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Bible's MagicK Dear Pope......

Dear Pope,

I have pushed the research, the King of Kings is located as the bible talks about and the location to the Holy Grail map located the Hooked X.

This Memorial tomb compartment is hidden it is like the building based on King David as it is above ground.  However the subdivision of the streets fit to the  Holy Grail map exactly.

This building has been controlled by the underworld in this location of the Jews from 1860, however the building is abut 1920's built.  

The compartment I felt held the body of Juanita Nielsen.  My website for the Timeline.

The Police won't look well how much corruption is their in the world.

The Pope that said the body of Jesus Christ will be found with the spirit orb lights I have seen these.  I know you will think it is more  than unlikely however within the teachings of the bible it is noted that the Hebrew wrote the first book and the greeks wrote the new Testament.  

This is about the 13th Bloodline which I believe is the Jesus Christ Bloodline.

The body remains, well, they are within the Egyptian hands of this Jewish army of drug runners and the power of what I have seen is the most evil in the whole world.

The police refuse to search this compartment however it is there within the building it is about 3 steps high above floor level and about 5 steps below floor level it is in the second hallway and Abe Saffron was the figure within the Underworld that was the problem for Juanita Nielsen.

The brothel, which is probably to slander the names of the people like it is written within the bible.  Is this the tool that was written to find the body of Jesus Christ to show others that it  would be found.

I know that this is on the Michael's Ley line by the research I have done and links back to when the Holy Grail went missing.  I don't know how they got to this position however the Timeline is where I am at on the website Sparkling Chandeliers.

I was working to bring a Museum to Kings Cross a name of the suburb another link to the Cross within the mythology of Jesus Christ.

There is a smell in the building that has to be the smell of the shroud that is around the body or bodies.

The Police have listened to my information on the drug running and have refused to search this hidden compartment.  The gang is smearing names even the Catholic Priests who have done nothing just for the power  to make the drug network around the world bigger.

I know you are along way from Sydney however the research has been put together since 2009 however I am a Freemason's granddaughter, I have learnt some of the ways and seen where this gang is manipulating the legal system for their own profit.

They utilise homeless young people to set up the good within society and convict them for the power of the Holy Grail to stay hidden and the drug network to explode.

It is written within the bible that when the Memorial Tomb is anointed with candles and prays to the god in heaven it is exposed to the finder.  I have found thistomb, I have asked the police to search time and time again however the drug network is powerful and utilise the Police's protection under the law 141A of Police Act no further investigation.

However the body of Jesus Christ fits to be in this location by the gang The Hells Angels Ltd that works with the gang hidden behind Skull and Bones within America.  The links to Florida and to the Crown of the Clubs within the world.

I don't ask much, however it is for the world peace that I ask that you send your men for the search of this area within the brothel where this gang as saunctified the name of Jesus Christ holding the Holy Grail within the Memorial Tomb that exists att 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross   suburb Potts Point.  

I hope that you will see within the information that  this worshipping of Moloch was written within the bible to expose the system.  What I have been doing within the books The Kings Cross Sting written by Jennifer Stone exposing the system that exists today.

However the research shows that the plan of the brothel the links to the unsolved murders I have seen that I have been able to link to thee 911 tragedy and the mindset behind this gang it is the utmost that this hidden compartment be searched.

Within the website I show the plans which is the second hallway.  THe police when  questioned about this say they don't remember on the stand however it relates to the Judgement Day within the Jewish dates.

Abe Saffron was a powerful Underworld within the Jewish connections and the connections.  Within many of the murders and unsolved drownings I looked at the connections with this gang could be linked to a pattern and system.

Within the game they played on me it is called the Comedy Divine where they leave the links of the 
one yellow feather for the link to the Holy Grail
Then they smear your name for a good person who within the eyes of the worshipping to the  Moloch will give them the protection to work without  the police linking to them or is it that they play this game where the Detective wore Green for Emerald protection and the leopard scarf which I found within the mythology as a reflection of being almighty God.

Within the drug network they have made the drug network like the lines of Royalty and links back to the lines of the Freemason's 33.

This links to the gang as a way of the pattern where they call themselves Almighty Mouse which is  the King of the Drug world for them.  The person I met to fit this position was Scott Orrock he is in goal.

I have been threatened to be murdered, numerous times, I have had people tell me about guns they have bought to do me in, yet I have been a Justice of the Peace since 1985 I have never done anything bad.  I was threatened  with death by this gang if I went to the Police.  I still went to the police however they didnt help me because what I was working on was pulling the keystone out of the drug network like the Freemason's Grand Mason's sites I have researched their is a Keystone.  I found that the brothel within the Underworld of Sydney was a Keystone within Australia.

I found the information opened the murder investigation into Juanita Nielsen and then the police would not even look at this area like it was as thou by opening it up pulled apart the Underworld.

Please help me, I am just a mere servant of God, however my Grandfather was hidden within society, it was like I was groomed to find the solution, I link to the Royal Family which links to Mary Queen of Scots beheading.  Please, help me....

The Memorial Tomb, will as the bible says will vomit the bodies, this tomb I believe has 8 bodies and paperwork that this gang doesn't want  found.

Jesus Christ, the Holy Grail by the Hooked X map.
Beaumont Children x3
Prime Minister Harold Holt
Juanita Nielsen
Donald Mackay
Christopher Flannery allegedly a criminal that was murdered when he wanted out of the gang.
Tony Jones whereallegedly Abe Saffron hunted him down himself

Please help me for world peace.  This gang has been doing terrible things to the priests within the Catholic church who are honest where it is the child's play called the Comedy Divine they setup Priests, Judges, Government politicans all to control the drug network and to show their power to disgrace the names of good people.

I am so sorry, I thought that the Police would search however they haven't heard my cries for help.

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