Monday, 5 January 2015

Missing Person Lake Macquarie area

Leanne Goodall, 20;
Robyn Hickie, 18; and
Amanda Robinson, 14
Vanish without a trace from the Lake Macquarie area in 1978 and 1979?
You must read the report on the young girls, you will start to see in this period we had the murder of Susan Isenhood who was later found deceased in bushland.

Yet for Leanne, Robyn and Amanda their lives just vanished one day.  
Coincidence to all these cases is the Police investigation, just like Juanita Nielsen that was proven to be manipulated by the Coroner.  We have a connection to Detectives in Sydney being linking.  2 weeks investigation on one missing person, than another the Police just stopped.

Is this the system the alleged police were aware of as we expose the Scorpion Rituals in The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation.
Vee S I would love to know what happened to amanda Robinson.. 
She was my old next door neighbours sister. 
She went missing from a bus stop on a way home to swansea from a disco. 

She was 14. 
Never been found.  
Ivan Millat was in the area at the time on road work with the rta, therefore remains the prime suspect but with no evidence to convict him.. 
The case remains unsolved.

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