Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Judyth Baker Inoperable cancer

The problem back then was that an inoperable cancer was targeted with radiation, but it also destroyed tissues under the tumor. Radiation can kill. Injection of an antiradioactive steroid, which i was supplied through Walter Reed (WRAIR) and later through Oak Ridge, under an existing tumor meant much of the radiation would be deflected BACK THROUGH THE CANCER rather than merely passing on to destroy normal underlying tissues. The principle is STILL not being used in radiation treatments,but if could have been useful for widely disseminated cancerous areas that are inoperable, if toxicity matters were properly handled. To obtain the cancers to test the theory, I had to give mice cancer, and used radiation and cigarette aesosol products --and germ free mice--to do so. In my haste to get cancerous mice, I ended up giving them klung cancer faster than had ever been done before. I had plenty of guidance to accomplish that, but it really was accomplished in a lab under my high school stadium. The project was moved there after people, seeing the tumors on the mice, became afraid.

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