Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Police search warrants

Police Search warrants
The only people that can ask for a search warrant is the Police?

What happens when they don't?

Like me, you have danger for longer
The law needs changing.
That the act of issuing a Police Search warrant where there is history with the premises of organised crime gangs, or allegedly with people threatening  to murder, intimidation at any level where a relationship of evidence can be produced  that the police through mediation and issue a police search warrant where the person asking fears  for their own life or safety of others around as a duty of care and civil liability to the general public and citizens of the land.  Reference made to The Kings Cross Sting asking for the police to search a premises from March 2012.  At February 2013 the police  search warrant has not been executed for the search for the Beaumont Children 1966, Prime Minister Harold Holt 1967, Juanita Nielsen 1975, Donald Mackay 1977, Howard Twyrell a gun 1977, Tony Jones 1982, Christopher Dale Flannery 1985.  Allegedly all these people were offerings to the god of Moloch from the King of the Cross, (Maltese sic cross 1891) by Abe Saffron for the company The Hells Angels Ltd.

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