Tuesday, 24 June 2014

12 Shots which Shook a Nation. Well changed the world forever. Author Richard Hooke

JFK Researcher Richard Mayn Hooke - anthropologist, computer software engineer, stay-at-home dad, American provides a truthful, unbiased, common-sense analysis of the assassination of President Kennedy. An honest 21st century account of how the U.S. Military and CIA morphed into a monstrous entity that murdered one of our greatest Presidents, seized control of our democracy and revealed their disregard for the basic rights of everyone by murdering "the patsy", Lee Harvey Oswald, whom Hooke has proven, by computer analysis, to have been innocent of any shooting. Hooke provides the identities, locations and details of the U.S. Military / CIA sniper teams, positioned in Dealy plaza on November 22, 1963 at 12:30 pm, who shot the President and Hooke provides confirmation by witness testimony, ballistic evidence and through the account of Bobby Kennedy's CIA investigator, Hugh Huggins, who was present at the Bethesda autopsy and confirmed to Bobby Kennedy that Jack Kennedy was murdered by the U.S. Military / CIA, thus necessitating the murder of Bobby Kennedy, by the CIA, 4½ years later, on June 6, 1968. Mr. Hooke has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the murder of President Kennedy was orchestrated and perpetrated by the U.S. Military / CIA, Secret Service, Dallas Police and Meyer Lansky crime syndicate - and then the F.B.I. and CIA controlled media covered it up. A sad, reminiscent trip back to that tragic day, November 22, 1963 when America was assassinated and we lost our country; a sobering examination of the corrupt, greedy and self-serving military chieftains, politicians and the money, power and pathetic history of denial by our self-proclaimed "greatest generation" who, to this very day, cannot face their inner demons and evil complicity in the public execution of John Kennedy, the scapegoating of Lee Harvey Oswald, and the reality that until we face what America did to JFK we surely have no hope of re-igniting the torch we once carried for humanity.

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