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Book review Monkey Virus Ed Haslam, and Me and Lee by Judyth Vary Baker

  • Barb Junkkarinen cross-insemination is a perfect way to put it succinctly, imo. Haslam had his story lacking, among other things, a witness, JVB had her story lacking, among many other things, a framework within New Orleans of secret goings on for support. When they got together, they each put out new books weaving elements from each into the other. To really get just how much, one really needs to read both their 1st and 2nd books. It reminds me of an old American TV show called The Brady Bunch. Haslam had his characters and story, Judyth had hers. Then in many ways, it all came together. Kind of like the way the theme from The Brady Bunch puts it...
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  • Steve Roe So if I'm following this correctly, Haslam was on the scene earlier than JVB? Maybe someone can clarify this....Haslam's "research" was the polio vaccine debacle.....which I can see JVB interest in all things cancer....was this some well crafted malarkey? It's interesting what Dave pointed out about Haslam and the Ferrie business. It really seems like a big stretch of some top notch cancer researcher, like Mary Sherman, to be involved in a fly-by-night kitchen sink operation supposedly run by David Ferrie. Just trying to make sense out of all this marlarkey.....
  • Barb Junkkarinen Haslam's first book, Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory, was published in 1995 ... long before JVB emerged on the scene.Then Judyth's first book, Lee Harvey Oswald: The True Story of the Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy, by His Lover (2 Volumes) came out on her birthday in May 2006. Haslam's second book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, was released a year later in 2007, and introduced a mysterious Judy at a party who had know Oswald back in Haslam's college days....and other new things. Judyth's 2nd book, Me nd Lee, came out in 2011 .... and now involved a second mouse house apartment and her being involved with monkeys, etc. Some have speculated that Haslam's first book may have been the inspiration for what became Judyth's story. I don't have any idea if it was or not. We do know that it she read Haslam's first book by January 2000 (which was when she was just emerging publicly on the scene) beause this review appears to have been written by her (she has been known, and has admitted from time to time, to using Avery or Avary and mixing up her name from time to time. Here's that review: "32 of 36 people found the following review helpful
    Mary, Ferrie: VERY Interesting! CIA Monkey Business
    By Avary Baker on January 19, 2000
    Format: Paperback
    Ed Haslam reveals that two -- maybe more--secret cancer research laboratories were connected with Tulane University, Dr. Alton Ochsner, and persons associated with the Kennedy assassination such as "Dr." David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald. Logical, organized, and intriguing, this book contains hard-to-find photos and a good map. Haslam did his homework: he may have discovered the murderers of eminent cancer research scientist and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mary Sherman, who was found with a missing arm, on fire, and full of knife wounds, one to her heart. His book gives the reader a picture of sabotage, biological blunders and anti-Castro lab activity, and gives us hints about where the AIDS epidemic came from. Since this happened in New Orleans in 1963-1964, there may have been a lot of reasons for all the cover-ups concerning Oswald, who lived only about a mile from Dr. Sherman and the high tech research facility where she seems to have secretly worked. Bring your brains along, though: this book forces you to rethink what many people take for granted about the role of Lee Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK." As I recall, it used to include Lafayetter, Louisiana under her neme, but no longer does. But if you click on her name it goes to a page that says this person is from Louisiana USA. She was attending the university in Lafayette, Louisiana at the time. Here 's the link to that page on Amazon. "
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  • Barb Junkkarinen Above, Martin, said, "I've never heard the "bar" story--I wonder where Barb came up with that one!!! I notice that she is careful not to name the researcher, but I'll bet he is on a short list of well known Judyth critics. I've had this photo of the gr...See More
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  • Steve Roe That clears a lot up in my mind Barb.....thanks!
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  • Barb Junkkarinen Some of us "diehard CTs" have been known to operate within the realm of knowledge, discernment and common sense occasionally,David
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  • Steve Roe And that's why I value your input Barb.....
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  • Barb Junkkarinen Thank you, Steve. And on the "nice" man who told you some information ... I think that sums up the summer succinctly. Robert had a summer job off the coast. Of course those boats don't port there, so Martin's chirp is just that, more chirp and reflects little knowledge of where boats generally come and go from at the mouth of the river ....I know that Venice, La is one such port. Robert and Judyth essentially eloped that summer.....she went ahead to spend the summer and work in New Orleans (why on earth would she or Robert want her in Venice or another port town rather than in New Orleans!'s not like the ship he was on was bringing him home to port every night, those people are often off shore for weeks at a time.) And if Judyth didn't know to expect that before they went, then dumb on her. Anyway, Robert finished up the school term back in Florida, then came to New Orleans, they got married (more poor planning....they found out there was a waiting period so had to go over the state line to get married as Robert had to report for his job within a day or so). The whines and cries that Robert abandoned and ignored his new bride are ridiculous. And Judyth, who initially had found a job at some burger joint, then went to an employment agency and got work at Reily. As planned....they were married, and at the end of the summer, they returned to Florida where Robert continued his studies at the University in Gainesville. From what I have read from assorted sources, including Judyth, the divorce was anything but amicable, there was much drama and she was not a happy camper. They had been married like 25 yrs, raised a beautiful family, all but one had left the nest, etc. I am sure it must have been a very difficult, lonely nd even scary time for her. Beyond that, there is no way for any of us to know the real catalyst for all this, but I personally wouldn't discount what the gentleman told you. As for 60 Minutes ... it certainly makes sense that they would have contacted Robert in trying to verify Judyth's story, but I do not recall if they did or not .... or if I ever knew about it. Bests, Barb
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