Tuesday, 3 June 2014

MH370 Oman links

MH370 Oman links coming out.

Dear Pope Francis,

My guiding spirit is Francis, I would love you to check out this position in Oman where the alleged MH370 plane could be.  

The power of the underworld is working.  This links to a criminal organisation where they allegedly as Nostradamus said play the game of slaughter.  

The MH370 had enough fuel to get to this airport and with the base which I am a good researcher I haven't been able to find an answer for what it is.  This would be large enough for the hold to put people through.

However the connections to the underworld link to allegedly Paul Woods and Paul Weeks on board the plane.  This is evidence where I have sent it to our Prime Minister and President of America.  However the connections with Rothschild is the problem where the governments are too terrorised to expose as to uncover something that could expose this Illuminati as having been a real threat to the world.

It's like the position of the Holy Grail, it is a vessel and is hidden however I do believe it was held once by the Catholic church and with some relics which were allegedly sold to the Rothschild's back in history.  This links back in time to thePope and the money where the Rothschild's connect.

Please Pope Francis, the relics will be exposed soon where the Holy Grail has been placed in hiding.  The cryptic puzzle within the Bible is coming true where the corruption and injustice is seen where the Prophect JAH comes forward and exposes, my maid name and intials are JAH.  The injustices I have exposed.  I do believe.  I am aware of the Occult Sciences and the thugs that terrorise the world.

The links I have to King of Jacob, is a company J & B trust, D & S Australia Pty Ltd, and a Police force where I have asked for a police search warrant since 2011 where the Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald and Superintendent Sue Waites Kings Cross Police explained under 141a no further Police action however when we are talking about the hidden underworld.  Don't you think this gang needs exposing that links to the alleged company The Hells Angels Ltd?

Nostradamus said, the King of the Underworld will have 3 brothers, John Ibrahim has 3 brothers.  

Kings Cross underworld will come apart with the police search warrant for 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  This gang protects these premises.  

When the Police can't see the extortion I suffered, they can't see the defrauding then the Police are blind through the corruption.

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