Saturday, 28 June 2014

Governor-General John Kerr payoff evidence 1974

December, 1974: Australian Governor-General John Kerr joins Ray Cline's payroll and received his first pay-off of $US200,000 credited to his account number 767748 at the Singapore branch ofthe Nugan Hand Bank.

11th November, 1975: Governor-General Kerr sacks the Whitlam Government.
In November, 1974, US Ambassador Marshall Green reported to Washington that Murdoch privately predicted that "Australian elections are likely to take place in about one year, sparked by refusal of appropriations in the Senate".
One year later, on November 11, 1975 Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismissed Mr Whitlam as the prime minister after the Liberal-Country Party opposition blocked the budget in the Senate.
Although Murdoch believed he played "a substantial role" in Labor's 1972 election victory, his enthusiasm for Whitlam had quickly waned.
"He expects to support the opposition in the next election," Ambassador Green reported in November, 1974.
The newly released US cable reveals Mr Murdoch's political shift was quickly confirmed, at least 10 months before Kerr's dismissal of the government.  

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