Monday, 30 June 2014

Judyth Baker reports Dr Mary Monkey's and Edward T. Haslam

the small house fire that was set. Nor could any knife have cut through that arm's stump of bone that remained. Why was she killed? "DR. MARY" AS WE CALLED HER, WAS FRONT PAGE NEWS AS A HORRIFIC MURDER THE SAME DAY THE WARREN COMMISSION CAME TO NEW ORLEANS TO OBTAIN TESTIMONIES--JULY 21, 1964. The month prior to her death, it had been Guy Banister's turn. The month before that-- Hugh Ward died in a fiery plane explosion, along with New Orleans' former Mayor and his son. As for me, I was hiding, praying that my married name 'MRS. ROBERT ALLISON BAKER, III" would save me. David Ferrie would not be killed until Feb. 22, 1967. he was found dead five days after his name got into the papers. He called Garrison's people and said that meant he was a dead man. His death was ruied "natural causes" but in my upcoming book, DAVID FERRIE-MAFIA PILOT-- to be released this year-- you'll learn why we can call it murder. David ferrie warned me never to get my name in the newspapers, or I'd be killed by Mafia boss Santos Trafficante. Therefore i did not attend my sisters' wedding, nor the funerals of my three remaining grandparents. I wept in silence and stayed quiet and stayed alive, until my last child left home to go on her honeymoon. But four years before I spoke out, in 1995 --unbeknownst to me -- Edward T. Haslam self-published a little-known book. When he learned who the "mystery tech" was that he believed had to have been present to aid David Ferrie, he rewrote his book, and in 2007 published DR. MARY'S MONKEY. This compelling book is an exciting adventure--a real-life whodunit, a page-turner you won't be able to pout down. Haslam's book tells HOW he discovered our lab, the truth about Lee Harvey Oswald--falsely accused of killing President Kennedy--and how Mary Sherman was murdered. Yes, he solved the mystery! Next, be sure to read ME & LEE to learn what we did, how our plot to kill Fidel Castro backfired, and why a cancer epidemic and tainted polio vaccines forced an immense cover-up that has kept the truth about the Kennedy assassination clothed in mystery and distorted by countless lies. You'll see the dots connected that prove Lee Harvey Oswald was framed -- and why it matters.

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