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The gangs around the world all interrelate to Sydney allegedly King of the Cross

Emails sent to the authorities yet their was no action by authorities.
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Date: Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 12:03 AM
Subject: The gangs around the world all interrelate to Sydney allegedly King of the Cross
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February 5 2013
The gangs around the world.
How the gangs have become from the Moloch god where the dark side of the world of the devil as they proclaimed, where they allegedly the gods where I will allege Abe Saffron was a figure like this in Sydney however how high up was he in the chain, when you read the history of Abe Saffron and his family left his partner Tanya  left for the USA where the money trail will go, South Africa where many of the alleged companies are situated today that allegedly interrelate with the original gang and now has become Hells Angels and the sub chapters all around the world, 27 countries, 81 Luna Park’s both have the numbers where they add up to 9 relating to the number associated that the alleged gang have tried to keep hidden.
The gang have utilised child’s play where the drugs market connects the gangs from all around the world.
The sign of the skull and wings of Hells Angels, when you look around and look at the world today you see signs of where the the gang has branched out, chapter after chapter like the chain that existed of Luna Park where it was spread from USA to  Australia and than further around the World as the chapters started with the hidden component drugs working through the businesses that allegedly Abe Saffron was a master of creating with others.
Drugs in Australia are worth so much more than any other country in the world by what I have been able to understand and research within the study of The Kings Cross Sting. 
Could as Chop Peter William Schaffer said to me Felix Lyle is the International President, from Parramatta Chapter where this person is allegedly manipulated by past  President’s of Hells Angels allegedly King of the Cross.

The gang in it’s very beginning was  working on the dark side, the skulls, the moon, the twilight zone of where hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, magic, illusion were the tools these people nourished for the alleged crime that they performed and the tricks to be kept from being exposed through the art of allegedly lying and not being terrified of the consequences in our life today is gaol, being shot, murdered, raped, child prostitution, paedophilia through the alleged child’s play that linked the crimes and unsolved murders of massive scale that interrelate to this alleged underworld that interrelates to the origins of the Moloch, Klux Clan, Hells Angels, Luna Park.  (For publication of this information on a wide scale the word  allegedly Luna Park will be shown how this has been in the alleged setting up of the Hells Angels network known today.  Luna Park under the relevance that putting FUN into your life makes your third eye work and this third  eye which is the mind’s eye is a wonderful tool to have.  Where this opening of the third eye within my mind has made me see the cryptic puzzle like never before in history). Luna Park’s were aimed at the child within all of us, however within psychopathetic tendancies these alleged criminal live in the child’s world they have found home.  Child’s play, practical jokes,
When you look at the gangs that are around the world you will note that many have the fire on their logo’s of the clubs like Bandidois in the USA have wings on fire as  orange/yellow and red which you will see on the Flying Saucer at Luna Park in Sydney where I saw the wings and allegedly knew that the stamp existed.
The amazing part that all the links seem to be people that have opened their third eye up to create the amazing businesses they had.  However what I have noticed is the happiness didn’t exist in their life they were not ever satisfied with what they have wanting more and more.  Thou, in a way an entrepreneur does this, follow an idea, put the idea together step forward without looking backwards and charge to stay afloat by the art of learning to follow the natural blue print within our own bodies they only opened the third eye for greed, jealousy, and for the criminal part of the world this child’s play game of the cat and mouse.  I am sure as your third eye is opening by reading the information and being fully aware of what is happening around you will show more details and connections with regard to the colours of logo’s used by companies in the past were in their beginnings linked to the underworld and through the management being good has sent these businesses to soaring heights.
The gang, allegedly Hells Angels with the skull and the flamed wings were a touch of the alleged Moloch.  Look at other alleged gangs that I have been forced to study to stay alive to get the significant links for the police to be able to investigate why?  Well for most people the third eye can not open without it wanting too.  We can not control our third eye unless we want too.  We can not observe every detail unless we want too.  What Napolean Hill noted that many of his studies of the day the person had been pushed up against a wall not being able to move forward in some way within their business or life, even without the design concepts of ideas and how to manipulate them to come about into real items within the community we live today.
For the people in the compartments of the Boss of the X, allegedly Prime Minister Harold Holt had the idea, of the decimal currency bring us into alignment with the  USA which I will further allege hurt the black market which allegedly Abe Saffron controlled.
Curosity killed the cat, it’s a great saying however this gang played the cat and mouse game.  Where questions were asked, where people dug they were soon allegedly treated like Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay, Howard Twyrell which lay in the compartments where  these questions being answered or the answers being found exposed the gang that allegedly  Abe Saffron was nurturing and becoming an Entrepreneur over, he learnt the art of  hypnotism which helped, being fierd like the note Lochiel left from the alleged murder of Tony Jones where they will find his body in a  compartment where allegedly Abe Saffron had played some game with him whilst he was in Perth and his travels to Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns related to the game where allegedly Tony Jones was the mouse and  Abe Saffron the cat referring to his part under the name association of Pink Pussycat Club.
I too have learnt the art of conversation hyptomism where I  asked questions, and questions researched to expose the criminal organisation and gain the significiant evidence to pull down the biggest drug bust in the world of allegedly known today as Hells Angels, the company The Hells Angels Ltd where this company around the world today is the alleged vice in every country of the world.
By allegedly removing the company, will in fact destroy the business model that exists allegedly today and back in 1903 when the first Luna Park came about through a couple of guys from allegedly Florida suburb Luna Park who opened their third eye allegedly  for evil, for badness, for sinister plots, for criminal activities and joining forces with the child’s game of fun on the dark side allegedly the pickpocketing, the child’s play where they were the cat, the lion and the people they allegedly manipulated with the vice eg pick pocketing for one, became the mouse in their game.
The theme of Luna Park’s around the world have worked on the darkside, allegedly making out the opening of the third eye was the dark side however under Napolean Hill the third eye is the opening of the mind where the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together to provide good to this earth and our own lives to exist.  Where we are proud of who we are no matter who torments or persecutes us, where we are strong internally through our strength of  the inner mind where our own judgement within the blue print of our body that we are born with we have judged the act as being good.
Where Napolean Hill within his study of the mind, of the intelligence of how Albert Einstein had created all the ideas and patented so many that still exist today like electricity is through the ability to look at the problems at hand within a board in front of your mind’s eye putting together the puzzle until the puzzle seems to fit and you are positive it is right.  Than the next step is pushing it off the blackboard of ideas and problem fixers on  our blackboard within our mind’s eye and bringing them to life for the good of the nation, the country and to be proud that your idea has solved a problem for someone else.
What you get in return will be amazing as you have the ability to open your mind’s eye and achieve so much where your dreams can one day be your reality.
What is an iq when you see within the research that Michael J. Hand iq 131, that Bill Bayeh 78 iq is allegedly not relating to the ability to be a good person.
Prime Minister Harold Holt, with the idea about the decimal currency was putting the black market out of business in a way.  They, the alleged criminal world that were collecting the money for evil purposes had been fooled, it was game over the mouse had won, however for most of the games, the Mouses in the world of the underworld game’s have manipulated the law to suit the criminal activities, to bend the law through the manipulation of bribing as reported in history through Royal Commission’s. Where we find the in actions by some to purport the course of justice have occurred this needs to be treated with democratic respect as the problems of the underworld how it has existed has been the mystic, the mystery, the dark side of life where they have tried to terrify people by Voodoo dolls even however the graveyard dirt power we have had within the brothel Pink Pussycat Club have now won over the Cat that placed them in the compartments within the second hallway of the brothel past the laundry and where the Master who allegedly did some of the murders painted the wall within the Room F to show others where the body of the Prime Minister Harold Holt was as they say behind the mirror  allegedly is Juanita Nielsen.
Allegedly the Beaumont Children were the first trophies for Abe Saffron and his spike in the psychopathic tendencies he had.  These will be in the first compartment too with the Prime Minister because it relates to the theory of the Moloch.
Where the dark side, allegedly grew when they too learnt about the law whilst for some of these alleged criminals have applied for the police whilst studying the law and failing they then learnt how to manipulate the law for their own good rather than the good of the community.
Paranoia has been prevalent I have noticed within my own family and others I have crossed paths with.  They doubted my research, the connections as they believed like I had that the police were allegedly not corrupt.  However the evidence has flowed from my email address to many of the public servants what happened, well The Kings Cross Sting will expose however they left it for someone else to do the action.  Allegedly the money, the greed, the power and the child'splay where the adrenalin rush to not get caught comes into play.
How could they ask for a Police search warrant for over a 40 year murder without the other peers laughing at them, my emails allegedly were blocked, my facebook account was closed, websites brought down, mysterious techniquical difficulties associated with websites, email addresses associated with my name, were pushed to the trash can to hide the real evidence thus creating the area where the fear came into the asking for a police warrant for a search of an area where the thugs used the push on the brothel with the alleged police informants feeding the evidence to the police so they themselves thought I was the worst in the world, in fact I was the problem for the gang within The Kings Cross Sting because  the suggestions they fed me I refused to accept thus proving that the power of the mind is strong and good can overcome evil.
Paranoia where these people tell you stop casing your gaols, is the doubt they have in their own ability.  There own life had not been able to prove to them that what I found within the alleged corruption, police, the legal system, the police informants, the drug dealers, the drug users, the working girls, the clients, the  alleged murderers I faced could be beaten by a lady, well not just a lady, that Lady.
Some of you as the information comes out, the story unravels, the system and the people are charged will wonder how  I worked it out.  A scorpion, moves slow, controller, is strong, has no fear, however when you cross their path just watch out for the  Sting, well this sting will be legendary.
The Royal Commission by the Wild Madame X will have the criminal world wondering how she did it.  With just a mind, a  computer, time, a gaol, observations, allowing your intuition to control where you are going in life.  Don’t worry about who or what is happening stay focused because anything is possible.
And I mean anything.

Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever.
It’s not hard, what I have had to overcome is where people through being closed minded have not had the ability to say, hey that lady could be right we will have a look?
Where the third eye is automapping for the answers to your problems, for most people they are unaware that it sets off a centripetal force which attracts the answer to the question that is asked.  This is within the blue print of the human body and is available to be all that asks the subconscious mind a question and with an open mind will automapp or others call it the Power of the law of attraction.
This is the secret Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Jennifer our Wild Madame X and The Kings Cross Sting have utilised to pull apart the alleged worlds biggest drug bust in history.  TAKe CoNTRoL we say.
Luna Park, with the physics,gravity, friction, inertia, potential and kinetic energy and the centripetal force all these actions will help you open your third eye, the mind’s eye for good where there is fun, laughter, surprise, and a feeling of bliss and happiness will help all to open the third eye and the Power of the Law of Attraction.
Under the Moloch ruling idea of the ideals that allegedly Abe Saffron worked at as alleged President by our research the compartments will relate to many of the ways of the networking.

Allegedly there will be 7 main Gangs just like the compartments within the Moloch, The god.   All working for the alleged one cause where allegedly Hells Angels is in control of the drug network across the world.
Hells Angels known also as 81, (81 take 1 away from 8 we have an number 7 again a silent association to Hells Angels and how this alleged gang has utilised this alleged god Moloch as a main connection on how Hells Angels and the mind of Allegedly Hells Angels President Abe Saffron as Boss of the Cross had been thinking to place the compartments within the said brothel Sparkling Chandeliers.)
Gypsy Jokers
Coffin Cheaters
Where below that, the alleged names of the gangs relate to an area where they reside as Sargeant of Arms, where the drug ring works or is known in.
Allegedly a few guys together seem to call themselves a name as this type of ownership has meant a lot to these people as they normally have low self worth, low self esteem, low self confidence, however as they work in a team environment and flex allegedly the muscles they create the fear, the style of names where the dark side of life is celebrated by these people like a business they work at  seems to the outsider as a legal organisation because of the ability and the comfort that allegedly the corruption, the police system where police informants are protected and given points as it seems of being trustworthy however the research complied has shown that the gangs have utilised the safety of being a police informant to allegedly lead the primia facia of the gang to the person who has or could have the ability to expose the gang as an alleged criminal organisation Allegedly Hells Angels the owner of the drug network world wide.

To stop the drug network through working girls, the working girls need to hold a security license, than fraud would not be an issue or a way to allegedly be setup.  By the working girls holding a security license, even with people associated with Tattoo Parlours will regulate the type of people within these premises.  

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