Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chris's Cross Kings Cross Life

Chris's Cross 

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I am Christopher Zlomanczuk. 

I am an aspiring Actor, businessman & doorman in Sydney NSW. I am currently employed as security working in various pubs, bars, clubs & function venues across Sydney. Which brings me to Kings Cross. The heart of it all. 
I had the pleasure of working in Kings Cross in 2007 as a security guard. I did enjoy working in "The Cross". It;s the greatest places I have veer worked at. 
 Here's a list of bars, clubs & other venues I worked at over a 6 year span. 
- Vegas
- Mansions
- Showgirls
- Springfield Bar & Restaurant
- The Elk
- SugarMill
- Hugo's
To name a few. 
But prior to my employment there I had ventured out on some wild nights to the destination it "all" happens. I loved socializing in Kings Cross as well as working there. 
Working & socializing in Kings Cross is great fun. There's so many attractions & things to see in Kings Cross. Be assured you won;t be bored once you pave your way down the streets for a nightly stroll or sit down at a local cafe & sip on a hot latte soaking up the sights, or see a Theatre show & for those party animals that want some "action" &thirast taste of nightlife go hit those clubs up for a dance - yes you know you want to. 
  There;s always plenty of sights to see & things to do. 
People from all walks of life hang, cruise by, live, or visit kings Cross.
But if someone is having a bad day, or a mental collapse of some sort you can expect for them to be in your face. Having said that, I don't consider Kings Cross to be of danger to society. Yes there are drugs & alcohol there, you will find these people that suffer from either abuse won;t harm you. Nor do I find Kings Cross to be the blame for that behaviour. 
Here's a few places I have recommended 
See Dreamgirls
See a play at Griffin or Darlinghurst theatres.
Go to Hugo's for night out of fun
Go to Fish Bowl to party
Elvis Pizza for a good cheezy pizza
Grab a coffee at Tropiciana
My favourite place in Kings Cross to visit is Potts Point pond. If you feel like getting away from the busy nightlife & the stretch of the traffic, this is a great place to sit & gather your thoughts. 
After you have relaxed at Potts Point Pond, you have plenty of places to choose from once you feel ready to get back into it.. 
Kings Cross... The Heart of it All ... 
By Christopher Zlomanczuk 

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