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Bell reference Luna Park, Moloch worshipping.

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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 08:06:42 +1100
Subject: Allegedly Luna Park's the Bell reference will need to be checked around the world as a place where the alleged Hells Angels have under the Rebel Angel have worshipped under the god of Moloch teachings.
Luna Park with the Moloch,

As you and I are aware that Luna Park came in 1935 to Sydney.

At that time, with the fact that Abe Saffron looked at himself as King with the star.

I again visited Luna Park, allegedly acknowledging within my research that the previous King with relating to the Moloch prior to Abe Saffron had something to do with Luna Park.

By research, there is a chalk Eternity in the bell tower of the Big Dipper.

Looking at the Big Dipper the bell, which is mentioned in the teachings of the Moloch.

Where there is reports of people inside Luna Park over the years hearing voices around the Big Dipper.

The Ghost train fire with the compartments being the train with 7 deaths, allegedly related to the Ghost train fire, however this with the fact I allege that the prior Moloch will be found now upon my research at the Bell in the Big Dipper.

You will find, upon finding one Moloch statue, exist in Luna Park, that all Luna Park's around the world in existance and direlect be checked for within the Bell, as in the teachings of the Moloch they will find some donations, offerings allegedly to the worship of god of Moloch.

This will relate to businesses, where ever the Moloch trophy statue is the Moloch has been created.  This will relate world wide from the expansion of Luna Park from Coney Island New York which will relate to the Mouth as a opening for the children to come to play homage to the god of Moloch.  Moloch, within allegedly Luna Park the compartment will be sealed and hidden and by the teachings will be able ground.  This will be a area where it will be relating to the alleged Luna Park name or to the Cat reference as in the Pink Pussycat Club where the King of the time played this cat and mouse game, with the child's play and the hints they leave around the Moloch.  The Wild Cat ride, is a reference to the Cat within Luna Park.
Coney Island is also relating to Luna Park that has occurred in a few places, however it will have some reference into the Play house senario of there are windows, a door, as the song goes open wide come inside. under the alleged teachings of the Moloch and to pay homage within the business where they would relate to the Moloch.

The Maltese Sic Cross will relate to either moving from one King to another, however where ever the King is will relate to Moloch.

Gonzo, his business name is which allegedly under the belief of the God Of Moloch could relate him as a King in Melbourne, allegedly where within the acts of the God of Moloch it refers to 
Young girls being presented to the new King.  Refering that the link in his case allegedly could be Luna Park for the Moloch.

At both Luna Park's within Australia Hells Angels Chapters existed in 1975 and Luna Park was started first in Melbourne 1931 and in Glenelg 1931 which relate to the Rebel Angel.  Attached are the images, of Luna Park where you will notice that the face of Luna Park, the image of the Third eye they worship is the dark side of the hell of the god of Worship rather than the third eye being fully aware.

The Carousel, this in the alleged murder of Juanita Nielsen was child's play at this meeting for the next meeting that occurred at 12.00 noon where she walked to her death to the Moloch trophy statue that allegedly Abe Saffron was building over his reign of being King of the Cross.

Please believe me.....

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