by a royal commission could clear things up?

We need to fully expose the corruption behind the drug network to see how far it runs.  From Real Estate Agents, to Banks, to then to the Medical world where the Governments through a jungle of politics has held the herb of the Gods from the People.

We were all warned in the Bible to be wary of the Devil, yet the horns were placed upon the Baphomet who approves of the drugs as healing for the wider community.

The holder to prohibition was through as I allege the holding of the secret to cause massive sickness without a cure.  The Cancer Bio-weapon I expose where it can be made in 7 days and as Jack Ruby said just days before he died "I was injected with Cancer virus".  We have to expose the myths are hidden with some truth to expose a hidden underworld of control.

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