Thursday, 19 June 2014

Chris tells of his mate Heroin? Suicide? Newtown X marks the spot.

Top actor commits suicide... remembering ...

Daniel Pollock (1969–1992) was an Australian actor best known for his role as Davey in the 1992 Australian drama film Romper Stomper, which featured Russell Crowe.

Pollock attended Swinburne Senior Community School in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, Victoria in the mid eighties. He acted in films Nirvana Street Murder (1990), Death in Brunswick (1991) and Proof (1991).

Pollock's last performance was in film Romper Stomper. Pollock was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 1992 AFI Awards for the role.

On on 13 April 1992, Pollock committed suicide by throwing himself under a train at Newtown railway station, Sydney, prior to the release of Romper Stomper.

Pollock was a known heroin addict. Of Pollock's death Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright said “his senses were obviously dulled in some way (on the night of his death). I [...] hate heroin. What more can I say?”


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