Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mac Wallace's Fingerprint found on the Gun -JFK assassination

There were FOUR Mac Wallace prints from the TSBD 6th floor, not just one...
The fact that discrepancies are sometimes observable between prints that are definitely known to come from the same finger was even noted by Sir Francis Galton, the father of the modern method, in his seminal work Finger Prints (1892). In this he discusses various reasons why discrepancies might arise, such as through the differences in pressure applied when depositing separate prints (with less pressure favouring the deposit of pronounced ridges and not shallower ones), or simple skin deterioration during the ageing process. In particular, he recorded an instance of a nonmatching point that had apparently arisen naturally between taking a fingerprint from a child of two-and-a-half and then taking a second print when the child had matured into an adolescent of fifteen.......
Wallace’s police ‘ten-print’ from his 1951 arrest, used in Mr Darby’s comparison, was taken 12 years before the murder of JFK and even Mr Darby himself observed differences in the two prints that had arisen during the intervening time (e.g., he recorded what appeared to be an injury to the skin that was not present in the 1951 print but disrupted the 1963 print). He still felt confident enough to swear an affidavit stating that he had found 14 matching points, the threshold for admissibility in Texan courts. By all accounts, he later revisited the prints outof personal interest and found a 32-point match, which has to be considered as being beyond the possibility of coincidence by anyone’s standard (although why Mr Darby did not then also swear an affidavit to this more impressive match remains unknown, and since he is now dead we may never know).…/l…/lob68-mac-wallace.pdf
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  • Dawn Meredith He did not do a second affidavit for many reasons. We never actually discussed it but I think he felt his 1998 affidavit was sufficent. Also in 2003 his home was entered, the alarm was by passed and all that was taken was the box under his bed that contained all his Mac wallace work. Only time I ever saw him in fear. He was a great and dear man. A friend from 1998 til his death from a stroke in 2006.
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  • Dawn Meredith That he is now being called "not certified" so angers me. I checked with his pastor son and wife when this issue was first brought to my attention and was assured that he HAD kept up his certification. So the "note in his file" is bullshit.
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  • Richard Charnin Thanks, Dawn for that important information. The so-called JFK researchers who did not believe that they were Wallace prints had better take another, close look at the evidence. Just what is their agenda in attempting to discredit Darby's analysis?
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