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Ordeal be the Magician in a crime FORCE, WILL is the Outlaw gang.

This gang, I have seen, been confronted with utilise the FORCE, WILL the Lies as Alexander Petrovic would say to me.  I forget, I don't know, Im not there....  these are the answers that this gang practise and with time, the scripts are learnt.  To become the Vampire, you need the Sex temple in Kings Cross for the Rosy Cross?
The tattoo is added for the dragon on the left hand side for the confirmation of the Ordeal for the Dragon, for the protection of the Rosy Cross is done by the Scorpion.

This is the research:   

What caused us to experience the Initiation of the King in the first place was doing magick unawares. Note that I have spelled the word ‘magick’ with a ‘k’. This is to distinguish it as sexual magic. Using sex to acquire spiritual enlightenment is called ‘love under will’ in the Thelemic lexicon. The Ordeal X compels the initiate to become aware that his or her sexual expression has a profound impact on his or her own state of mind and experience in the world. Although this is just the beginning of the path of Thelemic initiation, one can no longer ignore the cause-and-effect relationship between sexual expression and life experience without incurring grief.
he Neophyte must be tested in the purity of his Will, his devotion to the order. He must be taught the essence of Qabalah, and commit to memory all its most basic elements. He shall have a copy of Liber Al and other Holy Books. He shall devote himself to the service of his Master. If this be not aright, if the will of the Fool lies elsewhere, he must be cast away from the communion of saints.
– 718,2:19
The Vampire
The main problem addressed by the Ordeal X is that the True Will remains unconscious and unavailable to the waking consciousness of the incarnation. We may be aware of it but unable to distinguish it from the complexity of everyday life. It must be isolated like a particular muscle group is isolated with a specific body-building exercise. The spiritual exercise for the Ordeal X is the vampire.
Of course, this vampire does not drink blood except in the sense that blood represents the energy of life. It is the life energy which is bled, and it is taken directly through sex or through something closely related to the sex drive. It does not usually lead to the untimely physical death of the victim. As it is part of the ordeal, it is necessitated by the victim. The vampire surely never thinks of his- or herself as a blood sucking monster. And, indeed, he or she may well be playing the part of victim in another passage of life, or a couple may play vampire and victim for each other at the same time. The dynamic described here applies regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. The vampire may not manifest as a sexual partner or another human being but instead as another object of obsession, such as an idea, a fantasy, a prejudicial way of thinking, dogma or superstition, addiction to a substance or an emotional state. The vampire manifests a restriction which frustrates the True Will of the victim with uncanny accuracy.
The Manifest is the will of the gang, the threats to murder you to hold you to the WILL and FORCE as the choice is limited, Death is the only answer.
The Ordeal X is a very painful process for one must seemingly restrict one’s own sexuality to withdraw from the life-draining influence. The addiction to the vampire is powerful and cutting it off is a life or death struggle. That life is one’s own; that death is the loss of hope.
Every ordeal has its vampire. In the Ordeal X, one feels betrayed by one’s sexual partner (whether real or imaginary). In the Ordeal R, one feels betrayed by one’s friends, colleagues or business partners. In the Ordeal B, one feels betrayed by the entire universe. In the Ordeal A, one feels betrayed by one’s Holy Guardian Angel. In all cases it is we who betray ourselves, we who must isolate the offending behaviour and we who gain from causing the psychic energy to flow efficiently between our Eternal Selves and our lives in the world.
When the Ordeal X is complete, the Neophyte has attained the grade of Zelator and entered into the Order of the Golden Dawn. The Book of Codes gives a concise summary of the next steps along the path of initiation.

The Zelator must be taught the basics of ritual, the use of the Will and the training of the Imagination, the signs and the pentacles, the tools of the trade. The eyes, the ears, all senses of his Body of Light must be brought to full consciousness. He then becomes Practicus.

Practicus is trained in Metaphysics, the organization of the Worlds, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, the Tao and the Teh, systems of Yoga, astrology, the Book of Thoth, and so forth. Let him be thoroughly educated, and let no question go unanswered. This is the making of a Philosophus.

When this training is complete, when the invocation and the evocation are practiced without error, the Philosophus may be admitted to the Royal Academy of the Rosy Cross, and there he shall be taught the discipline and joy of the one great technique of practical Magick. Let none be admitted who are not worthy of this grade; let all be adept in the minor branches of occult science.

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