Thursday, 31 October 2013

In the Cross Fire, the alleged Sabotage of Sparkling Chandeliers

In The Cross Fire The Kings Cross Sting Series continues

As you read through the events and information In The Cross Fire you may on occasion feel like I have jumped from one scenario to another non related scenario. This is because I’ve written the book in the way things were happening to me. I’ve kept it as close to the real event as I can recall and I hope as you go through my story you get an understanding of what I experienced.
Also how I felt when a selected few orchestrated, almost one hundred people to do numerous acts of sabotage on a daily basis over a twelve month period with the aim of eliminating any possibility of my business being even remotely competitive.
Each major incident and person that affected the running of the business was pulled apart and examined to expose the hidden secret or the raw persecution of jealousy.
There was also an avalanche of incidents aimed at discrediting me personally. The mention of my name would be enough reason for anyone anytime in the future and on any level to completely avoid me with the attitude of never having anything to do with me whatsoever. The mere mention of my name would have them running.
The brutality of what I believe they considered a campaign on me was almost unbelievable, and those close to me have all made the same comment, and asked the same question. Most people will not believe what you endured Jennifer, they have all said.
They have all asked with a look of bewilderment, why did they do this to you? Considering the lengths they went to, I would be safe in assuming that one or more individuals would be in some very serious trouble.  They may well be asked questions that they wouldn’t be able to answer without incriminating themselves with a very real likelihood of a lengthy period of imprisonment. I have pondered why for many hours for more than a year now, and the above is the only thing which comes close to making sense. I hope you enjoy reading In The Cross Fire…  Check out our online Bookstore

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