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Porky's Fire, Love Machine Fire co-incidents to the pattern for Outlaw gang terrorising

Fire Love Machine, Fire Porky’s we will further see if there are links to the systems and patterns that I had seen. 

JULY 08, 2007

Fire At Porky's "Brothel" In Kings Cross

I must be an innocent. I always thought of Porky's as just a low class sex toys and porno shop. A fire this morning showed it is quite a bit more than that and it has far more patrons than I would have expected. News reports say about a hundred patrons were evacuated due to a fire. Porky's is described variously as a night club, strip club, and a brothel. The fire was contained to just one room, although smoke damage was more extensive. The fire started at 4:25 am in a bedroom.
It appears there are suspicians that the fire might have been deliberately lit as the police are reported as saying it is "suspicious". I wonder if, in an age of smoking restrictions, a fire started by a cigarette in a bed would now fit the definition of a suspicious fire?
Two people are in hospital being treated for smoke inhalation.
If you look at the 7’s it could be 7/07/2007  for the time the client went into the room?  It wasn’t in the report, however we find then 777 for the Aleister Crowley book he wrote.  Just a co-incidence.
I went to Aleister Crowley diary for the dates as to whether this was to bring about the timing or the Position of the 93?  It had to be a date that co-incided then we had the pattern?
7 July, at 1.44pm it was written within the diary.  The formula is that of the Neophyte Ceremony 666, being Thoth, 31-666- 31 Demeter, O.P.V.Hades.
They are combined to invoke the descent of Iacchus 93.  It was the first time that I now knew what 93 was  the representation to.  The research was coming together and I just had to look deeper and deeper that’s right keep my focus as I worked through the co-incidences again.  His sole business is therefore to identify himself with Thrth, to make himself a perfectly pure channel of thought and expression.  Now this was for evoking of Malkuth or Hod, Yesod?  666 may perform the work of the prophet, arrange the magical details and the like butt not, I think, perform any magical operation.  Thus this was the  WILL, was it just a plan?  It had to be considered that 2007, was after Abe Saffron died in 2006.  It was the first time that the new beast could have done this by the dates and the meteor showers that were coming up in July.  This was magicK I could see the K for Kick it in the guts boy’s.
The Beast’s chief task is of course the security of the circle.
The word smothered was put on the 11.45pm noting within Aleister Crowley was this the  termination of the word FIRE for the gang to bring about the person that will be known as 93 or 39 on Darlinghurst Road after the death of Abe Saffron?
We go back at 9.30pm, Aleister Crowley linked to oversleeping till past 11.  Frater O.P.V.?  Back from Tunis reports that the Police are innocent for once.  Aleister Crowley had written about the Police that seemed to fit that with this motion of time he was saying that the Police didn’t know about this ritual?  Was this the case as this gang left the signature of the fire as a stamp upon the night sky.
8 July, this was the date that was reported about the fire, The moral is: 666 must be kept absolutely in the dark about everything outside his work, at no matter what cost.  Any disturbance being caused by natural events, the fire was this the natural evidence.
The calmer the pond, the more evident the disturbance.  I knew it was the natural events, the disturbance, however the new Beast was the winner by showing the plan had happened.
Remember the Police said 39?  93?  Reverse it?  Was this the person behind my setup?  The Judge said I couldn’t expose a setup?  Why?  Did it expose the gang further to be this horrific connection with the underworld for the dealing of the control of the drug network.
Like I was  told, Love Machine fire the guy had been doing the wrong thing?  Well the guy on the door had gone to work across the road at Porky’s?  Co-incidence when this same guy was the guy that asked me everyday I walked past what can you do down at the brothel that is absorbing your time with your writing?  It was the system I was trying to crack.  I had sat for hours watching.
Watching the working girls, now it was the injecting room on Darlinghurst Road how the people lined up with the drugs to go in and use.  It was the connection that the drug network had manipulated this whole street for the word of the drug and the connection with a person that is known as 39?  39 for the Police as the reverse for the 93 just like a Freemason that had a secret would write it backwards?
A MAN has been arrested and questioned over a suspicious strip club fire in the heart of Kings Cross this morning.
Police and fire fighters found flames shooting from the Love Machine strip club on Darlinghurst Rd about 3.15am.
Two rooms on the building's second storey were destroyed.
No-one was injured in the blaze.
Firefighters extinguished the fire after evacuating five people from the club and six from the neighbouring building.
Moments after the blaze began a 25-year-old man was dramatically arrested metres from the building while flames spilled from the windows behind him.
Police were forced to keep crowds away from the fire as they loaded the arrested man into a paddy wagon.
Michael Walker, 41, was evacuated from his apartment in the building adjoining the club.
"I was asleep and I heard a mini explosion like something was collapsing," he said.
"Next thing someone was banging on my door telling me to get out. There was a family next door to me that got out too.
"When I got out to the street the flames were full on; we’re not going to get back in for a few hours."
Sara Foley, 26, was sitting on the balcony of her apartment on Bayswater Rd with a friend when the fire erupted.
"We could see fire from our apartment, we thought it looked like a firebomb had gone off in there," she said.
Smoke billowed from the windows as a huge crowd gathered on either side of the police cordon which had closed off about 50m of Darlinghurst Rd.
Five fire engines including a Ladder Platform brought the strip to a standstill as a firefighter up high monitored the fire penetration of the roof of the building with a thermal imaging camera.
The manager of Empire Hotel, Troy Leoni, was sitting in the Vegas lounge next door when he was forced to flee the building.
"I was sitting in Vegas and we thought a bin was on fire, but then they told us to get out the back door," he said.
"When I came out I saw massive flames coming out of the Love Machine."

A crime scene was established and will be examined by forensic officers and local detectives later today.
Motorists are advised that Darlinghurst Rd between Roslyn St and Bayswater Rd has been closed while Kellett St behind the building has also been shut off.
The road closures are expected to remain in place for some time while police conduct their investigations.
The blaze continued a busy night for firefighters who also put out a house fire on Ferndale St, Chatswood West.
A lady, 60, was home at the time escaped and without injury. The second storey of her home was completely gutted by the fire.
A police spokesman said the 25-year-old arrested by officers was being questioned over the fire and the alleged assault of a female employee at the premises before the blaze started.
He said the woman received minor injuries.
Newsreport Love Machine 2 May 2013.  Will search again, people thought it was a firebomb.  Now that meant it had fuel within the fire not just a cigarette.  Now a cigarette if it caused a fire.  Alex would have had a fire everynight.  The smoking he was doing and going to sleep smoking it was  like the smoke was the  dragon within that was being fed. 
Best friends with the Demon the music played within my car.  I had automapped my subconscious mind for the terror that has come about.   I knew the voodoo doll would pull me through that I started as a guide within the night’s sky and the magic of the wish, the death wish and the graves that were protecting me Private Francis and Amy Constance as I walked through the dangers of Kings Cross.
In 2013, the Eta Aquarids are active from April 19th through May 28th.  It reaches  it’s peak on  the night of May 5th into the morning of May 6th but will continue to put on a great display until the morning hours of May 7th.  The peak is the moment of the strongest meteor activity and this number is expected to range from 30 to 50 meteors per hour.
The meteor showers from Eta Aquarids, is known as the point from which all of the meteor’s appear to come from is the “water jar” of the constellation Aquarius.  This was the water within the mythology where the drowning, the fires needed  water to put the off and the timing for the magicK to happen to pay tribute to the god on earth.
It was a timing again just a co-incidence?
Well, the insurance would pay for the fitout?  The brothel was just rooms? The club where the working girls would pick up the guys was just up the stairs and the back entrance into Kellett Street.
However, if you think back to the protection of Bayeh he was the security from the Love Machine to the Pink Pussycat Club now that is one side of the road, and the reflection was the Pink Pussycat Club was noted.  Now the two buildings were empty, 36A and 38A were both previous the Pink Pussycat Club.
I could see the Museum coming alive and the history was going to be explosive as the systems and rituals of the gang’s now had been exposed for all to see.

Ann Bailey said, remember she has been up in Kings Cross from a young girl.  She said she fought for her life for 7 minutes or seconds?  The number 7 for the reflection back to the devil.

Within the system the gang have to make the newspaper for the world to see as a reward.  Now if the guy goes to goal when he comes out he will be accepted back in the ranks of the gang. If he is a runner, like Scotty I followed out of goal in a couple of weeks 5 runners and feeding the clubs.  Goes to the gym for the connection and then you see the gym beside Porky's just a connection.

The text I received off Frank Amante "Your an idiot"  showed me that there has to be a system... I have to crack it some how.

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