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Western Australia Missing Persons Can someone look at the evidence.

The Kings Cross Sting exposed Underworld Crime, Corruption, Murder, Extortion

Sparkling Chandeliers

Home of The Kings Cross Sting "Latest Series"

Police it's the Black Scorpion this is the first line of protection on the last game of Chess for the drug runners.
Lodge J for the Black Scorpion....check out the guys around Kings Cross with BLACK SCORPIONS
The Chapter 2 Lodge 22 was Abe, Skull and Bones Chapter 3 Lodge 22,
Germany Chapter 1 Lodge 22 is the 3 corners of the control.
J & B Trust who are they? The hidden two on Darlinghurst Road?
Just a Police search warrant will destroy the underworld.
If you have done wrong to the Wild Madame X, well I do deals only with the spirit world.
The Red Scorpion, is the passion and love for this brothel we as Alex and I have worked to expose the system.
Underbelly, The Scorpion Juanita's Newspaper
The award winning The Kings Cross Sting Sex Newspaper will be still happening.
Red Scorpion was the God in heaven. Was Juanita Nielsen Astrology Crime?p>
Was Eddie Trigg Thelema Organisation? Order of A:.A:.? Or was he the Magician?
Private Investigation the hidden secrets leaked
Abe Saffron Legacy has been unravelled and exposed, the system, corruption
Now it's the call for action to stop this dreaded outlaw gang that exists today.
"the slaves shall serve." - AL. II. 58.
"Love is the law, love under will." - AL. I. 57.
ALEISTER CROWLEY Empowered many people for the alleged corruption to happen.
The Corruption is the blind eye where the crime happens and the system can't or won't see it?
Aleister Crowley's work has I will allege been brought to life within Kings Cross however the
Sex Rituals of the Scorpion link to the play 66 The Scorpion 6 for Sex Ritual. 666 The Beast
Scorpion Gang exposed.

Blinde Eye? Come On EXPOSED,

Investigate This gang has existed from allegedly 1948.....

Come on expose the biggest drug network in history and Juanita Nielsen...
Shootings around Sydney and if this exposed the gang?
Aleister Crowley would say, keep going Courtney, for Frances for her life will be so much happier without me
WILL. This is part of this Occult, the parts are played out like a script...arent they Alexander......
Exposing the drug network, allegedly will stop the shootings in Sydney and around the 
world by this occult
that have taken the law into their own hands. Drug network is working 24/7 just a new control person
when the Police catch one, this information will break the cycle.

Abe Saffron Legacy, however it's exposed now.

Home of The Kings Cross Sting

 by Jennifer Stone

We have shootings around Sydney that have increased dramatically and the information

should be acted upon if it could or would stop this criminal activity.

Currently working on the significant evidence of Juanita Nielsen for the history....
In 2005 link to this Occult in Australia
Without the police taking information on drug runners seriously around Kings Cross are we just "turn the blind eye"
as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald told me? Chandelier, after Max Chandelier? one after another the links fit.
Jennifer Stone has with others The Kings Cross Sting exposed the connections
Judge Garling says irrelevant. Stop the shootings and this is relevant.

Within the Research we found Lodge J, for Jesus? System exposed the people that allegedly started

a Occult Cult in Australia that allegedly still exists today.
Theodor Reuss, Frank Bennett, Aleister Crowley, O.T.O., Order Templi Orientis,
Vyvyan Deacon, Lodge J,
Googling the questions one after another to put the significant evidence together for the opening
of Juanita Nielsen 2011. Now we just need the police to search the original Pink Pussycat Club in Kings Cross.
Jennifer Stone has investigated occult gang of the Helemetic Golden Dawn, like many other writers exposing
the Illuminati hidden under the Lucifier Pyramid. Jennifer Stone has worked through works of Aleister Crowley, David Icke, Mark Dice to
get to the real Holy Graal and understanding of the Illuminati alleged occult drug network. Even Harry Potter by JK Rowlings is
based within the mythology that we exposed within The Kings Cross Sting.
Adult Industry Award Winner
Best Adult Website and Best Sex Newspaper 2011 The Museum is coming, with the significant evidence.
Within the teachings of Aliester Crowley, he left the links to the brothel and the Hooked Map X with the alleged gang behind Kings Cross.
Thelema organisation is alive, Ritual VIII for how Juanita Nielsen became within the hidden compartment?
With many members throughout the world for Thelema and O.T.O, Ordoaa for the Order of A:.A:. that was started in Kings Cross in 1920
however this is the legacy they have left behind Abe Saffron was Mr Sin for the God of Satan who allegedly collected bodies
for the gang to have the control.
I am not affiliated with any of these organisations however the reading matter links to BEWARE, this gang is behind the alleged shootiings.
If the search would stop the gun fire all over Sydney and remember this search warrant could have been executed by the Police from 2011
would have saved a lot of terror on the streets of Sydney.
The owner of the clubs, is the King of the network? The largest club owner in Australia and the world is James Packer and Lawrence Ho.
Is this the alleged network? Just a Police search warrant will show what this gang is protecting in the Holy Graal of the premises for the
alleged Freemason's 33 degree. The Kings Cross Sting reading matter that is still continuing.
Links to research http://www.ordoaa.org/
Visit, the Cyber game of the Year and our speciality 3D
Abe Saffron legacy,
The Kings Cross Sting exposes through it's series....
Kings Cross History shows the alleged system.
Luna Park felt the problems of this outlaw gang, with the worshiping to the Satan for the drug network.
The only way to expose the system,
is to search the original Pink Pussycat Club
 The alleged now BOSS will be caught.
Kings Cross HushhhModels, is one of the latest series in The Kings Cross Sting. Have a read, than when you go
to Kings Cross next time, check out what you really can see. What you can see going down in the buildings and
on the street around Kings Cross. Kings Cross Informer, Madame X, we have had the ears and eyes out in
The law has tried to clean up Kings Cross, it's probably the strong hold for the whole lot of the outlaw gangs
the pinnacle of success is the drugs that have been flowing since before Abe Saffron's time. However the links
with the outlaw gangs, has only shown that they bring a new face into the suburb for the alleged overseeing eyes.
The control of the international illicit drug trade can be traced largely to Jewish control and the joining in 1948 of
Jewish control, Britain and USA together for the Kingdom where Australia is the key.
The Skull and Bones society was launched in 1833 from Yale University under the pirate flag of Russell & Co.,
Russian Jew and today, we allegedly still have Jews controlling the drug market around the world.
In our novels the Kings Cross Sting, the company name was chosen Skull and Crossbones, which was a symbol of the
hidden links within Kings Cross today to ancient times.

However getting back to the Jews' control of the drug trade was exposed by Life Magazine as the money launderer
for the Jewish mobster family in America was uncovered. Allegedly many of the murder's for hire as this Jewish network
was exploding for the drug lords allegedly linked into the operated Death Squads in Europe, Mexico, Central America, the
Caribbean and the United States was the CIA's "Murder for hire" asset directly responsible for the JFK's assassination.
Many of the countries, the third world countries with their poppy fields in the Golden Triangle for the Jews, with help from
the CIA. Burma was significant drug trade since World War II. Production of narcotics in Burma fell away sharply from
1998-2006, due to the deliberate campaign of eradication of poppies in the Glden Triangle to bring "Rebels" in the
military to heel. However it's now expanding in the country under the United Wa State Army known as UWSA which
is the military wing of the nationalist United Wa State Party. 2006 was a sign linking into Australia with the death of
Abe Saffron. The links of the drug ice coming into Australia 2003, was a sign of the ice market was growing in Australia.
The UWSA is now probably the most significant producer of narcotics in Southeast Asia, and while it exports the
Jews traditional drug lines, it specializes in the production of methamphetamine which is also known as
'meth' 'p', crystal, 'ice' etc. Well in Kings Cross through the alleged working girls is the drug of choice.
Throughout The Kings Cross Sting series the drug 'ice' was the subjects studied for the research,
along Darlinghurst Road Golden Mile and by the drug runners that were interviewed during the course
of the series. A common link for this alleged drug running that we uncovered with the research was the
alleged links to the CIA.
A Swiss drug firm, owned by the Jewish firm of S.G. Warburg & Co. of London, was commissioned to
develop LSD, so it could be utilised in the 1950's by the CIA as a weapon in the Jews' wars against Gentiles,
especially the young and intellectual. The Jew controlled CIA funded by Dr Leary, LSD guru of the 1960's
who served the Jews by fostering the "Flower Power" culture. This LSD did much to bend the blind the
minds of the people.
When we go back in history of the Amphetamine was first synthesized by the Jewish chemist Lazar Edeleanu
(1861-1941) of Romania, at the University f Berlin, and it was let loose on the world undercover with the street
name of "shabu" in Japan.
Today the drug ice on the streets is jumped to have some of the effects of really on some of the subjects
I put through The Kings Cross Sting was the bodily function of not sleeping, of talking over the normal seems
to be by product for the drug ice users. The loss of weight, or the ability to loose weight or just not put on the
weight whilst utilising the ice has become the fashion statement for many of the working girls you will see around
Kings Cross today.
The side effects are listed below, yet it's just a walk around Kings Cross and you will like me be able to see the
ice users like Tina, Elle and Blondie that have gone through The Kings Cross Sting series.
I haven't just followed the drug runners, they have bragged about many of the connections from
Abe Saffron's day to even today which continue hidden behind Kings Cross.
What Abe Saffron left behind was a system that the police have not been able to bust wide open.
What the police missed, was the original Pink Pussycat Club where allegedly Abe Saffron utilised this as
his worshipping under the Jewish laws to the God of Moloch, Hebrew King for the
continuation of the money, his vice, the system.
Short-term effects
The onset of methamphetamine effects depends on the method of administration. It can have almost immediate effects
when it is injected, or it can take longer than a half hour if ingested orally. Using greater amounts of methamphetamine
can cause acute health problems, including:
  • paleness, irregular or rapid heartbeat, irregular breathing
  • headaches, trembling, blurred vision, dizziness
  • stomach cramps, sweating
  • grinding teeth
  • scratching skin, causing open sores
  • collapse.
Amphetamine Psychosisbr />There is a risk of developing a severe and uncomfortable mental state, characterised by paranoia, aggression,
volatility and violence. Not only is the user a risk to themselves but to people around them, friends, family and the general public.
The come-down
Feelings of exhaustion, irritability, mood swings, depression and violence can afflict someone who is coming down after using methamphetamine.
Long-term effects
The long-term use of methamphetamine can greatly increase the risk of significant physical and mental health problems. These include:
  • anxiety, tension and depression
  • difficulty sleeping
  • a violent or aggressive personality
  • psychosis
  • damage to brain cells, memory loss
  • poor skin condition, wounds, acne
  • rotting teeth and mouth problems
  • susceptibility to infection and disease
  • malnutrition due to poor eating habits
  • collapsed veins (for injecting users)
  • blood-borne diseases (such as HIV, Hepatitis) in injecting users.

X Factor of King of the X, Curse of Ham, the witchcraft  of the Drug network
Time Line of Drug network, murders
to Australian History of Kings Cross with
alleged criminal activity with reference to
Astrological events for the timing
Holy Grail? Look at the Map?
and Royal Commission references
Juanita Nielsen, The Kings Cross Sting.
"In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum" The Kings Cross Sting Informer
is to secret international organizations, those who promote the use of drugs, bizarre sexual practices, and criminal
undertakings, in short, those who continue the rebellion against God, these are the Canaanites, the anti-Semites.
This is the link to the Rebellion Angel, allegedly Abe Saffron, Hells Angels, allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd allegedly as TYVO
Take Your Vice Over as it is the short form that this gang utilises like the X reference as the worshipping for the
murders and the reference allegedly to King of the Cross. King of the X.
Just a game for some however for the people that are raped, murdered and setup it is the good people that have been framed.
Position of the bodies within the brothel the research shows this is the Spot.
Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross Hooked Map X.
Western Australia was linking again for the co-incidences of Abe Saffron period of reign from 1948 to 2006 and the missing persons.  whatever happened to Lisa Mott who went missing from Collie in the late 70's.She apparently was last seen getting into a yellow panel van.
A mother’s cry for help "Hayley Marie Dodd has been found", .......theses are the words we are hoping and praying to hear, but we are thinking these are the words we are never going to hear..... My beautiful baby , we have tried so hard for so long to find you, we miss you and love you so much, we only want to bring you home.
Newberry, Donelle
Personal Details

Last seen: Tuesday, 01 November 2005
Year of birth: 1977
Height: 170 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Dark
Gender: Female

Despite extensive inquiries by police and family her whereabouts are not known. Missing person was last seen with a group of people sitting in a creek bed outside of the town site of Warburton Western Australia. Exact dates are not known but it was believed to be between November 2005 and Christmas 2005. She has not contacted family or friends since that time.

WATERS, Yvonne Kaye
Personal Details

Last seen: Sunday, 07 April 1974
Year of birth: 1957
Height: 158 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Gender: Female


Yvonne Kaye WATERS and Raelene May EATON were last seen at about 6.45pm on 07/04/1974 leaving the White Sands Hotel, Scarborough in the company of three unidentified male persons. Nothing has been seen or heard from either girl since that time. Yvonne was last seen wearing long blue trousers, long sleeved green top, brown platform shoes, carrying a tan shoulder bag.

McMahon, Sarah Anne
Personal Details

Last seen: Wednesday, 08 November 2000
Height: 173 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Gender: Female

Sarah McMahon has not attended work since Wednesday 8 November 2000. Sarah was last seen driving her vehicle, a 1986 White Ford Meteor Sedan, registered number 7FO-731 in an easterly direction on Great Eastern Highway, Greenmount. She was last seen wearing dark jeans, black turtle neck sweater and black suede jacket. Concern is held for her safety and welfare.

Govan, Lisa Joanne
Personal Details

Last seen: Friday, 08 October 1999
Year of birth: 1971
Height: 155 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Gender: Female

Lisa Govan was last seen at approximately 7.30am on the morning of Friday 8 October 1999 in the vicinity of the Foundry Hotel Bottleshop, Kalgoorlie. Despite extensive inquiries by Police and family, her whereabouts are not known

BROWN, Lisa Jane
Personal Details

Last seen: Tuesday, 10 November 1998
Year of birth: 1979
Height: 175 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark blonde
Gender: Female

Lisa Brown has been missing since 12.30am on the 10th November 1998 from the Palmerston Street, Perth City area. When last seen she was wearing casual blue denim jeans, black T-shirt, black high heeled boots. There are fears for her safety and welfare.

Davey, Sara Lee
Personal Details

Last seen: Tuesday, 14 January 1997
Year of birth: 1973
Height: 175 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Olive
Gender: Female

Sara was last seen driving a four wheel drive type vehicle in Saville street, Broome at 5.00pm on Tuesday January 14, 1997. This is the last known location that she visited in Broome prior to her disappearance. Despite extensive inquiries by police and family her whereabouts are not known.

Sunday, 07 April 1974
Year of birth: 1957
Height: 150 cm
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Complexion: Olive
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature: Raelene has a mole on the left side of her neck, and the bottom, centre tooth is fitted with a gold cap.


Raelene May EATON and Yvonne Kaye WATERS were last seen at about 6.45pm on 07/04/1974 leaving the White Sands Hotel, Scarborough in the company of three unidentified male persons. Nothing has been seen or heard from either girl since that time. Raelene was last seen wearing a black skirt, pink top, brown platform shoes and carrying a brown shoulder bag.

Glenyce Rae McGOWAN

Age: 19 Years Height: 155 cm Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Brown

Glenyce Rae McGOWAN 19 years old, was enroute to Tom Price from Perth.
On the night of the 10th of December 1975, she camped at Nanutarra Road House, 370 kms north of Carnarvon. The next morning Glenyce had disappeared. There were numerous other people also stranded there that night due to the floods and Police would like to hear from any of those people also. Glenyce was often referred to by friends as Rae MCGOWAN. Despite extensive inquiries by Police and family and comprehensive media coverage, there has been no information regarding her whereabouts since then. 

34 years on and family and friends of Glenyce Rae McGowan are still desperate to solve the puzzle surrounding her disappearance from a campsite up north in 1975.

What ever happened to Hayley Dodd, her mother is looking and finding many of the co-incidences I have seen.
Hayley was last seen by a friend in Dongara at 8.30am on Thursday 29th July 1999 now I know this is the period to Meteor shows.  She was told to have left Dongara believed hitchhiking towards a friends property in Moora.  Hayley was given a lift from Badgingarra Road House north of Perth to the intersection of Winjardie Road and Northwest Road on Thursday 29th July 1999 she was dropped off at 11.35am. 
Most of the murders I have seen have also linked to a time on the clock for the Omega of the spell to 1pm. 
Hayley was going to a friend’s farm on Northwest Road Badgingarra and she was last seen 10 km’s away from her end destination.  Hayley was wearing light brown suiede hiking boots, blue denim jeans, a black v-neck top, light grey jacket with hood, silver sunglasses, silver cross and chain she was carrying a light brown backpack with the word “Equip: on the flap.
Now we have the connections with the Applecross, Abe Saffron.  We then are looking I will allege for another Hall of Death to be found.  It could be a disowned brothel connecting in remembering the history links to the unsolved murder of Shirley Finn as she was going to report about the child prostitution to the world.  She was murdered in my opinion.
We have to look for the area will fit patterns for the Moloch worshipping.  The alleged hidden crypt could be one floor above the street level, their will be a straight flight of stairs like this is on Darlinghurst Road.  The positioning will have a window facing north on the building, it will be so the door faces west, and the fire exit of the brothel in Kings Cross the door faces south.  So we have no East facing entrance in this premises. 
We have a hall where the alleged skulls and bones are aligning.  With a raised floor to allegedly hide this fact.  This brothel in Kings Cross had trouble opening so if in Western Australia there is a brothel that hasn’t opened for a long time, or is advertised like working yet no one comes and go it would be important for someone to report those premises to the Police and to the Federal Police who have been copied to the evidence of Juanita Nielsen disappearance from 1975.
We can look at the similarities of the look of the person who has gone missing, long hair, is one co-incidence I have seen, brown hair is another as the real Blonde hair has not occurred.  This is a link to many of the working girls have real blonde hair.  Brown is a colour many link to the colour of the shoes the Scorpion Scorpion for the murderer could be after and noted in the Police reports to make the news.
I will allege the O.T.O links to Perth.  Thou that is just a co-incidence
Where she is found Masters surround.  Is a link to finding the Holy Grail, yet they relate to Holy Graal.

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