Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sallie Anne Huckstepp an unsolved murder

I sent this to a few to see if I could find out any information, I hit the wall of silence

Was this an Astrology Crime like Juanita?

I hope you can help me,  is my website.  I write The Kings Cross Sting available on Amazon.  I have been working with the Police to bring about the alleged drug bust that's coming in Sydney through my information.

I have opened the Juanita Nielsen murder up with my investigation.  I will attach info so you know I am genuine.

Today, the Police minister has been asked by the Prime Minister to further investigate my claims regarding  Juanita Nielsen.

I work with a guy on the Ouija Board, really it is just a guide that we are going okay.  I knew your mother was a friend of Juanita Nielsen when she went missing and probably had something I think to do with the tapes, the six tapes that were within the handbag that Juanita was carrying that day on the 4 July 1975.

i have been investigating, Abe Saffron and alleged outlaw gangs to the drug network and the patterns of crime.

Your mother's murder fits in this pattern as meteor showers, well you had the Halley's Comet around at that time 6 Februuary 1986.

I wasn't from Kings Cross.  I had Alex a serb who was from Kings Cross around that time, he could remember your mother very well too me.  So well that I have begun to wonder as the investigation I have been doing has shown to me he is higher up the ladder of the Outlaw gang than what he told me to begin with.

Alex would correct me, if I said something wrong.  Where the body was found, it was an idea of working out the patterns I would discuss what I thought.

Now, I couldn't find the coroner's report so I hope you can help me.
Was there any DNA?

I have named people within the Juanita Nielsen murder, these people are very high up within the gang and the guy that threatened me, some of these are in goal now.

DNA?  Why?  Well a heroin dealer and has been back in time.  He is very strong with his hands.  He is a control freak and has told me he has murdered.  He was 24 at the time of your Mother's murder.

When you write about a murder as  a novel it is only your interruptation as to what happened.  However I just wondered, this guy has lived at Ashfield way, Summer Hill was on the unemployment for a long time so there could be a trace.  

I just think it's funny that he was very discriptive as to how your mother was found in the Pond.  I'm sorry if I have shocked you, however I have been opening many of the unsolved murders up and many of the patterns have linked together.

The drug dealer that I believe did do something with Juanita, his name alleged Essam Nicola Gerges he is about 60 now.  He is Egyptian, known as Egyptian Sam in Kings Cross.  He has been allegedly dealing the drugs in the Kings Cross area for the last 40 years odd he told me.  He links into the alleged Hells Angels.
The other name that is coming up now is a Mr Godfree, thou I can't find much out about him except Abe Saffron went to his funeral so I know it was before 2006 when he died.

Some people call me a channeller, however the evidence has to fit together for the Police.  The guy on Facebook helping me...he is great however he just tells me if I'm on the right road.  Saves all those dead ends.....

Thank you for reading, People have helped me  collect the drug run information on the ground for the Police.  

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