Friday, 30 January 2015

Australian Dollar drops relates to money flowing out of the country....EXPOSE this.

The Brothel in Kings Cross was searched in 2009, what the Police missed was the subfloor compartment.  This co-incides the power this gang has as the money I have found for Commonwealth Bank is invested in USA Tax Lien's and brought back into the country when needed.  Taxing on this money is held in USA and money as I was told in many cases is invested where no state tax is payable.

By searching the brothel this is why I asked for the suspension of the banking shares around the world to stop this movement.

3 hrs · 
The Australian dollar has plunged to its lowest level since mid-2009, fuelling speculation that interest rates could be cut to historic lows when the Reserve Bank of Australia board meets on Tuesday.
Speculation mounts that interest rates could hit historic lows next week as survey paints picture of bleak year ahead.

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