Wednesday, 28 January 2015

JFK assassination Lee Harvey Oswald's mother was right

The Realist ran for over 40 years. It was very biting satire and had some extremely talented contributions. No holds barred. It was at times funded by John Lennon, yet another murdered by a "lone nut" at the beginning of Reagan/BUSH.
We all thought of Lee Oswald's mother as a nut who was a terrible mother back in the 60's. It didn't help that she wasn't very photogenic, unlike Jackie or Marina or even Tippit's wife. Turns out she was right on. This is an interview that must have been conducted just 1 or 2 months after John Kennedy was murdered.
Note the postcard shown on the next page before the magic bullet was dreamed up.
ps It's all indexed, unlike the WR!
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