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Police to further investigate Hells Angels February 2013 Email sent.

Subject: Police to allegedly further investigate Hells Angels and the recovery of 8 Bodies and a gun to the murder of Howard Twyrell in the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers.

2 February 2013 and still waiting.  
To:,, Amanda Dench <>, Mark Carter <>,, The Premier of NSW <>,,, wait1sus <>,,, ElectorateOffice Kogarah <>,,,,,, "Edwards, Katie" <>,, aocc-interpol-cbr <>

1 February 2013,
The significant evidence for the Luna Park Ghost train fire was the images of the plan and the ghost that was painted within all the ghost trains as a way that the alleged cult was forming around the world..  Attracting the people for the drug network seemed to work for the underworld Mafia. 
The images I put together with the allegedly significant evidence that was destroyed by the fire. 
The access to the ghost train through the back or side wall.  The area where I felt I could think the bodies would have been found.
The history of the Mafia, and this cult that I have found some reference within the history of Abe Saffron to a cult group allegedly called the Grande ?????
This gang was breeding the association of children and what the secret society was after allegedly the drug network, and paedophilia links that had been associated with the cult I had read about.

The reporting for Bail.
This system needs to be made easier for the Police to do and to be self controlled as this is how allegedly many of the  court cases go missing by the court entry allegedly being missed and is an area where corruption could exist within the outlaw gang.  The associate members of this gang by history has been associated with Judges and law clerks.
After signing on for 18 months for 3 days per week, there should be a part automatic finger print detector system where people have to attend the next day after court dates as mandatory log on for all criminal matters.  This will stop court cases being lost within the system.
The finger print system will make sure that the person is the person turning up for the signing on for the bail reporting.
This system at the moment, the Police and servants spend a lot of time seeking the information to bring up.  This will automatically bring up the information for the police to check I would therefore think that a system like this would be effective police changes to the criminals and to the ability to manipulate the system with pressure through outlaw gangs.
I have heard from many outlaw gang members and associates that they do not turn up for bail, and in the past this has occurred for a person known to me as Roger Hegarty where at the time he was threatening my life where I went to the courts to get an AVO on the person.  This AVO took 3 months to put on a person that was reporting on alleged criminal charges.
The time spent for the police of typing the information of name etc even CNI number will be automatic by the finger print detector and would thereby be a search by the finger print presented, without the fingerprint the system would not be able to be manipulated by outlaw gangs at all and a cost saving of time and hassles to the police and office servants affected by this system.
It would stop the disappearing of court cases as once after the court date, next day manidatory reporting would there by automatically lock in the bail conditions as previously noted on the system without the person giving over any paperwork to the police station.
This will help with the court system, the filling  of the blue forms as the changes to bail reporting  would still be noted however the same reporting conditions will not be necessary to be written down each time which is the case of what happens now within the court system of the district  court system.
This way, the people reporting would have to line up without being hostile to the staff which I have seen many times by people in a hurry to report.
This will stop people reporting at wrong times, or organizing times outside of bail reporting to be marked off on behalf of them which I have heard be offered and organised up at Hurstville Police station so I am assuming it happens in all Police Stations.
Same Police Officier handling complaints, problems
I have been exposed at Hurstville station of a Police officier advising people to deal with the same police officier.  What I have found, as many of the problems or information I was feeding to the police moved apart within the Police  as different offiicers dealing with different parts caused a problem with the aim of getting a police warrant.
The Police officiers involved never really saw the whole problem unless it was the Attorney General, and the way each item is investigated, itemized separately within the police system without the interrelating of the cases.  This is an area of the law system where the outlaw gang can terrorise people by different people, in different ways, in different locations thus with the research I was putting to gether with the evidence  of the drug runners was working with many people and the interrelating within the police investigations were not working together.
Significant evidence to a court setup is the previous information of reports to the police by the outsiders of the outlaw gang.  This  is the child’s play where the outlaw gangs at each case could be just Mister meanors however by the gang being  utilised one after another and no links of the secret society, where no colours are associated on people.  How does the lame  person understand that it is a gang, outlaw gang after them or the area that surrounds them.
Judges that hear cases at each item referred to within the evidence presented that the questions asked by Police as in my matter Detective Inspector Mark Howard asked that the Judge decide if police search warrant be issued in July 2012 in written form to myself a person who had no one listen or opportunity in front of Judge that would take the letter until September 2012 where stil we are waiting for the Police Search Warrant.
Where previously other people have said they will have to ask a superior person, which has occurred numerous times at each time the police search warrant has come back.  The police charging people for intimidation by the outlaw gang has helped this gang terrorise me and extort me further.  Even with the alleged gang associates threating defamation as a way to stay out of the evidence being fed to the police and to protect the general public at large.
Where the Politicians, refer the problems to the police minister thus, this under the 141(a) no further investigation has caused further problems, further threats on my life and my families lives.
The inability for a person to have the Magistrate Leah of Downing Centre forcing the police to do the police search with the information that I went through with her after the Crown refused to further investigate outside the court when the Judge Blanche asked for further police investigations. 
This request by the Judge Blanch, would be able to be on taped evidence.  The information given to Judge John North was taped on the 25 September 2012 through out the day and many other times within the evidence presented the police could have further investigated as the mounting evidence was becoming to be clearer, due to Molotov cocktails thrown at my car, through the telephone ringing which the police had my phone numbers I will allege under police investigation.  At all times, these requests for further information that went to the Police Ingretity Commission still did not happen and further risked my life and other lives around me through the police not further investigating the evidence and linking the evidence as conspiracy and to alleged coverup criminal activities by an outlaw gang allegedly Hells Angels, Banditos, Nomads, Rebels which interrelate to the drug network where the position of President is by King of the Cross John Ibrahim and at the time of the bodies being collected and placed within the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers was under the control of Abe Saffron.
The continuation of the gang to terrorise people to close the brothel, is to protect the alleged criminal organisation that Abe Saffron joined the Cult that was existing through the alleged Luna Parks where many are on land that is cheaply leased off governments and hold waterfront positions in the aim to create allegedly lucrative money through the drug network that it was bringing together.  The formation of Hells Angels Chapter within Australia in 1975 was formed under the alleged guidance of Abe Saffron, Perc Galea, Robert Trimbole, Bernie Houghton, Michael  J. Hand, Chequers Club, Asian connections  and many others that I have not noted to bring about the largest drug network  in the world.
Where at the moment, this drug network is the owner of the drug ice and G which I have been able to expose through my Private Investigation within Kings Cross
Prime Minister Harold Holt.
This was significant with the change of government, from the labor, the union links that were associated and worked well I will allege for Abe Saffron to grow his drug empire to a $2 billion a year black market he had left, which now as gone up by research $12 billion a year capacity with the majority of this money being in Sydney and thus the reinvesting of this money being moved around through the property transfers within the drug network itself has created Kings Cross to be dominated by allegedly Hells Angels members and associates.
The first protest by allegedly Abe Saffron was the children going missing South Australia where there was really no links to the gang, however Luna Park had first started in Glenelg before Sydney Luna Park had come about in 1935.  The first silent chapter of Hells Angels started in Adelaide where allegedly many of the drugs were being fed through the Ford company, with the drug importation business being not associated with the main gang chapters, allegedly the area where the child’s play within the gang has been protected by the silent statement.
The alleged drug running from South Australia to Sydney would cross paths with the Marijuana business from the Griffith and Dubbo area.  Perth mustn’t be forgotten because Abe Saffron had the Raffles Hotel in Applecross.  It seemed that the running of the drugs across the country lead to police putting heavy watch on the importation of containers on the Sydney docks rather than across the country.  Now the alleged gang has monopolized the drug market with the drug Ice, and G where the alleged working girls as in the past have moved the drugs and the drug of choice for the bosses I will allege is what the flavour of the drug network has been in the past and leads to the research of the working girls mainly within the brothel industry being Ice and G users.
The words, Juanita Nielsen spoke about the Bohemian Kings Cross was the fairy lights, the music, the ladies, the dancing this was coming in Kings Cross the Luna Park being moved at that time, and over time to build a Adult entertainment area like Luna Park that would replace it when allegedly Abe Saffron was ready to build upon the Luna Park site in Sydney. 
In history of the Luna Park’s there are many ghost train rides, however not as graphic as the Ghost train ride within the Sydney.  Which could allegedly link to the image of the blue horn like figure that I have found that is supposed to be existing within the Melbourne Ghost train ride.
I have thought a lot about Madam Tilly Devine, Abe Saffron and how Kings Cross changed from a man’s control.  This was the formation of the business end of the drug network, as the joining not just of Sydney, it was all the states interrelated to the gang.  Allegedly this gang has been later given the name The Hells Angels Ltd which linked into the forming of the Chapters of Hells Angels in 1975.  Prior to this, the alleged gang was working under the cult /mafia which allegedly spread around the world under the alleged Luna Park name. 
Luna Park, a suburb in Florida which is the alleged Head quarters of Hells Angels World wide where allegedly still the Nigeria scam has been created and comes out of.  Where evidence have been provided to the police.  The names of the clubs, Pink Pussycat Club, Moulin Rouge, Bada Bing, Iguana, are some of the names off the top of my head that go from place to place as the silent statement of the connection of the gang that the general public haven’t noticed.  The name where the forming of the same Club names was a way for the alleged gang to put a stamp upon the alleged gang which I will allege was selling drugs, gambling, bootleg liquor however over time, through the illegal statis of these products, it created the TYVO Ltd alleged mentality of Take Your Vice Over however now, the main vice this alleged gang mainly controls is the drug network through the working girls, through the drug ice and G and through the criminal behaviour of the outlaw gang that allegedly have changed a Motor cycle gang by the 1% percenters and by the President within Australia of allegedly John Ibrahim have created in our country Australia and probably has grown through the alleged companies of The Hells Angels Ltd around the world linking to 27 countries and incorporating many scams including the Nigeria Scam which feeds the heroin market within Nigeria for one.
This alleged feeding of the Nigeria Scam and other scams utilise the bank Western Union where previously they started with the Nugan Hand Bank until it was allegedly exposed.
I will allege the unions have worked in the past with the gang to allegedly frame people for the better of workers like allegedly Juanita Nielsen where the Green bans were lifted and allegedly at that time the unions agreed with the alleged gang under Abe Saffron’s rule of a truce.
I will allege that the union has been utilised at times to allegedly set people up to where the gang has had trouble.  Iguana Nightclub at Central Coast which has stood vacant for a while, as they say in the whispers the nightclub owner allegedly John Ibrahim is wanting a nightclub in Gosford.  This would allegedly open the drug network in this area for the gang.  As the gang seems in the research work within the business just like and they refer to themselves the runners as Bosses, dealers, employees like they are owned the position within the business.  Even to the fact of taking people to allegedly court like Hugh Bond to claim money or claim a percentage of the business because as he told me he was the in house drug dealer.
Iguana Nightclub is also in Kings Cross in Kellet St, by history.
The alleged MP at the moment, the charges in Victoria, don’t interrelate to the Iguana Nightclub having trouble?  This allegedly with the many subpoenia’s that the places requested, Tiffanygirls, Boardroom how sex workers can go on television allegedly telling untruths all to protect the hidden big boss allegedly John Ibrahim and the Hells Angels gang.  Within the working girls comments about many of the brothel and escort businesses they called their big boss was John Ibrahim, Johnny Unique to me, however this is under the legacy of the brothel industry that Abe Saffron left behind and joined forces around Australia and the world.  Charles Angels is a nick name allegedly for the working girls that move the drugs for the gang.  Otherwise, allegedly if they don’t they become one of the many stastics within the missing persons list, the gun shot wound to the thigh’s that seem to be common within the working girls, the push by the pimps for them to work to sell drugs interrelating to why there is a street worker prostitution because these are the working girls that don’t want to be owned.  They want to work, have drugs, drink alcohol however they are not under the real main control of the alleged gang in their mind only the drug dealer they buy off however for many of these that I have met during my time within Kings Cross brothel, the drug dealers that the working girls called seem to inter relate to allegedly Hells Angels however for  many of them I really don’t think they could see the strings being pulled by the big boss allegedly the President John Ibrahim under the control of the two companies, The Hells Angels Ltd and now TYVO Ltd with Eabona Pty Ltd which controls allegedly Hells Angels and has since 1975.
How many of the brothels, which I have noted have credit card machines however the bank accounts are steak houses, food venues, restaurants this is what Abe Saffron allegedly created as during the 1960’s the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers had a sign out the front under the awning of Restaurant.
This has helped the alleged gang extort money through allegedly fraud on credit card for the gang’s use.  Many clients would not complain as this draws attention to the fact that they have been inside a brothel or had a working girls that has done the credit card drop out the window, under the door to the person with her to be run back in the past to businesses and now with the ability of mobile machines many of these escorts carry a machine in their handbag which I have seen by the receptionist that came from the Golden Apple, her first name Theresa.  The past receptionist, working name Cinderella previous owner of Lady Muck which allegedly was a scam for the swiping of credit cards and collecting of wallets by the working girls that I saw on the floor some mornings early.  I would note that on a weekend Lady Muck owner would stay all night allegedly for the ability of the working girls to have the cards swiped.  The business relocated to Melbourne allegedly to change the habit and not get caught.  However much of the stock I noticed within Lady Muck of Sydney didn’t move so than you wonder how the business makes a living.
If you go back within the history of Luna Park Sydney, I thought I read, the company that owned Luna Park at the time of the fire is the same that allegedly has the lease now well the $7 million for sale purchase/transfer of the Luna Park moved back allegedly into the control of the gang with the silent statement HA as the initials of the Harbourside Amusements Pty Ltd, allegedly the silent strings to Hells Angels.  This is the link to the Luna Park and the movement from the alleged Luna Park name to the association with the alleged Hells Angels by the initials as it was lucrative to clean the drug money through in the past.  Over time, the drug network broadened, the way of doing business changed with the legalizing of alcohol.  However the Luna Park’s all are on valuable land and have allegedly been manipulated out of the control of governments by allegedly a outlaw gang for a lease of a $1 to provide FUN to the countries to the residents where they exist.
Over time, the Luna Park fun houses have increased into valuable businesses where some still today exist and operate.
To do with the Brothel known now as Sparkling Chandeliers, the ninth person I will allege that is hidden within the brothel as circles of 9 surround me and in my first original thought there was 9 bodies within the brothel.
Beaumont Children 1966
Prime Minister Harold Holt 1967
People would not have related this to the alleged threats on life of brothel Madam back than of 1971 of Shirley Briffman being terrorised by this gang to further hide the secret as to keep the brothel closed also creates problems within the mob and talk.  So the brothel was opened with the plan to further close the brothel by terrorising under child’s play as the police wouldn’tbelieve a person dealing drugs they would associate the terrorising due to the drugs.  The Police would not interrelate to the alleged murders within the brothel it was starting to hold within the oldest part the ladies toilets in the subfloor area and the reason why the steps were raised for the level when Juanita Nielsen was allegedly added to the area I will allege could be reason why the three steps in the second hallway because you have to look at the brown tiles on the bathroom floor are older than the rest of tiling through the brothel.
The brown tiles are quite 70’s styling so this could be the possibility of truth.
The police would not had thought missing persons around Australia would be found or even hidden in Kings Cross as this is because allegedly Abe Saffron was a psychopathetic person bringing the trophies home as he would call it for the protection and the goodwill of the gang he was building the network at the time.  Any thing that was going to stop the drug network or expose the system was removed and the DNA purposes without a body, there was really no way of proving the murder or the evidence needed to locate the murderer.
I have over the time written about in my books about a ghost called Francis.  This I will allege could be the association of the name with the alleged ninth murder that will directly link to the brothel itself it will be a trophy like the rest, Juanita Nielsen 1975, Donald Mackay 1977, the gun for Howard Twyrell 1977, and one more trophy I will allege.
Many of the gang that have come to terrorise me, since have talked about I talk to a ghost Francis the joke will be really if there is a ghost/body of a person called Francis within the brothel.  Many people have mentioned to me the Wander murders however I will further research this point previous email evidence on the alleged murder given to police allegedly a guy called Kell .  This person even could be a person of interest within the alleged murder of the Prime Minister 1967 as if that person was expendable within the gang I am sure Abe Saffron would have wanted to keep that the secret.
How did he go missing, Prime Minister Harold Holt was an excellent swimmer.  He left the beach, the only thing that rang through my head was the link as they talked about him going missing by a submarine, however a fast boat could be the case.  The link than would relate to Lenny MacPherson who is dead for driving the boat however for the extortion and terrorising the brothel the link back in history is the heavies visiting the brothel by Bill Bayeh and Lenny MacPherson.  Skin divers, where more than one had planned the attack, where they had watched the Prime Minister and where he swam to pull him under the water and keep him under and the water to allegedly drown and than bring the body back to Kings Cross as a trophy to Abe Saffron as a puppet, where Abe Saffron didn't do the murder however the DNA will help convict someone I hope.

At about 8pm 1/2/2013  Event No: Cons Godzik Event 50971171 on Redfern Street, parked in my CLK350 which I had just parked 5 minutes.  A lady driving a fairly new white holden with the number plate NSW BR45MX with a lady on parking and straightening the car behind with the number plate pushed my parked car straight on.  After the hit, I started my car and moved forward so she didn’t hit the car again, white skirt, Blonde hair and spoke to the police through my phone over the car.  This report has llinks to many of the things I refer too or have implied. 
Andrew Rule was among many journalists to feel the sting of Saffron's lawyers via defamation cases. 
This is exactly what has happened with Chop Peter Schaffer, Shannon Elliffe and many that came into the brothel to allegedly  threaten me.
The number of Luna Park’s link to the number 81 which is also the number for Hells Angels reference.
Christopher Dale Flannery. Allegedly murdered 9 May 1985
Not long after the attack on his family, Flannery moved into an inner Sydney apartment which was ironically close to CIB headquarters. On 9 May 1985 Flannery received a phone call from his boss, George Freeman asking for a meeting. Flannery, in leaving for the rendezvous, was unable to start his car. Flannery contacted Freeman who told him to catch a taxi. Flannery obeyed, and after exiting the Connaught onto Liverpool St was never seen again. It has been claimed by former gang associate Neddy Smith that police may be responsible for the disappearance of Christopher Flannery, as Smith noticed Flannery enter a police car with officers he knew on 9 May. The police officers had allegedly offered to take Flannery to meet with George Freeman. 
When the reports relate to the police I have learnt now, it is the alleged mob, as Abe  Saffron who blame the police as a cover.
Tony Jones, allegedly there is one image that I haven’t been able to match too.  The second suspect image drawing looks like the Boss himself allegedly like Abe Saffron.  Tony Jones was allegedly murdered, I allege something to do with Perth and Abe Saffron business where Abe Saffron and another guy as with the two images will depicit in image 2 as allegedly Abe Saffron, this I will further allege is going to be within the brothel as a trophy for the man Abe Saffron to keep to hide secrets, as without  a body there is no dna or clues for the police to go by.
Tony Jones, was either allegedly working in the underworld as a backpackers within this  world are expendable by the Ivan Milat and how many of the thugs that came after me would talk about the backpackers and even to Milat.

Throughout Farrell’s police career, it was accepted that the owners of gambling dens and sly grog houses who paid substantial bribes were rarely raided, and almost never without a tip-off. As Writer explains, either the proprietor paid a senior politician or policeman directly or police “bag men” were sent to the clubs, brothels and gaming houses and ”collected their superiors’ money in proverbial brown paper bags”. By the 1960s, this system was “ratcheted up to a streamlined and vastly more profitable level by Premier Robert Askin and a succession of corrupt police commissioners and senior officers”.  It allegedly is still happening I will allege in some form as the drug raids for Porky’s, Dreamgirls, Love Machine, stripperama and Showgirls all know when a drug raid is coming.  As I have reported to the police, that there was a leak in the concrete park when Showgirls was drug raided.

Text received last night from USA from a person that once used this number is the Bob Bauer from Spring Hill Florida usA.
TEXT READS:  Good day, here is lawyer anita beers, I just want you to know that your $500,000 is stil here for you.  Kindly get back to us.
Phone Number +2348077081652

Luna Park.
I KNEW BACK IN July 2012 that if I continued, I would allegedly destroy Hells Angels around the world. 
Luna Park is special, by the links to Hells Angels, I don’t want this to destroy Sydney or any icon which for many they have been involved with.
I would like to extend an invitation to the Government, that  I would love to market the icon Luna Park.  The workers all do a fantastic job, however it’s the hidden consortment will destroy maybe in spite.
Alexander Petrovic and Jennifer Weatherstone entrepreneurs, we are marketing and can make business do things that they might ever only dream of.  Hells Angels for one. 
Alexander has taken business to sales records, around the world.  We are the marketing expert.  Alex has won international awards in the top 3 in the world even to the number 1 in his past.  We visited Luna Park last night, it was dead for a Friday night, I went during the day to Luna Park school holidays and I wondered why people weren’t around only about 100 people.  Marketing is the answer.
If the premises needs new caretakers, I would by our discussion last night.  It needs the history remembered, a Art gallery for Ghost train to the other events held at Luna Park.  There needs to be some poker machines put into the Deck side CafĂ© to entice parents to play where children can amuse themselves all day. 
The function facilities are the best in the world, however last night empty.  I would love to be able to talk to groups about The Kings Cross Sting, Stop smoking programs, to say no to alcohol and drugs, even to marketing concepts and ideas we will be teaching under the Napolean Hill theories within our Act and Grow Rich business plan.
Kings Cross and Luna Park both icons, both need some TLC when  we thought about it in July 2012 what we were doing, we both knew that Kings Cross needed help to get going when we could get rid of the criminal element.  Well, we are going back to Kings Cross and I would love to bring Luna Park to a level of clean fun where drugs and criminal activity are forgotten about and the FUN is reincorporated just like Michael John Hind had incorporated from his position within Luna Park.
Please consider our course, where people will pick up the extra points of investigation to achieve the best, the course I will be presenting how I figured out the criminal element.  Also I will be persuing any criminal behaviour where corruption exists within Government as in my past I was canvassing for a clean local council element I didn’t realise that the alleged gang Hells Angels was the influencing force behind.
I haven’t done this at all to hurt the community at all, just to clean up the 1% Criminal behaviour and where the police within the case Police Vs Weatherstone missed the setup.
The Scott Orrock case, I still will allege that Scott must’ve given those items to another member within the gang even, than with the wall of silence he is protected however within the psychopathic tendancies they return to the scene of the crime which is where the noting of the Senior constable lady that took the stand mentioned about the Black car is the link to the alleged people Omar and the ice drug running team moving the drug ice around Kings Cross that strike force Raptor got in Lido Hotel.  These are also the alleged scum of the gang where the senior bikies were noted in police intelligence in July 2011 in Roslyn street which adds to the fact of the pressure on this brothel to be protected it seems by the Police by not issuing a search warrant and by Hells Angels by allegedly setting me up, and continually pushing and manipulating, extorting in all forms to hinder the project of bringing a Museum to Kings Cross.
Research, picked the right position, I didn’t realise it held the bodies within the brothel until the gang came into the brothel night and day and the police were not helping remove the criminal element that was causing such threats to our lives.

This has been complied my research for The Kings Cross Sting reporting.

The alleged treatment of myself and the information as to some of the problems has been because it is a brothel that I have been asking for a police search on.  As Premier O'Farrells comments last night reported about the Craig Thompson case allegedly was the mindset of the problem within the police community for a police search warrant and the mentality within the community of some of the problems that allegedly Hells Angels and John Ibrahim, Bill Bayeh, Felix Lyle, Scott Orrock, Louie Bayeh, Frank Amante, Essam Gerges, Chop Peter Schaffer, Roger Hegarty, Sammy Sweet, Karyn Englehardt, sex worker Michelle, and others that have terrorised me and my family, allegedly in person or by puppets to help hide the resting place of the alleged murdered Prime Minister Harold Holt since 1967, Beaumont Children 1966, Juanita Nielsen 1975, Donald  Mackay 1977, Christopher Flannery, Tony Jones all these people would have exposed Hells Angels as an allegedly criminal organisation however under the child's play of Abe Saffron hiding bodies in a  brothel was the humour that you could see was happening within the mindset of the hiding spot, the subfloor where the police didn't pick it up even after searching the brothel in 2009, Royal Commission 1994 where the brothel was the first point of call for the Royal Commission to be started from, and the unhealthy attitude of brothels and brothel owners where the Police Vs Weatherstone allegedly didn't see the setup due to the allegedly limited vision and the corrupt system.

Jennifer Weatherstone
Author The Kings Cross Sting,
Motto....Aiming for the biggest drug bust in the world.
Mission accomplished.  Just need a police search warrant for Searching Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.

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