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Black MagicK is real, Gang Exposed....Jamie are you going to tell the boss!

Jamie Munro has joined to pass the evidence to someone.  Now we stop and wait.  The police search will expose what this gang protected in Kings Cross.

Just a co-incidence.  When we look at Black magicK spells, it is the seeing eye of the camera rolling to show to their peers they were allegedly behind the plot.  We have George H. W. Bush at the school, the story was The Pet Goat, the words were Steal, yet it was the steel which melted and twisted, the connections to the Goat and Baphomet for the Position of the 77 as the perfect man he depicts.

The links to an organisation leave the DNA at the crime scene.  Plane where was the rubble?  Pentagon April Gallop reported when she turned her computer on the explosion happened.  When April left the Pentagon through the hole she never saw any plane.  We have magicK, this was written in the Bible about magicK for evil, some linked it to Aleister Crowley's work as Chapter LXX it was in Hebrew from the old Testament.  It talked about the magicK that King David and then King Solomon studied.

This way of the people not in positions of work and the connections to the gold held in the south tower which was being moved before the towers were hit in 9/11 is Just a co-incidence however we have the assembly now of vans, in Texas that have been reported.

Where did $300 million dollars worth of gold go too?  Where has it been hiding?

We have the connections to the number 81 where the plane was hit on the tower where the level of batteries and computers on the raised floor had been placed.  I thought of black magicK with the raising of floors I have seen and Chakra's for evil placed.

Nano THermalite we go through with the way the building was erected with the steel and with the ability back in 1963 this building block was being ear marked to come down when JFK was assassinated.

We have the crimes circling numbers 911 emergency, it is the first part of the crime Ritual Viii by Aleister Crowley linked too Ordaa is an organisation where you can find the Ritual.

We have the buildings all had the letters DIE upon which were brought down.  The Demon is alive who did this.

We have the connections with the plane I noticed into the footage of the towers where there was no numbers on the plane.  I have studied various people and none had the numbers.

I have seen where the images of the wings of the planes seemed to go behind buildings rather than in front.  I have added these to my Kings Cross Underworld channel on You Tube.
I have found the connections with the Orothodox Church in Australia where the alleged corruption money is left within the church confession boxes for developments to be passed.  Then I had a Bandidos member associate of Hells Angels who terrorised me and went to church I thought all for a reason.

We have Jim Garrison quote which made my mind do back flips as what I was seeing so was he back in time investigating JFK assassination.
Jim Garrison’s words were standing out to me.  I have seen the wormhole this gang worship.  I have seen the connections with the Moscow Nursery rhymes and the clues which were left behind to expose this gang.  Yet by the words of Jim Garrison, the connections with the Bishop he could see we were seeing the same gang today as back in 1963.
Garrison told the world, “The key to the whole case is through the looking glass.  Black is white and white is black.  I don’t want to be cryptic, but that’s the way it is.”
This was the upside down religion, the religion of the Underworld.  The religion of the dollars and cents for the drug network and anyway this gang could have control of a country was through the economies and controlling the banks, politics, even the script of how a murder is unraveled or even studied all to hide the drug runners which the authorities who they helped allegedly gave these key people a ticket out of prison.
With that, I was working on the evidence of connecting allegedly Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, Lyndon B Johnson, Richard Nixon who was one who was noted at by being coached.
We now have allegedly many connections, George H. W. Bush to the Umbrella man, we have Lyndon B Johnson to Malcolm Wallace, we have Richard Nixon to Jack Ruby and Jimmy Hoffa all for a reason.

This links to the alleged 3 groups I had noted within Suspicious minds working together all for a reason.  We have the connections to Skull and Bones 322, Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, remember Richard Nixon setup his own group in Texas.  Allegedly links to the Hells Angels from 1948 in San Antonio I write about.  The yellow feathers are left behind at the scene of the crime.

In 1948 the alleged drug network joind forces this had evolved from the Russell Family and still the brothel I write about in Kings Cross is a key to the underworld.  Within in it Sammy Sweet said their is evidence which will link the crimes, I have exposed what I can now we wait for the Police search warrant and the investigating into the companies behind which I have exposed to the authorities.

Within Australia the connections are allegedly J & B Trust, Eabona Pty Ltd, D & S Australia, we could have D & S America if someone cares to look at with connections to the Carlisle Group of Companies links to D & S Australia again to George H. W. Bush a major shareholder.
The Hell's Angels Ltd, TYVO Ltd., Take Your Vice Over is the mindset behind the thugs on the ground and the level of protection they gain by having on the police system "Do not pickup" because they are registered Police Informants.

I was starting to feel I was getting through the alleged people involved, I kept digging as the names rolled down through my searches Joe Scarcella the head of the Mob in Texas, was also reported to be at the meeting, and wanting Kennedy dead.  Yet this was talk many thought as JFK and RFK was putting the heat on the Mafia’s 1400 strip clubs, drugs, prostitution, loan sharking, etc and the RFK and JFK was allegedly to have put the dent in the market.  Allegedly 250 key Mafia leaders in jail.
Mafia, Miliatry Agency for Intelligence Allies the drug network, just a co-incidence.
We were looking for alleged hitman, they would have been known around America at the time for the organization back in 1963.  I was wading through the information trying to get the significant evidence.  There were reports of 4 or 5 Mafia hit man, the alleged list Larry Campbill working for some said Jimmy Hoffa, then we had Joe Civello a Dallas Mafia, Joe Campisi and then Jack Ruby.
Jack Ruby was associated with Richard Nixon since 1947.  Remember the agreement I was relating to in Kings Cross was the Jewish King 1948 where two countries, two families and one Nation worked the alleged drug network for the holder of the Gold and drugs.
Carlos Marcello had come up within research gaining the Talisman for his man to go down for the shooting.  A man who didn’t fire a shot.  Many had put the evidence out their.  Talisman were linked to protection, strength and to black magicK.

We had Jack Ruby knowing Carlos Marcello and Richard Nixon for he was the chosen one to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald.  Now we have the report Malcom Wallace who was on Lyndon Johnson’s staff was also at the Murchison house that night.  I felt by the investigation into the JFK assassination the man with the horn rim glasses I felt was allegedly Malcolm Wallace.
This was not just alleged lone gunman, these were some of the most ruthless men in the nation joining of forces and the house where the meeting was allegedly held was reported as Murchison’s house, this was reported by Madeleine Duncan Brown the mistress some believed of LBJ.  Madeleine reported allegedly it was 18 or 19 murders associated with Malcolm Wallace and it wasn’t until 1998 the fingerprint was identified as belonging to Malcolm Wallace on the gun.

7 May 1977 Frank Sturgis told the newspaper interview “The reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was wanting the news stopped from leaking out, it related to the photos of our alleged role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  This was the alleged three people walking in with a Police officier I had seen float down my facebook time and time again as they discussed who was who.
I could then see somehow Richard Nixon was protecting Frank Sturgis for what?  Who really was he protecting whilst he was the President I thought?  Richard Nixon was someone who was coached for the position and within the reports the coach was allegedly Prescott Bush.  
I had the reports of Jack Ruby’s comment to reporters while being transferredto his prison cell.  “When I mentioned about Adlai Stevenson, if he was vice-president there would never have been an assassination of our beloved President Kennedy.”  When Jack Ruby was asked to explain further Ruby replied, “Well the answer is the man in office now (Lyndon Johnson).”    
Ruby continued on stating that people in “very high places” had “put him in the position he was in” and “would never let the truth come above boards to the world”.  He said, “The only one who gained by the shooting of the president was Johnson”.  Yet we know their were others who gained out of the assassination.
Ruby believed and was telling all America was falling under the control of the Nazis, and stated that Lyndon Johnson “is a Nazi in the worst order” “They should know that only one kind of people would do such a thing.”
Nazi, the links now were to this alleged secret society I had in my hand the links to Black Sun?  Order H?  Himmler? The Russian Jews I noted through Zaprauder’s film, it was all for a reason.  I knew it was power and money now, however so did half of the world.  I knew the connections now with a high up Military expertise, I had Nellie Cameron working with the thugs to expose them.
The timing was coming, the hidden compartment will have to open in the brothel as the trumpet’s horn is blown we will be gathering for the rememberance.

Moloch God they worship, Satanic cult for the drug network.  The propaganda is to draw mystic to the occult worshippers to study the Satan's as a forbidden road which has built the mindset in authorities when the thugs threaten people who are exposing the evidence terrorise them, kill them is the answer and no one will believe as the gang has been built upon the Freemason's system yet the god they worship is 39.  Just like Jim Garrison said, black is white.  THe reversing, I go through the evidence of the Black Pope they utilise within the crimes.  I had a black guy calling himself Roger Rogerson all for the reason because their was a black guy with Umbrella Man, we have a black guy with Madame Tilly Devine, and I am the Wild Madame X exposing the roadmap to expose this gang to the world.

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