Friday, 6 June 2014

Equipment for looking through walls? Looking for Juanita Nielsen.

Dear Jennifer,

I am not aware of any equipment that can look through walls (other than perhaps ultrasound or radar), and we certainly don’t have any such equipment in the School of Civil Engineering.

Stuart G Reid

Associate Professor
School of Civil Engineering
The University of Sydney

From: Jennifer []
Sent: Thursday, 9 August 2012 10:12 PM
To: Annamaria Brancato
Cc:; The Premier of NSW; Edward Song
Subject: RE: Equipment to look through brick walls, concrete and timber. Sparkling Chandeliers Jennifer Weatherstone

Dear Sir,

I was told today via the Australian Newspaper that your department may have some equipment to look through concrete floor or brick walls, in one area.  The other area is with a timber floor.

Allegedly the area is within a brothel at Kings Cross, that has been unable to open and documented through the Royal Commission in 1994.

I will attach some timeline information, for relevance.  I have been researching Kings Cross since 2009 under the series of books I have been writing The Kings Cross Sting.

Just an exert as to the whereabouts and the timeline of the history and images of Kings Cross.  If your department does have the equipment could you email myself and the Attorney General's Department which is a CC on this email.

Allegedly this fire exit could also have been utilised by  the premises 38a Darlinghurst Road in the past and sealed at a later date which allowed access to the brothel via the back stairs over some time when the brothel was a hidden brothel and the club had moved to the premises at 38a Darlinghurst Road Kings  Cross as documented in the history of Bobbi Sykes.
Allegedly due to the murder of Juanita Nielsen not being found 1977 Donald Mackay was brought to the brothel again to be hidden and kept safe as his murder was to protect the drug industry.
Allegedly 1977 the murder of Howard Twyrell horse trainer at Dubbo was to protect the horse fixing and betting that was happening to allegedly clean the money for the development in Victoria Street and to pay for the hold up in the building  of this venture within the mob.  Allegedly two weeks after Donald Mackay
Allegedly the gun will be the same maybe for all murders and allegedly the gun will be hidden in the brothel after the last murder of Howard Twyrell.
Allegedly in the end of January/February Essam Nicola Gerges painted a square in the Room F in cream on a red wall.
Allegedly this wall area is the same area that many of the working girls explained there had been a horrific murder within the premises.  This room F, has some unusual brick piers and walls which is only within Room F and Room E.  Room E, the piers are on the outside walls allegedly in the past maybe to hide windows that could’ve been in the fasade of the building.  Allegedly there is a steel girder in the ceiling that is held up with some of the brick piers.
This piering system is not throughout the whole brothel.
Allegedly, this area of the brothel with cream paint on is the base area of the bathroom which is old brown little square tiles.  This area still would be considered on the fifth step via the fire exit as referred to many of the people that came from this mob/gang associates.
Allegedly in the second hallway, the timber two steps raised above the concrete floor will be the area around where Donald Mackay and the gun will be positioned within the brothel.  Allegedly the brothel was closed in 1977 and still owned or governed by the same people.  Allegedly the body was brought back to Sydney to a area being built as the murder happened to take the body and to hide the evidence, the gun I believe was added after the third murder.  As allegedly with the body of Howard Twyrell the bullet was left behind and the markings on the gun could be matched.  The casings left behind after the murder of Donald Mackay probably by August was noted within News reports to the public.
Allegedly whilst Jennifer was in the brothel, many of the working girls talked about seeing ghosts to scare me, Bobbi Sykes, Donald Mackay, Juanita Nielsen all described to me in description not by name.
Allegedly the brothel has had trouble opening, all to hide the murders that have existed to cover up the drug network and the drug industry within Australia to stay active.

Please email me back if you can help, this brothel has never been able to open, except with Madonna's Mob at that time allegedly Bill Bayeh was in goal.  Otherwise the longest the brothel has been open is myself.  The murders allegedly being unsolved are perfect murders for the people involved however this particular brothel hasn't been able to open with out restrictions on trade.  

Thank you for your help in advance.

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