Sunday, 1 June 2014

Research into the Underworld control dating back to South Africa.

Connections I have 1860 Holy Grail Hooked X Map to Kings Cross.
Relationship to the drug network being controlled by the Russell Family.

Chapter 222 in Kings Cross is the hidden stronghold.

Links to Abe Saffron and 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross have linked back to 1948 when he allegedly started to be known as Mr Satan.

We have the links through Aleister Crowley the Satanic Cult and Frank Bennett to 1920 joining up a Sydney branch to Grand Lodge No 2 South Africa.

I had a link to the Skull and Bones Chapter 322 in USA,
Skull and Cross Bones 222 Australia
I had the links to
allegedly the company structure of J & B Trust, to King of Jacob to 1948.

Now, going further the links were coming to connect with Bilderberg, South Africia and 1880 a Satanic Cult.

This links to the Black MagicK of Rosaleen Norton around the time Juanita Nielsen went missing in 1975 from outside of the brothel was the last sighting.

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