Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tree of Knowledge....The Bible has the patent on Cannabis oil

Listed on the Nasdaq in 2013.
Granted an exclusive licence on the USA federal government patent #6630507 (Cannabis as neuroprotectant and antioxidant) funnily enough , in 2013.
USFDA currently suggesting their Cannabis extract medicine for epilepsy, epidolex will be fast tracked into the US market.
GW are also about to enter into clinical trials for cannabis extracts to treat glioma (brain cancers)
Cannabis-not medicinal unless a big pharma company is granted exclusive rights to exploit it and make obscene corporate profits from a herb that everyone could easily grow themselves for free. Also, when growing organically at home, you get the FULL PLANT extract, with all the healing cannabinoids and terpenes.
Isolating one component is not going to work for more than a small number of people.
Many epileptics for e.g get more benefit from full plant thca extract than from pure CBD extract.
It's all about the individual patient.
or should be....

We have groups of concerned citizens meeting around the world.  Many have life threatening diseases from Cancer, to Tumors then to Parkinson even to Childhood Epilepsy.

Pharaceutical companies are taking a plant and producing from it, however these same owners in the past caused the Prohibition to happen to stop the oil from being researched and utilised.
Is this the tree of knowledge, where Satan Lucifier on earth in the bible was told not to TAKE?

I now have to wonder as I too are welcomed in the world where a Dr Andrew talks about different strengths of drugs of the cannabis seeds and plant extracts.  It was informative, yet the most amazing thing was hearing a mother talk about the miracle she had seen happen for her child in front of her eyes.
I realised then the Tree of Knowledge has to be the Cannabis oil, and we were all convienced it was the apple and the seeds for the Vitamin B 17?  Was it the holder of the oil for us to retain the vitamins of healing within the body.  Our Pineal Gland, our automatic system within the human subconscious mind is missing something when we are sick.  The fuel, the oil to burn for the energy within us all to thrive.
We have learnt so much, yet so little when we allow companies to control patents which could help the wider community when the cost of growing a plant for personal use, to the paying of large corporations on a substance where the Bible talked and told us all about the miracles the annoiting of the oil had on the human body for healing the sick.
We have to look at the structure some said in the meeting of the Cannaloids, others talked about it was the staple to eat from the hemp seeds, to the hemp seed oil.  The massages I have given people utilising the Hemp seed with Frankicense all to return our DNA back to normal.
We talked about the hidden power in society, the law where many of the ways of Prohibition have hindered the health of so many people as back in the 1800's to 1937 Heroin, Inca, Cannabis even Cocaine were utilised for medicine and we didn't have the Bioweapon Cancer then.  
The Tree of Knowledge lets give it back to the people.  

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