Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Police Integrity Commission reply What happens when the Police don't or won't investigate?

When the Police can't see these thugs that threaten your life, you continue to escalate the complaints further.

I sent the drug running and evidence regarding Juanita Nielsen to the Police Ingretity Commission for the Police Search warrant.

I will note that the Glebe Coroner felt it was significant evidence regarding Juanita Nielsen.

Well all I know there is something within a hidden compartment that this gang protects.

Dear Ms Weatherstone
I refer to your various emails, received by the Commission between 2 May 2011 and 1 October 2012.
You will recall that, in letters dated 18 May 2011, 5 September 2011, 15 September 2011, 10 April 2012, 14 June 2012, 19 July 2012 and 2 August 2012 (our refs: 23552/3, 23552/8, 23552/11, 23552/16, 23552/21, 23552/28 and 23552/31), you were advised that the Commission had decided not to investigate your complaints. In the Commission’s correspondence of 19 July 2012 you were advised that:
…the Commission is taking no further action in this matter. Further correspondence from you to the Commission on this subject will be of no benefit to you.
The Commission has continued to receive correspondence from you regarding your complaints about police. In the Commission’s correspondence of 2 August 2012 you were advised that:
I take this final opportunity to remind you that the Commission is not investigating your complaint. Please be advised that any further correspondence on this matter received from you after the date of this letter will be filed as part of the Commission’s records only. They will not be acknowledged and will not be considered by Commission officers. I repeat my earlier advice that further correspondence on this matter from you to the Commission will be of no benefit to you.
The Commission notes that you have forwarded over 40 emails to the Commission since this decision was communicated to you. In view of the decisions already taken by the Commission and communicated to you in writing, and given the administrative burden associated with processing the large number of emails you continue to send to this agency, the Commission has decided to block all emails from your email address.
In addition, the Commission will not assess or otherwise respond to any other form of correspondence from you unless that correspondence contains new information that
goes beyond unsupported allegations and directly concerns misconduct by officers of the NSW Police Force or the NSW Crime Commission. Any correspondence regarding matters already assessed by the Commission, or containing information not related to the Commission’s jurisdiction, will be filed for information only. Should you wish to provide any new and relevant information you may contact the Commission in writing at the following address:
The Police Integrity Commission
GPO Box 3880
Sydney NSW 2001
Yours faithfully
Peter Barnett
A/g Director, Prevention & Information

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