Sunday, 8 June 2014

Brado's Backpackers Water leak Kings Cross

Hi Ben,

I have a property you went to, at 36 Darlinghurst Rd Potts Point.

What happened Brado's Backpackers is the floor above, they have an area above our kitchen where the water has come in and made a whole in the ceiling.

Last Tuesday and then Thursday night the water ran through the walls affecting our meter box.

I need a repair done on the meter box for the lighting.

If you could organise a repairman, Alex is about, his mobile number is 0406 416 111.

I would like a bill emailed so I can forward this to the realestate agent and others more easily.  There is a kitchen sink where the backpackers go and turn on the taps and walk away.  This flooding onto the floor cant be taken away due to the floor waste is at a higher level to the floor.

2.  I would like a quote for under awning lighting of led you can offer Ideas and discuss with Alex on site, just email a detailed quote.


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