Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bali person of interest in alleged drug supply ring

Evidence allegedly explains a man  of Indian decent in Bali could be a person of interest in the Notorious Drug network.

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It’s strange but when Indonesian youths who had captained people smuggler vessels to Australia were apprehended, the Indonesian Government demanded their return. The Gillard Government dutifully obeyed and bought air tickets for them and returned them to the waiting arms of the Indonesian military who were desperately short of captains for embarking boats.
As has been proved time and again a sum of between $US25,000 and $US50,000 is sufficient to keep any drug mule away from an Indonesian praetorian court system and death row. But the sum of $A600 million in aid carries no weight at all because Australia refuses to use it as leverage.
Those poor Australians who now face a firing squad must have indeed been poor because there’s a man of Indian descent in Bali who wears gold chains and drives a Roller who would have been happy to “do the deal”.
The AFP could have apprehended the two here but chose to inform the Indonesians they were on their way. Had they been apprehended this end they would have been down the pub a week later on bail.
It appears corrupt Islamic law once again supersedes Australian fluffy law.

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