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Roger Rogerson The Kings Cross Sting

Who is Roger Rogerson I thought, Corrupt Police officer yet they are still around today corrupt so why did they catch him.

Roger Rogerson was linked to the brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers in Kings Cross.

We have Roger Rogerson coming out of Prison in 2006.

We have the timeline of the brothel searched without touching the hidden strong hold in 2009.

We know by what people have told us, Rick and Anna were paying for protection.  Thus how did he get caught for the biggest drug bust.  The police were brought in, to pick up the money.  Over $1 million dollars some say up to $10 million in one wall.

Why didn't Roger Rogerson give the information up on the hidden compartment?  What had he protected all those years ago by the alleged murder of Sallie Anne Huckstepp?

Her body was found, I go through this as the drug dealer came from Ashfield she was meeting.  It was just a co-incidence again one of those drug dealers who threatened my life came from Ashfield.  Father and son I thought of.

This is how this system worked.  Roger Rogerson came to Surry Hills back in the 1930's giving one of the most lovely families hell, the Markham family.  It is interesting Dulcie Markham died in a fire I write about trying to draw the answers to this sinster gang.

When Bill Bayeh went inside Prison who was running the drugs?  This was 1995?  Roger Rogerson spent twelve months in prison coming out 2006.

In 2006 the drug network changed, it was the time of the coming of age allegedly of John Ibrahim as the movements to Saturn for the rings of Satan they worship to the God of man made nature for the 13th bloodline of Will and Force.

As I was told by Roger Hegarty, Im Roger Rogerson and Im knocking.  Knocking for what?  Protection money for the brothel I was told.  Yet look at the drug network the asians who watched these premises.  We would have a young asian boy standing out at the tree in the beginning watching, then across the road.  He never came into the brothel all for a reason back in 2011 when Jamie Gao came under the Police investigations.

We have the links to Sex worker Michelle aka Diedre Gracie who asked for $100000 for the boss.  When questioned who was the boss she said John Ibrahim.

We had Roger Hegarty going into the Police in Kings Cross daily for the alleged reports of what was happening on the ground and all believed he was a police officer that had been sacked in the corruption exposed.  We exposed this with the solicitor Nadia Long and Barrister John Peluso pushing for the AVO to be serviced to Roger Hegarty aka Roger Allan Stewart.

Why would so many want to run the brothel that can't open I would think night after night as I collected the evidence on the drug network and fed to the police.  I have given mobile numbers yet the main stream people are the ones who pay for what they receive the drugs.

Not all drug runners I noticed were linked to this one group yet they connected in through the drugs themselves.

The holder of the drug network, the Great Cow Moloch which is within the brothel by the smell and the words Shannon Elliffe said "Jen, their are dead bodies in here".  What did he really know just allegedly an ice dealer yet it was the connections that will bring him undone as we stop and wait for the Great Cow to be exposed.

We have the links with the Rabbi Sex worker Michelle and Theresa from the receptions of Golden Apple, Porky's in her past to the blessing of the brothel all for a reason.

We have the link now to the Black Pope where they utilise a person who is black for the symbolising of the seeing eye, the nazi wave in the case of John F. Kennedy.  Yet on Darlinghurst Road, I had allegedly Roger Hegarty doing the dirty deed.

I had to look beyond the corruption to see the truth, the corruption is placed, it's bread by the alleged movements of father and son.

We have the links to Sallie Anne Huckstepp rolling over about allegedly Roger Rogerson for murder and no one took her seriously?  Well she was murdered before giving evidence in 1986.  Who killed Juanita Nielsen I thought as the gang hadn't told me exactly who pulled the trigger for her.

I had links, allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges, Peter William Schaffer, Roger Hegarty aka Roger Allan Stewart all threatened my life all for a reason.

We had Essam telling me he was the gun man for Bayeh.  Yet who did Bayeh work for I thought that was higher for the protection of the drug network.  A person who would allegedly murder to hide the drug operations all for the money that was brought in.

Roger Rogerson started out in the 21 Squad back in the days of Darlinghurst.  He didn't move around why would you when the alleged corruption money wet the palm of his hands.

Corrupt police, Juanita Nielsen missing 1975, where were you Roger Rogerson on the 4 July 1975?

Dulcie Markham died 20 April 1976 where were you Roger Rogerson?

Christopher Flannery died 9 May 1985?  He knew too much about the operation.  Where were you Roger Rogerson?

So all these people threatened my life, all for a reason, they terrorised me all for a reason.
Essam Nicola Gerges marked the wall in Room F for the boys to come back and get?  All for a reason.
We had Shannon Elliffee drilling into the hidden compartment subfloor all for the reason?

We had the thugs allegedly setting me up, playing a game for the power of the drugs they dealt all for a reason I say.

It's ashame the police didn't listen in Kings Cross, well we have corruption, It is just a strike force that can fix this and see the alleged Great Cow Moloch of the relics of bones from the missing persons who will be discovered in the strong hold which Sid MacDonald head body guard of Tilly Devine protected, then we had Bayeh and MacPherson protecting for allegedly Abe Saffron.  We had the connections with Police corruption, Perc Galea and Maurice Bernard Houghton.  So what about Michael J Hand?  Fingerprints will expose he is the man on tape within World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers with the red and white shirt with the jeans on for the cuz's game they play to the bodies they worship to give them a power of protection.

What about the Church, allegedly linking to the Gnostic Church Goulburn and the links to the Orthodox Kogarah all for the reason.

Reason is Murder?  Reason is Money?  Reason is Mafia?  MMM the connections with the work of Aleister Crowley and the Satanic Cult I have exposed through The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation.

Thank you for all the researchers who have helped me to expose this criminal gang.  Maybe one day you will all take the time to read The Kings Cross Sting Series.

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