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Premises fit for Lease Government emailed....Attorney General can not investigate so who can?

from: Jennifer <>
to: "" <>,
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 Malcolm Turnbull <>,
date: Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 9:00 PM
subject: Premises fit for lease Kings Cross Government needs to do something.

6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road,
This could be an inspection by council of the facilities above that need fixing of Brado's Backpackers so that the premises could be looked at for the safety.

Within the study I have made on Hells Angels they have set themselves up as a religion to Sin where the Rituals are sex crimes for the innocent trainees to perform for the guys that are never question that walk the high and mighty around Kings Cross and never questioned because these people run the alleged drug network for John Ibrahim and Frank Amante as Sammy Sweet said to me as he threatened my life.  Please god have a look, I just wished you guys had listened to me rather than have allegedly a gang terrorise me because I noticed too much.  
It is not up to a Court to determine Premises fit for lease you say Council, then council won't inspect unless premises open we have a problem that desperattely needs to be addressed  by council.

I was in Court 25/09/2013 where the owner of this building solicitor had no regard for safety just funds for the premises to be leased.  Real Estate had refused to help unless payment.  I paid up for the rent of approximately $100k and not made one $1.00 this iis through the strangle hold of the gang on the street that protects these premises.  The gang you could say is the drug network.

Michael Laute warns people now after I started, isn't it time Council and Police really had a look.

It was drawn by the Registrar that the premises had been empty for 12 months.  This in itself is when you lease the premises you find it doesn't comply when council comes through the premises.  Now this is disgusting when it is the fire proofing/water proofing of the building so you can utilise the premises.

The brothel by the legal solicitor said it was not his clients concern if Abe Saffron left something within the building that the gang's wanted to protect.

What I will say that the ability to operate the premises is curbed by the gangs as what is within this area is important to the very top of the alleged drug network.
When Alexander Petrovic told me he had the highest Triad person within Australia within these Premise brought in by Chop Peter William Schaffer, then they had as I was told a meeting from Hells Angels, Comanchero's in February 2012 if I was allowed to open these same premises because the gangs don't want it open.

This is the problem when the Police refuse to look in this  area.  My life was threatened to a level that the Police needed to help as I had to pay money to stay alive and this is disgusting that these people can now be working high up within the  drug network operations.

I asked Council to address this situation however tthe premises  have tto be open for the Council to inspect.  This is  the problem because the owners are just leassing a premises with a Development consennt that doesn't comply and there is no way the premises can work with the water issues, the water from the floor above is a way through alleged sabotage to the premises below is how this building in the 80's Rev Ken from Hope Street said to me no one  can really remember it operating.  These premises in the history have always been closed or severe trouble to trade.

Where lives are risked to be inside this same premises because of what Abe Saffron hid within this compartment is withiin the common property of the building and falls within the OHS safety of the owner to supply a premises that is safe.  The police really need to address this hidden area, they have to look at the area where this timber lid behind in Room G where when I got the hammer out to pull apart this area Alex told me that if I went furrther we would all be dead.

What is in this area, I believe the gangs know and play this game on the premises when it opens to collect the rent and the people run for their lives after they have been extorted heavily as I have done.

When I would ask questions about this area I would be terrorised.  If I opened the doors I was terrorised to your numb and think it's a game this gang  is playing however when they start as Peter Schaffer did show himself with a gun on facebook and hear the stories.  

The Police say just stories, well are they?  How can you reason with a guy high on heroin or  ice?  How can you know if it's  a game where when you ask for help all these big thugs run away and tell me that as Lui Villany said Alex asked them if  you would get hurt?  So tell me, Lui Villany had been a protector for the alleged elite in Kings Cross prior to his last gaol time.  He described tto me Home invasions, how they happened, why?  Where the drug world sell drugs then want the gear back they just go bust up a house.

How do you know within this world where blood on the hands is nothing to this gang.  Where the cocaine dealer in Woolloomoolloo is moving $76000 through purchasing $28k oer week I described the man an old guy  with a limp lives in Housing commisssion house/townhouse and sells to just a few.  Now this was the thing the person knew who he was I spoke too, where he came from and would not help me further this is a resident of Woolloomoolloo that is terrified.

The Police in NSW are the only affilate government body allowed to investigate however if they don't investigate the next person might not walk away with their life.

The  owners haven't done any water works, it dries out and the alleged game happens again.

The district court explained to me that they now want to see the emails, the offer of mediation the owners refused to do the work to waterproof, it is not up to the tenant when they are offering the business to lease with an existing DA complying.  However when the water affects the premises the wiring shorts, the electricity goes out.  You may at times still have emergency lighting however this doesn't comply to run the premises just by that.  For  months this was all we could do when the water affected the wiring.

The owners and people think brothels make a lot of money that is not right, it is the drug network and allegedly all those dealers will  go at some time to Porky's and have a chat as I was told by many.

 Detective Amanda Dench said it is not a gang crime, there was no need to discover anymore on the extortion has allowed our lives to be further terrorised by this gang that seems to be in control in Kings Cross due to this wall of silence and how the people don't want to upset anyone?  At about 5.20 within this You tube that was done by Michael Laut it is to warn of the building that needs the renting of these premises stopped.

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