Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ex CIA Pilot predicts what's happening in the world?

I'm going to make a prediction here. Its based on information I have received these past few days from some very upset field operatives who are working sensitive Intelligence operations in the Middle East.
The prediction I am going to make is based on "Information Before The Fact", information that I feel the American citizen should be aware of, if in fact the event happens.
If this prediction comes to pass then this post I hope will help me and this field crew from becoming "Scape Goats" for those special interest politicians in Washington DC. who are now aware of these reports and refusing to act upon the information, because of politics and political pressures from their colleagues. This refusal on their part, in my view, is a failure to protect the lives of the operatives and their associates and the lives of American citizens. The prediction is twofold.
Following is the back story. I can not name the sources because of the extremely sensitive positions they hold at this time. If I revealed various details, locations and the timeline, and their contacts, some would be murdered before dark.
These individuals are upset because their work, in some cases undercover work being done by them in a very hostile and violative environment, is not being properly assimilated to proper agencies within the United States. It is alleged that the daily briefing reports these operatives summit are being tampered with and slanted to favor political interest here in the United States. This is extremely upsetting to some of these field operatives.
There are two reports from separate sources, one from NATO, and the other from US military personal operating in the field. Both of these reports compliment each other and have been vetted by other INTELL sources at the Pentagon and in Turkey.
The cable dispatches were intercepted and picked up in a very sensitive undercover operation that had infiltrated a secret organization operating through the Middle East and the Ukraine. The secret information is about 'Stinger Missiles' that are now in the hands of extremist.
Two of these stinger missiles have made their way to the Ukraine and allegedly one of them was used to shoot down the Ukrainian aircraft of a few days ago, which killed 49 persons. (unconfirmed)
It was also reported that twenty two of these stingers are currently in Spain ready for shipments to Central America and into the United States via Mexico. At one time these missiles were storied at the CIA Annex, near Benghazi, after being shipped from Jordan and Turkey by private contractors.
It has been reported that these weapons are designed to be used in the planned shoot down of an American Airliners near LAX and Las Vegas NV., in the very near future. (rumored to be set for a predetermined date in August this year) There is also and alternate plan for a similar attack in Miami, Florida.
I pray this is not the case. I feel this information, rumor or fact, should be past to local State and City officials of these locations and should not be imbedded within politics to save face because we were unable to protect these weapons from getting into the mainstream of public domain, foreign and domestic.
To play politics with this type of information, if true and factual, or even if its a planted rumor for shock effect, or a probing of defensive lines in this region, should be reported to the American public, and too, to those State and Federal Agencies located in these high risk' areas named. Now is not the time to play politics with such a volatile matter.
This Administration has demonstrated to the people, that they are incompetent and incapable, of dealing with this type of information, regardless if its true or otherwise. The fact has been established that this Administration; and some working within the Senate on both sides of our political structure, that they had rather protect their failures than to protect the lives of American citizens.
They, special interest political groups, have demonstrated to the people that they had rather cover-up the trail of these missiles, and other military hardware, going to foreign countries and into the United States, than protect the citizens and the troops who are involved in the security of those weapons.
I feel duty bound to release this information in hopes that some will investigate, confirm and thwart this covert operation planned by radical groups and their Middle Eastern movement. This should not be turned into a political game of "hide and seek". Its too serious for that.
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