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911 Twin Towers, links to system

Dear Dignities of the World and President of United States of America,

I am so sorry when I worked out the sickness you would allegedly have to call the mentality behind the worshipping of the god of Moloch which has been uncovered before my eyes with The Kings Cross Sting investigation.

September 11 in the American history is a day we will all remember vividly.  However you will have to excuse my ignorance as this report I will keep to the KIS method of Keep it simple to allegedly get the links mainly across in relationship to this part of the Old Testement Bible and the references used to the  Moloch.  Within my research my heart was moved so far with the article attached Sighted Moon which is by what I have noted is like many websites this gang create and with information and then pull off the internet as a cryptic puzzle and to the child's play that refers to the Moloch.

I will request if your heart is moved like mine was, PLEASE request that the Pope read this submission and within the submission if his heart is moved to start the work to have the chapters referring to the Moloch be condoned immediately, within the Middle Eastern cultures could this be asked of the Religious part of the culture to make the references within the Old testament regarding the Moloch and references to the act of children being passed through fire which I allege is the Ghost Train fire which happened in Sydney 1979.

Abe Saffron in Sydney was the King under the god of Moloch representation of the company The Hells Angels Ltd representation of Rebel Angel where this gang utilised the good work that Hells Angels planes  did in the World regarding the people like Hitler and Iraq Bin Laden, where a massive amount of people have died through their beliefs of Moloch.

Within Australia I will alleged that Abe Saffron under this serving of his god of Moloch we lost our Prime Minister Harold Holt 1967 and many others through this way of 7 compartments, or seven people, or the relationship of the number 7 where it is the representation of the item is relating to the sacrifice of the god of Moloch.

I am sorry my grammer is not the best, however my research is excellent I believe and the findings are the significant evidence where around the world the deregistering of the company The Hells Angels Ltd be removed for the world registers.
This normally public listed companies, have the assets stripped as allegedly the assets have been collected through greedy, murder, burning, theiving, and anything related to the god of Moloch.

I would request, that the laws have made the drug ice or known in New Zealand as Pee illegal however the religious directions of the Pope and of the Middle Eastern relationship need to create these drugs of Ice and GHB as Haram, condome them for the safety of the world.  For greater peace.

The god of Moloch relating to 911, the September 11 incident.  9 -1-1 =7  I will note that 911 emergency is the way this links to the god of Moloch as what ever has made you call 911 has happened with relationship of the 80/20 rule to the god Moloch as a sacrifice.

The 911 incident in the World Trade Center Twin Towers in America related to the blood of money where the trade within those countries was hurting.  The World Trade Center  Twin Towers  happened to stimulate the money in the countries.

By having war, you will note by the lastest Afganistan the field of poppies have grown for the heroin use relating back to the drug trade.
Where the blind eye is turned to the drugs that the Soldiers bring back to the countries through the fighting they have done for the country however this is a huge problem in Australia as the drugs are worth the most within Australia to all around the world.

I have made mention of the drug ice, and drug Ghb to be religiously condoned around the world, Sydney is in the grip of shootings for the power of the drug market within the sacifice to the God Moloch, I am sure this will be relating to other countries around the world.

The parts this 911 which happened across America will relate to Parliament, President's White House, to Airports as the relationship to what the fighting squadron Hells Angels did to the war efforts against the German's march which affected the freedom to the world.

The creation of the war within the effect to the people that have allegedly started the world has opened the countries area into bringing the blood of money through the veins of the country and people as a reaction to the start of the war.  I will relate this allegedly has happened continually through out history.

Like Mexico, Columbia, South East Asia, Afganistan,Nigeria, South Africa, Iraq, Vietnam, France reference to field of poppies in history  have large amounts of the economy within each country around the world within the black market of the drugs, Heroin.  I will allege that by 2050 the biggest drug exposure to the World will be the effect of heroin and the restricition of trade through the large movements on heroin around the world.  If each country like what happened in Prohibition allowed the alcohol within some guidelines actually legalised the bootlegging helped lessen the criminal element and make the countries grow by the people going out within the countries and the entertainment factor came, the part of FUN which is the magic within life we are all searching for peace and FUN.

By the Global drug commissions thoughts of legalising one point at the end user as legal will still continue to have the Nigeria Scam work, the IBM Scam and many more that I haven't seen at a first hand study whilst researching and writing 
The Kings Cross Sting novels and relating history to the organisation Hells Angels gang, The Hells Angels Ltd, Abe Saffron, TYVO Ltd as Take your vice over.  Many unsolved murders and the links that have come about through this worshipping of the god Moloch has created within Australia has been devasting and when you consider the ramifications of wars, the Twin Towers, the attacks on the United States of America, Hitler on the world, Bin Larden Iraq and many others not noted however interrelating you see the corelationship when the countries around the world like with alcohol came to all with restrictions actually allowed the businesses to be legal businesses and these businesses grew.  

The effect on the economies, is the black market money is fed back through the country, taxes are paid which will help the 3rd world countries where the Poppys are grown.  This creating, legal farrming, legal prroduct, will help countries with the checking process of containers around tthe world for the illegal importation of drugs.  By the black money being not rrestricted to the gang world wide allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd known as Hells Angels is the business hold that these business is of ilegal products, theiving, killiing, murdering, drowning, staged suicides, robbery and many not mentioned, however interrelate to this gang's hold on the illegal product of Heroin around the world.

The study I have been doing since 2009 and probably before as to my general knowledge and the ability to research to find this all out aand interrelate this to the World Judges, the President, The Queen, The Prime Minister, The States Ministers is in effect trying to find the World Peace and put back the FUN in people's lives where the fun has been lost through the sheer terror, the paranoia they have created within people which relates to the drug ice, the GHB, the Steriod's use, 

The ownership of this business model around the world where the chapters are mentioned within Hells Angels, and  interrelate to the drug market, 
The assets of the companies be collected by the governments as a illegal money thus creating items from the illegal sale of drugs as the blood through the veins of the gang.  Each chapter house, where the company will relate to a gang will have a disused premises which is and has been used as a Moloch a trophy, within the trophy will be found within the floor area a compartment of 7 compartments or reference to this where as what Abe Saffron created a trophy, a Moloch within the premises 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross also known as 34A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  3 + 4 = 7, the A relates to being stubborn where they have created mystic, the mystery through the arts of the dark side which is the relationship of the Moon and the third eye, the area of fun within everyone's life.  This third eye within our mind's eye is so important to be opened up for the health of a nation.  To be positive, to be strong, to look forward, to plan, where this gang with the relationship off the god of Moloch has built the superitious as the bad side to live however it is the awaking process where without the arrt of conversational hypnosis I would neverr had been able to work all this out.

I have just been asking for a police search warrant for a premises known as Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross where allegedly Abe  Saffron the King  of Kings Cross created a moloch within as an area of the second hallway where the bodies of the Beaumont Children 1966, Prime Minister Harold Holt 1967, Juanita Nielsen 1975, Donald Mackay 1977, Howard Tyrell relationship of a gun in the brothel 1977, Tony Jones 1982, Christopher Dale Flannery 1985 where this gang was applauded within Australia with what he created however, it was the marketing from the Media, allegedly another member within the gang whereby creating good publicity of what they did for children, would take away for what they did for the sacrifices to create the blood to run through their viens referriing to the hands, the black money created the blood of money.

Many countries have had World Peace affected by the people that pay homage to the god of Moloch, referring to the child prostitution, the burning of children like the Ghost train fire 1979 Sydney Luna Park, The World Twin Towers United States of America, the alleged murder of Prime Minister Holt 1967 for Australia to the 911 attack for the White  house.

Please, take note, that I ask for some acknowledgement through the copywrite of this work as I too have been financially, physically and emotionally hurt through this gang that has threatened to murderr me.
That the reference be made to The Kings Cross Sting, Jennifer Ann Weatherstone pen name Jennifer Stone,  research and set of novels where the research hidden behind the company allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd has exposed the corruption, the sinister attacks, the murders, the staged suicides, the many that have lost their  life in the fight for World Peace.

Newspapers with freedom of speech have been affected through the alleged strong holds by associates of this gang, as reporting  the real journalist reporting has gone from the newspapers and thus has  created an environment where the publicity is strategic even within the series of the Underbelly in Australia, where the associates have manipulated the story to glorify the alleged criminal activity to glorify the gang Hells Angels as a god to be feared, creating again the paranoia within the World and the general peace.

Next time, we have a problem, lets take 2 looks at it is my motto in life.

Thank you for reading my submission through the research gained that has been produced for The Kings Cross Sting series.  My grammar, well I am sorry about however the content will really amaze you.  I have studied all facets of the drug network will will expose for many countries how the drugs work in their country today.

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