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Barb's research on Judyth Vary Baker for the connections to the JFK case.

  • Barb Junkkarinen Your letter, Martin, says she attended in 1962. She did not .... she attended in 1961. But it was indeed a 2 month program, for which Judyth herself claimed she received a $150/mo stipend. How does that square with the $250 your letter guy says she was paid? It doesn't square with the two students I found who both said ....independently ... in just telling me about the program that the stipend was $200/mo. Either way, the $250 your letter says she was paid comes up short if she was there for the full 2 mos. And don't try to weasel the NSF in there as if that money was the same thing as the NSF scholarship and grants she claimed to have heaped upon her at the END of the program for her future research. Surely, you wouldn't try to pull that again, right? I can repost the NSF annual reports for 1960-1962 again, if you'd like, you know the ones that account for every penny given out to any student/any school? Nary a Vary in any of them.
  • Barb Junkkarinen Mark, here is my initial post on Roswell Park ... I will post the letter I received saying she never finished the program as she had been dismissed from it in a post right under this one: I posted this on 3-10-08

    HIGH SCHOOL is already up, on to ROSWELL PARK.

    As anyone at all familiar with Judyth's story knows, because of her
    outstanding high school science research, she got the opportunity to
    attend the summer program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute the summer
    after she graduated from high school ... 1961.

    It was the program's 8th year, Judyth was one of 68 outstanding high
    school students and recent high school graduates who had the
    opportunity to work with mentors for 8 weeks at Roswell Park in a wide
    variety of areas and interests. Quite an opportunity for anyone .. and
    an amazing one for a female in 1961!

    The items on Tony's site that are part of Judyth's evidence and
    documentation are:


    This article, most likely from a Buffalo paper, reports on the start
    of the 8th summer program for outstanding students at Roswell and
    includes a photo of a Dr. Bender, Judyth and 5 other students.The
    article says the program has just started the day before.


    A small society page type article about the welcome home party her
    parents hosted for her after her return from Roswell Park.


    This article appeared in her local paper the day after she returned
    home from Roswell Park. It notes what a successful summer it was for
    Judyth there, saying that:

    1.Judyth was chosen to be among the 5 most outstanding at the program
    that summer and that her report to the National Foundation was
    considered the best.

    2.She was one of three who would be continuing their research under a
    grant/scholarship from the National Science Foundation.

    3. She was personally selected to work with the director, Dr. Moore
    (this article says Howard, but his name, as Judyth reports often and
    elsewhere, was George)

    4. The article reports that most of Judyth's findings were verified at

    5. The article quotes Judyth's mother, and it is possible, if not
    likely, that they got the information for the article from her.

    Judyth reports all of this and more about her experience at Roswell
    Park in her book, and we've seen many details in posts. Martin often
    notes how important her working/research at Roswell Park was ...and
    uses it as supportive evidence of her story overall.

    More on Judyth's other details about Roswell later, just one short
    quote from her book here ... this on her grand finale at Roswell as
    the program came to its end:

    Pg. 22:


    I strove for perfection. When I presented my paper on melanogenesis at
    the end of the summer, even Dr. Mirand conceded it was one of the best
    offered. "I can't figure out how you managed it," he griped, as I
    received several grants and awards. The summer program finished, I was
    one of only three students from Roswell Park selected to continue
    research under a National Science Foundation grant supplemented by the
    National Cancer Institute.


    We might ask ourselves how she managed it too. But I know the answer
    ... she managed it because no one ever checked.

    Dr. Mirand didn't offer that comment to Judyth at any end of the
    summer program awards presentation, he couldn't have, because, she was
    not there.

    Dr. Mirand surely knew, as I learned last week, that Judyth did not
    complete the summer program. In fact, she had been dismissed from it.

    1. Roswell Park
    2. Fellow student there that summer

  • Barb Junkkarinen Mark, here is the letter as I posted it at the time .... including additional info about the two students I found, etc. I did not include the name of the Dean for privacy reasons, and I urged JVB's troops to not swarm upon Roswell Park lest Roswell Park shut down on the subject all together. Of course, that is exactly what they did .... and, thus, so did Roswell Park. Some time later, a reporter from her home town paper called me and interviewed me, as he did others. He WAS able to submit a press inquiry and confirm exactly what I had been told. Dr. Mirand, who had been the director of the program when JVB was there, was still at Roswell Park in 2008 running their alumni program. My guy confirmed it with Mirand and then wrote to me. PLEASE NOTE: While I did not want to spread this poor guy's private contact info to the jackals, I DID forward a complete copy of the original to Martin at the time. Here's the corresondence: QUOTE
    "[...................]" <[..............]@RoswellPark.org>
    [Add to Address Book]

    RE: Outstanding high school students program question
    Wednesday, March 05, 2008 9:44:02 AM

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I looked into this matter
    and discovered that she never finished the Program as she was

    [.........................] PhD, FACE
    Professor of [......................................]
    Senior [........................................
    Roswell Park Cancer Institute
    Tel: 716-8xx-xxxx
    Fax: 716-8xx-xxxx


    In the e-mail, his text is in a different, bigger font ... and bolded.
    His credentials and positions appear in a different font as well, and
    in light blue.

    This reply and previous communications all appear in this e-mail ..one
    hooked onto the other ....so it is clear it is Judy A. Vary being
    referred to as "she" here. No other names were involved.


    Another post on this in response to someone else:


    My contact with a fellow student from that summer has been by phone
    ...all of my communications with Roswell Park have been with this one
    guy via e-mail. What's kinda funny is that I initially didn't even
    mention Judyth's name .. I wrote to ask a generic question about the
    program and mentioned I was doing some research that involved a girl
    who attended the program in 1961. I had a quick reply back saying that
    if I gave him the student's name, he'd try to identify her mentor for
    me. I said ...well, YEAH ... and a few days later, back came the reply
    above. Must admit, I was stunned.



    NOTE: After much denial and gnashing of teeth by Judyth and Martin Shackelford and other supporters of hers, Judyth said that Dr. Mirnad had told a researcher that Judyth had been dismissed over a housing violation .... but that she never signed any dismissal papers so just kept going .... in another post she said that Dr. Moore intervened so she got to stay.

    Here is the link to the thread on google, it comes up on the page where both the posts I printed abover are located, it is a huge thread:


    Dr. Moore never told anyone anything about a housing violation. And a Florida reporter was later able to confirm with Roswell Park that Judyth had been dismissed from the program.

    When I got the letter from Roswell Park, I was stunned. I wanted a second source, so manage to track down and speak to another student who attended the same session as Judyth. This person, whom I did not let know why I was asking qiestions or whom I was asking about, until AFTER something they said, told me they remembered Judy Vary ... that she had sure stirred up some trouble ... "and then she was gone."

    Later, I was able to find and speak to another student from the same session ... that one did not recall Judy Vary or any incident but said they had attended several years in a row and really didn't pay much attention to anything going on and rarely saw any of the other students.

    I also have, in addition 2 these two students, another source on how the program worked .... for one thing, there was no big end session where students presented papers and were given scholarships, etc as Judyth claims.

    Why she was dismissed is a work in progress.

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