Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Richard Hooke Author Comments on Roscoe White JFK assassination

a national threat to worldwide peace.” The text of the cables is (see collage)
Roscoe White’s military serial number was 1666106, as evidenced by his surviving dog tags, and his code name was Mandarin. There was also a small green book and a short hand dictionary. At the back of the book, upside down, Roscoe White had written, “Roscoe Anthony White. Twenty-eight people died under the witness elimination program.” Roscoe White had killed 28 witnesses after the assassination. There were newspaper clippings of the people he had murdered and there was a picture of Perry Russo, and Lee Harvey Oswald, and written below it said “Big Mouth you talked after all.” There was a copy of the Moorman photograph with an X marked on the fence where Rock White stood (Badge Man position); below the picture were the words, “Mandarin kills K (Kennedy) uses 7.65 Mauser in assassination.”

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