Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lee Harvey Oswald left the TSDB Building by Light Green Rambler reported

ld was alone when he arrived at the launderette. There was a stop made, enroot, where the other passengers transferred vehicles; the transfer had to have been fast, and close by...because there was no time for anything else; and, of course, Frank Sturgis had to fly back to Miami to watch television with his mother in law.
At approx 1 pm, John Wesley and Oda Pennington, at the corner of Davis and North Clinton (1227 Davis Street) were alone in the self-service laundry when a light-colored station wagon arrived, and parked, by the side door of the Laundromat. A young white male got out of the car - dressed in a brown overshirt - and walked west on Davis, past the entrance, then turned back and entered the Laundromat. He walked over to the pay phone and made a call; speaking Spanish. The Pennington’s thought the man seemed as if he were in some kind of trouble. The man completed the call and began walking south, on North Clinton, toward Jefferson Blvd, in the direction of the Texas Theater. The young man had abandoned the station wagon. After viewing a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald the Pennington's said he appeared to be the same person as the man at the Laundromat.

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