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James Tague Positioning discussion

the 'firecracker like' pop was the first shot, which was a missed shot at JFK, that came down from the TSBD, over JFK's right shoulder, smashed through the windshield, ricochetted off south Elm, then south Main and wounded Tague. The throat and head shots on JFK all came from the right front of the car (grassy knoll)
  • Sam Martin I have to disagree with that conclusion. A bullet bouncing off of Elm Street could never have the velocity or proper trajectory to hit the curb on Main Street, and cause that visual damage to the curb. The trajectory to the curb on Main Street is aligned directly with the Dal-Tex Building second or third floor.
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  • Frank Roper The trajectory of a bullet also lines up better with a bullet entering kennedy's back and exiting his throat coming from the third floor of the Dal-Tex building. Some say the gun man used a silencer.
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  • Richard Hooke Frank, the wound to JFK's throat was one of entry.
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  • Richard Hooke Sam, so you are saying a bullet missed JFK, missed, and went all the way down to Main (which does not line up with the Dal-Tex if the bullet did not ricochetted off something else first) and wound Tague? How could the bullet have missed JFK, in the right rear of the car, hit no one or anything else in he car, and made it down to Main? (without LEAPING over the windshield)
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  • Jennifer Stone Sam, may think like I thought was James Tague involved with the damage to his cheek. Yet when you read his story you see just a man, who pulled over because his timing was right to get out and see the President. Then you will wonder will who shot him? Was it from the 3 bullets? Well 1 bullet was blind for the gun so their was only 2 bullets possible from the position of the snipers nest. We then look at the lines of mercury within astrology crimes linking to the position where Saul and the position of the Mandarin team was stationed as Roscoe White advised within his diary. Then count the bullets some say 9 some say 11. Well it was more than 2, so we then think about the positions of the gun shots from the grassy knowl.
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  • Richard Hooke Jennifer, one thing that is not addressed is the shot that nicked Tague was no doubt a missed shot at JFK...for it to have missed reasonably close the only way it could have gone was through the windshield (back to front). LEE OSWALD WAS IN THE DOORWAY SO THERE WAS NO WARNING SHOT (NO TOTALLY WILD SHOT)
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  • Richard Hooke and there was an initial BANG and JFK was not yet hit in the throat
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  • Jennifer Stone Yes, I have thought about this, as the position of James Tague was involved with the positioning from Astrologyincrime website we both end at the same point on many of the crimes so I could see by her piecing the puzzle together that she was positioning the crimes in more a position for the survey to be utilised as how far a bullet can travel to hit James Tague, This is when you line up from the TSDB building, the limosine and James Tague the snipers nest does not fit the position for the shooter which I did write in my book. maybe not so forthright but I did explain the shooter from the LHS of the building as you look at it seemed to be a position where the gun fire and power I allege came from. I did say it was timing with the Umbrella Man and this was from the Grassy Knowl.
  • Jennifer Stone For the BANG, I did go into that, it was a bang, and yes JFK was hit to the back of the head however for many of those pictures were resumed by the CIA? Criminal Intelligency Agency. This bang is a major part as it is the signal for the start. I felt it was a littler bullet he was still functioning, you see the hit to the back of the head, JFK's arms go to the back of his head, then to the throat I alleged through looking at the Zapruder and Netfix films and studying the frames one by one and noticing them the file I downloaded showed the same picture for 43 frames. It was like what ever you search the thugs have twisted the evidence.
  • Richard Hooke well I don't think he was hit in the back of the head., I agree it was not the sniper's nest; I have concluded they desposited the hulls there and that was it - there was not anyone there. Mac Wallace was behind the third window from the other(west) end...
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  • Richard Hooke I really don't think there was any 'starter bullet' or warning shot
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  • Jennifer Stone This is where I differ with people on that back shot was the first. This is why my work is novels. However when you finish your work Richard, well for that matter anyone they should put the work to the Attorney General of USA and then with the wordin...See More
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  • Richard Hooke your input is very important, it's the interchange that makes the progress and will get us there
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  • Jennifer Stone With the Starter bullet, I felt it was allegedly the bullet shot from Mac Wallace. However in the end I thought it didn't matter who or what had been shot because it was the hidden power of the money trail I had to focus upon to bring about this netwo...See More
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  • Jennifer Stone I noticed, within the idea of the films being tampered with I googled about confetti. Was confetti around on the 22 November 1963. The answer I got was yes, so my novel came together. The photo is within Suspicious Mind's I sent you Richard.
  • Jennifer Stone This photo I put up on a forum, it was David Hex's forum he deleted me so quick I couldn't work out why? Well that photo blows all the evidence I thought, well his work anyway?
  • Jennifer Stone I wondered about that photo for months. I have only put it in my novel because of the protection it is a novel yet I do wonder how much the films were all altered to hide the evidence.
  • Jennifer Stone The windscreen of the car, I did study, I did write my notes about the windscreen, the shot I felt came from the forward motion to the car and was the positioning of the gun man as to why the third person didn't sit in the front seat of the limousine for the planning, then you look as to who wanted the people moved around it was LBJ.
  • Richard Hooke yeah, I really think LBJ wanted Ralph Yarborough to get killed
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  • Jennifer Stone No, He moved him for a reason, the positioning of the extra person in the limousine for the gun shot through the windscreen would have hit this person and to gain the entry to JFK. This person would have to be moved if it was a worshipping to the god of Moloch they do as the 4th compartment is flour they had flour and 6 people. It did fit linking to the parts of the Bible. Im no Bible basher either, however I do connect because it is research. The limousine I thought was the compartment, this wasn't my first unsolved murder linking to the Moloch compartments I opened the Luna Park Ghost Train fire in Sydney. The links were so real to the number 81, the hidden power linking to alleged Hells Angels which came about in 1948 which co incided with the gaining of the Prescott Bush and the Union Bank. This was where I have been going back in history trying to pick up the evidence to form the significant evidence within my novels as my emails flowed with the co-incidences. Like the 81st floor of the 9/11 tower where all the batteries were and the plane drove straight into. Just a co-incidence? What about the $300 million in gold where most is missing and the evidence is still unsolved all for a reason I just have to find the reason, the co-incidences is what Alex said to note within my research, the more co-incidences, the more patterns we see to bring down the drug network in Australia with evidence. The evidence is the aa for the Holy Graal of the OTO linking to an elite group of the Golden Dawn linking to Rothschild, Crowley, Onassis, the hidden power of the CIA to Australia and Michael J. Hand I noted was to Onassis someone who flew to be with Jackie at a time of need or allegedly to make her believe it was someone? By what I have read Jacky thought allegedly it was LBJ. Shame she didn't wonder about the incident on the plane with her and her two children of a bomb? Onassis gave Jacky paperwork on who did the shooting of JFK it was placed in a safe. Where is the information? Destroyed because it allegedly was a lie.
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  • Jennifer Stone

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