Monday, 26 January 2015

Scott R. Kaiser exposes the James Files evidence

Scott R. Kaiser I want to tell folks right now, Luis Posada NEVER told me that James Files was in Dallas, that information somehow found it's way into my book, I never wrote that, that information was plugged in by someone. Also, someone plugged in "According to Judyth Vary Barker (Author of Me & Lee) .... Dots means information that follows, I never wrote that either. I just don't get it!

Scott R. Kaiser JVB plugged in her information and (Author of Me and Lee) in my book and I didn't catch it in time, and Wim D. plugged in information stating that Luis Posada told me that Files was in Dallas, and I never said that Posada told me that Files was in Dallas, the only thing I ever said Posada told me was that Files was apart of the company, when Wim found that out he started to push the story that would otherwise benefit him, as for JVB can you imagine if my book would sell millions of copies she would have some free advertising wouldn't she? As far as I'm concerned, it's pretty fucked up to jump on the bandwagon, and plug in information into my book for their benefit. WWED What would Edwin do? This is certainly not cool, I'll tell you I would never in a million years plug my information into someone else's book out of respect.

Edwin Kaiser's Covert Life And His Little Black Book Linking Cuba, Watergate & the JFK Assassination (Paperback) : Kaiser, Scott : Edwin Benjamin Kaiser was a thrill-seeking patriot who became enmeshed with many of America's biggest conspiracies, the full significance of which is pieced together and…


  1. Thanks for posting this Jennifer, but you have to understand, that I wrote my book to be "non-fiction", to tell the truth, to bring to light what information was shared with me by so many folks in Miami. I have shared in my book testimonies from folks who knew my father, worked with my father, these are some of the most notorious men ever known in the CIA. And, all of them are considered enemies of Cuba. It is no secret that my father of all men was closest to Frank Sturgis. My father's life story is fully told.

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