Monday, 23 June 2014

Police notified of evidence time and time again.

Police under 141a as Superintendent Sue Waites advised me no further police investigation.

So I was just a sitting duck for the kero bombs.


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From: Jennifer <>
Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Subject: allegedly Juanita Nielsen is hidden Sparkling Chandeliers.
To: secretariat <>, The Premier of NSW <>,,,,,,,,,,,, ElectorateOffice Kogarah <>,, Malcolm Turnbull <>

Allegedly, Sparkling Chandeliers and myself have been extorted and tormented by many to have the building premises closed and keep closed, some by physical threats, other by intimidation, other by water from the level above to blow the electrics out and the amount of water that ran from the Backpackers through even to the Sushi shop by flooding.  Yet no one listened to us, we were caught in the middle as people think it's so crazy to think that the  mob in Kings Cross Hells Angels to protect the company coming together.  If the mob continues with the child's play because drugs are normally sold in Kings Cross people think that it's to do with the drug market why the games.

Yet structurally on the plans I have and I know there are more on file with the building in Council should show that the premises has been changed and this changes were to hide the remains of people tthat were going to expose the drug network.  I will further allege that this building was owned at one time by the association to Abe Saffron.  No one linked the brothel and iit being closed to the murder of Juanita Nielsen at the  time, CIA Houghton had the knowledge to know that the police would not llook there without a reason or motive and the brothel was closed and hidden.  For most they didn't even know it was open as the access was via the fire exit at the back of the premises.

I asked John Ibrahim to help me with the government, however by his silence towards me I will allege that he knew  about the hiding of bodies as people have said they have been sent by him and Frank Amante to cause problems, to threaten me, to terrorise me all to have the brothel shut.

This brothel has been plagued by problems  why?  It all relates to the hiding of human remains within the second hall way within the brothel leading to the bathrooms.

The working  girls made mention of the 5th step, if you look at plans one of the steps have not been numbered from the fire exit into the premises.

The concrete floor on the 5th step and the raised area of the second hallway towards the bathroom when you realise that it is not the plumbing in some of the area as to why this had happened then you wonder why?

The piers on Room F should be on plan, however the plan has not shown the piers in Room F as this piering system if structural would continue through Room G and Room H which it does not..

This wall in room F was painted cream in a square under the ladies floor area of the toilets by Essam Nicola Gerges who told me he was the gunman for the Bayeh's.

I will further allege that the area by the images of the fire exit of the premises is directly opposite the Carousel Club and would have been a perfect place to get rid of Juanita Nielsen.  The area of the brothel I will allege had been closed and tried to be kept closed by allegedly Hells Angels as from the history of the premises shows the Madame Shirley Briffman had troubles opening the brothel in 1971.

I will further allege that the placement of bodies within this area of the second hallway was through the CIA connections of Houghton at the time.

I will further allege that people didn't notice that this brothel has not been able to open, and when it has been extorted people have blamed the police for the problems of bribing however what I have found that the police it seems when your in Kings Cross feel they don't help you.  The threats by this gang have been constant and many people involved yet for each step if you look at it, it was all for the purpose of this part of the building to remain closed.

The dots on the plan for the existing of the brothel to plans shows that the area of the bathrooms toilets had been changed.  I don't know how they changed yet there must be something on file to show the changes.

The Royal Commission in 1994 didn't notice that the brothel in 1985-6 couldn't open and when the Royal Commission was on was not open either.  This building has been plagued by people turning up to work from the alleged Hells Angels, one arm of the gang will terrorise and the other arm of the gang will ask for extortion money or protection money to keep the child's play games at bay.

The rate of extortion and payments made were by cash to people allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges, Peter Schaffer who threatened by finger gun actions if I didn't get out of the brothel we both would be blown apart.  This further continued in March 2012 and by messages on facebook as to threats to kill me because the knowledge I had put together about the alleged games that this mob were playing with me that were terrifying me.

This continued tthrough actions associated with people Quentin Vertigan who would be in constant contact with Bill Bayeh and Ian R Lazar and then Felix Lyle all to keep the brothel from opening even going to the child's games of pretending to buy the brothel and the fittings.

All to shut the business and to hide the main reason why this brothel has had problems opening as to the area where there could be bodies, the smell within tthe brothel that occurs where people did say it smells like a dead body.  This smell returns when ever the brothel is locked up for sometime.

We need the brothel searched, this amount of threats and violence with the continued extortion and harassment from people like Nigeria Scams towards me is a reason that the information and the history is so important.

When the police Inspector said that he would not on the 13 July 2012 take my evidence is a insult to the notices I have made, even to the evidence I have given to the police on drug runners in the Kings Cross and Oxford Street area where the network was being fed by just a few.  Shame, that the police didn't see what I have seen.  It will happen to others if the brothel is not searched.  A big reason why I was setup?

How to solve the problem, well search the brothel?  You will find Juanita and then it will be exposing the companies of King of the Cross and allegedly John Ibrahim being silent on this matter should be taken as a loud statement of the knowledge about the attempted sabotage and threats to my life and my family with Alex seriously.

The Royal Commission in 1994 had two people roll over KX1 and KX 6 both came from the same brothel.

The company is the link as the link on the protection and the investigation that at the time Juanita Nielsen was following at that time.  The link to the person Essam Nicola Gerges said to me, I am the gun man for the Bayeh's and in history the Bayehs ran the protection from The Pink Pussycat Club to Love Machine which is then from one corner on Roslyn Street to Bayswater Road along Darlinghurst Road is the connection as to the continuation of the intimidation to have the brothel kept closed because these people that were allegedly connected with Juanita Nielsen's murder are still alive.


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