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Madeline McCann Missing feared murdered

A cold case I was asked for my daughter to look at.  The book was handed for the evidence to her thoughts this was fitting allegedly the Scorpion Rituals.

As above, as below.

Meteor showers occur, Last sighting 3 May 2007 Eta Lyrids Meteor shower happens.

The connections with the Ritual is with an old church.  We have a sighting of Madeline and her father Gerry McCann.

Before I looked I noticed the bedroom picture was showing me another person was within the room now who was this person?

The connections with the Catholic faith is a link to the Scorpion Ritual as many of the unsolved crimes link to Catholics.
Kate is being snubbed by the priest she turned to in Portugal after Maddie vanished. Padre Jose Pacheco, 46, who gave the McCanns the keys to his church in May, refuses to take her calls and answer texts

Why did Gerry need the keys to the Church?  Rituals happen of a night on the altar as I have found.

Scorpion Ritual,
1.  Look for an old church
2.  Look at the times called the emergency number as the time for the Ritual Viii to start
3.  Look for sightings
4.  Understand when the body is not found the alleged murderer has the remains in controlled environment.
5.  Look for the Secret Societies linking in.

It is a ritual which has been around for as long as I could find fitting the unsolved murders even to Jesus Christ 33AD.

Lie Detector test refused by Kate McCann and never was asked of Peter McCann?

David Icke

OTO website.!legal/cpw3

Great information
The basics for those new to the case:
1) Cadaver scent was found by British police sniffer dogs in the apartment. No previous deaths were reported there.
2) Madeleine’s blood was found behind the sofa by British police sniffer dogs, under the tiles where Cadaver had also been picked up.
3) Madeleine's blood and DNA were found in the hire car, which had been hired 25 days AFTER her disappearance.
4) Kate refused to answer 48 out 49 questions that could have helped find Madeleine.
5) Kate didn't physically search for Madeleine.
6)The Portuguese police weren't informed of Madeleine’s disappearance until 45 minutes after the alarm was raised.
7)There isn't any evidence to support the abduction theory other than Jane Tanners sighting (which has now been dismissed by both SY and PJ) and Kate's reports of the shutters being Jemmied/broken/smashed open (it was confirmed that the shutters hadn't been damaged and were impossible to be opened from the outside.)
8)The McCann’s spent the fund to find Madeleine on their mortgage and legal bills, despite early assurances that this would not happen.
9)The McCann's suppressed the e-fits SY are now using for 5 years.
10)The new e-fits came from the Smith family from Ireland. Martin Smith later contacted the police as he was 60/80% certain the man he saw carrying the child matching Madeleine's description was Gerald McCann.

We now have the connections of the Church further.

Reporter Ben Thompson researched the following:

Ward of Court, what's the agenda?
On May 17th 2007, only 2 weeks after Madeleine was reported missing, Kate and Gerry began proceedings to make Madeleine a ward of court. So what is a ward of court, what does it mean, and more importantly what did the McCanns stand to gain from it? Let's be honest, nothing the McCanns do is ever in Madeleine's interests. The only actions the McCanns engage in are those of self preservation, and this move was no different.
When a child is made ward of court it means that the parents effectively relinquish the responsibility of guardianship and hand those duties to the court. All decisions thereafter as to how best to represent the child and their well being are made by the Judge who agrees to grant the ward of court (WOC) status.
Madeleine became a WOC on the 2nd of April 2008, her guardian from that day to this is effectively now Mrs Justice Hogg, Hon. Dame Mary Hogg, DBE to be precise. Shortly after this ruling the plot becomes clearer.
On the 7th July 2008 the McCanns legal team met the chief Constable of Leicestershire police at the High Court, having made an application the very day Madeleine was made WOC to force the police to release the confidential files from the case to them, it is worth noting that at this stage the McCanns still had arguido status, which makes the following statement from the Q.C. Tim Scott who represented them at the High Court nothing short of perjury:
"As the world knows, Madeleine was abducted from an apartment at a resort in Praia Da Luz in Portugal on 03 May 2007. No one has ever been arrested or charged in connection with her abduction. Her whereabouts are completely unknown. There is no proof that she is alive, but there is not a scrap of evidence that she is not."

Does any one really know what happened about the fridge? Why would you dump a fridge that wasn't yours? Wouldn't you ask the villa owner to repair or replace it? Why did Gerry write about taking the fridge to the dump on his blog then delete it almost 24hrs later??

They link to a cat for the Pink Pussycat?  Cat in the worshipping for a Moloch, the god?

Then we look for the evidence,

University Glasgow and the religious studies of the black magicK occult Aleister Crowley fitted when I googled.


Im putting up the evidence now of what People are reading on my blog. Madeline Mc Cann, we look for the vessel, for the Moloch and notice the fridge was removed from the premises where the McCann's were holidaying and then bought a new one. We look at where the father went to University and notice the many courses based on Aleister Crowley work. Moloch worshipping is real, do you celebrate the death? The death of Jesus Christ, the vessel was the Holy Grail where is it today? Hidden by a gang to make the world sick... In the Great 7Nostradamus said but did he mean 777 for the Perfect man will come alive and the bones of Jesus Christ will be found fo all to see the lie which many of us live by? Lie, Gnostic Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Australia well is this the link? Have a read and wonder like I wonder

13 November 2014
After months of researching the area of Spain and the links to the alleged Scorpion gang coming out of this area has taken another slant for the investigation.

There was an Australian Yacht which came to be noticed.

I looked for the Arctic P Vessel yet this is registered to Bahammas thou it is known for James Packer controlled.

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