How can:
Leanne Goodall, 20;
Robyn Hickie, 18; and
Amanda Robinson, 14
Vanish without a trace from the Lake Macquarie area in 1978 and 1979?
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  • Jennifer Stone
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  • Susan's Voice Jennifer. I believe these cases are most probably linked although this is my view and not based on anything else. I don't want to complicate what is already incredibly complicated and sensitive by linking other states. The case you refer to is also 1999 and I wish to focus on the appropriate region and be very close 16 week timeline. Please respect my request.
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  • Jennifer Stone So you link 3 together....
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  • Jennifer Stone This happens in WA too Check out Missing/Murdered Hayley Dodd WA
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  • Jennifer Stone Are you starting to see the pattern I have.....
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  • Susan's Voice Hi Jennifer. Let's aim and wait to see if any sound evidence is uncovered (if any at all). I'm confident with new thinking something might come up. I don't want speculation in this public forum as this is counter productive and I have seen it time and again on other forums. Thanks for the support and should you have sound information, please direct it immediately to crime stoppers 1800 333 000.
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