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How about do the Australian thing and ask for the Police search warrant 26 January 2013

I have been risking my life and others surrounding me asking for a police search warrant to search an area  of the original Pink Pussycat Club 6/36a Darlinghurst Road Potts Point.
We were working on the business model of  Hells Angels as Private Investigation, it’s not that hard to expose the drug network.  Novels were in process, investigation had started in 2009.
The drug runner came in firstly introduced by a police informant Sex worker Michelle Room 112 Astoria Hotel.  I couldn’t believe the drug network, I emailed crimestoppers and have continued.
I sat Scott Orrock’s court case hearing some of the information where Police Blue and white Vans are utilised by police allegedly parking out the front of Porky’s a home of the President of Hells Angels.
I opened the alleged Murder of Juanita Nielsen in November 2011, and have continued with the private investigation.  At each step of the information important I have emailed the  police.
However the police are the only one that can ask for a search warrant. What I found the placements of the bodies I will allege Beaumont Children 1966, Juanita Nielsen 1975 and Donald Mackay 1977 and I will further a allege a gun for Howard Twyrell that Chop, Peter William Schaffer told me about hidden in the brothel.
The police by Scott Orrock’s wife said they were paid to get YOU. It’s not Hells Angels.
However these police informants, that I have met are high up within the gang Hells Angels, Banditosis and have criminal backgrounds associated with the drug network ICE.
My information, by Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burns it’s a PIC item, however nothing happens, the evidence just sits and no search warrant.
Information Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas, about the opening up of the drug network 1994 and alleged his police framing of Phuong Ngo where the Crown and every other solicitor and Barrister that was on this case never questioned the mistake.  Report

The police I have asked have gone to the Attorney General’s Department for the State, Federal, Police Ingretity Commission, Super intendent Sue Waites, Detective Inspector Mark Howard, Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald, Detective gangs I spoke to 7 December 2011 and again on the7 March 2012 where I will allege Chop, Peter William Schaffer and Essam Nicola Gerges threatened me continually for months and quite violently on the 6 March 2012.
I have been setup by Hells Angels, to hide the biggest secret that has been kept hidden the alleged bodies of Beaumont Children, Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay.
The Police Inspector on the 13  July 2012 Surry Hills at 3.08pm said he wouldn’t listen to me until I was made sane.  I have now been made sane as they refer by the Court evidence tendered on  the 14 January 2013 still we have no search warrant.
The Detective Mark Carter, Detective Amanda Dench, Detective Libby Dean, Katie Edwards Crown Prosecutor have received the evidence and still we are awaiting the actions of the police search for the bodies within the brothel.  Barrister John Peluso, Nadia Long Solicitor, there actions allegedly were to protect the gang Hells Angels. 
The evidence is significant, the threats to murder me are constant.  The information on the drug network Scotty has come down, well I was told he was bashed for the problem he created as one of the working girls had suggested.
Still, the drug network down and still no search warrant.
See, it wasn’t the warrant in the beginning, I didn’t have enough resources to break through the brick wall when I worked out where to search and than the threats on my life I had to make sure that the gang didn’t understand I could connect the evidence upon the history and the stories many of the working girls told me about the premises, that when ever it opens the gang comes to close down the brothel.
I thought the system was well practiced.  The receptionist comes from Golden apple, it happened to Michael Laut and myself.  The working girls for some were the same however after Michael most that came to me were to hide the drug network Hells Angels from being exposed the company called The Hells Angels Ltd now known as TYVO Ltd for the President of Hells Angels to hold which is now allegedly John Ibrahim King of the Cross that took over from Bill Bayeh, Louie Bayeh, Abe Saffron all pushing for the brothel to remain closed.
Chop Schaffer in November 2011 stood over me and Alex to control the brothel and than trash the premises.  Allegedly Chop, Essam were behind  the setting up with Sammy Sweet under the guidance of Bill Bayeh, John Ibrahim, and Frank Amante to hide the real secret the bodies as the DNA will expose more of the gang and return Bill Bayeh to gaol for a long time.

I need a police search warrant for the safety of my life and others that have investigated this gang where we have gone the police I believe have not been able to go.  The police investigation doesn’t pick up setups as evidence I have provided to the Attorney General’s office regarding the setup of a Phuong Ngo, Donald Mackay, Jennifer Weatherstone, Michael Laut, Scott Orrock and many more where the gang utilises these types of setup’s to better the control of Hells Angels or the inhouse fighting of John Ibrahim and Bill Bayeh over the control of the company and the drug ICE.
So how about doing the Australian thing for Australia Day 2013 and ask for a Police search warrant and find those bodies, as Scott Orrock’s ma inlaw said “isn’t it time they removed them.”

Be Australian and Proud, 
Jennifer Weatherstone
The Kings Cross Sting

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Date: Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Fwd: Why doesn't the police further investigate? Wood's Royal Commission missed the main piece of evidence?

You may know someone to help Ray.


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Subject: Why doesn't the police further investigate? Wood's Royal Commission missed the main piece of evidence?
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Dear Sirs and Madam's,

We have a problem, where a person even a police officer makes a mistake, when that mistake is found it should be mandatory that it is investigated.  The law needs changing.

The police system, where it doesn't seem to look for the setup's within this gang also needs looking at with the strong amount of evidence I have sent to the police some of the major drug runs are still running.

It's only when I single out one runner which could take many hours of investigating however I'm just a Mum with 3 children and now minding my grandchild however it's the problem of the drugs, the shootings all  over Sydney where the business model of the alleged gang Hells Angels could be destroyed.

Significant evidence within our police system of law, where the history of problems relate to one premises 9/10's of the solution will be shown up within the history.  Even to how trials are done.  However we have a  system where the cross referencing and cross investigating doesn't seem to be happening.  This is where for only some cases where the police investigating skills need to be looked at where the charges laid on a person if this is written in law a defense than the police need to further look into whether it's a gang and the child's play and the wall of silence will further hide crime, drug running or the like.

I have been studying Hells Angels since 2009, however in the beginning it was a guy that extorted me, than it's how the links and how this gang kept coming after me to terrorise me.  I have controlled my fear through NLP in situations however the motorbikes, the people terrorising have to stop the only way is for the police to further investigate where the people when they allegedly do a criminal activity than by terrorising you, trying to make out your crazy as this has been the case by a Barrister John Peluso than it should be picked up by police however it hasn't.

The Kings Cross Sting, the police have and still probably am looking into my phone as to how I am finding out the evidence.  However shouldn't they be focusing on the crime, the high level  of child's play and why the plead of Not guilty has risen within the courts system by 50%.  The Kings Cross Sting scorpion in  my novels is actually  reflecting the police and the crime fighting, it is no reference to a gang for criminal behaviour.

Please investigate.

The Kings Cross Sting reporting to uncover the biggest drug bust in history.

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