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Police laws need changing for Outlaw gang, email to Prime Minister 20 September 2013

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Submitted on Friday, 20 September 2013 - 10:57pm

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Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: Weatherstone
Email address:
Your address:
Subject: Police laws need changing
I have had a lot of trouble with the NSW Kings Cross branch of the Police
unit.  This investigation process has been stopped by the police numerous
times under 141a Police Act where no further investigation.  Police officers
have taken the stand Police Vs Weatherstone Detective Amanda Dench where
questions asked upon gang relationship to Outlaw gangs, Extortion she
answered there was no investigation.  These were complaints I made to the
PIC, to Ombudsman, to further.  Even Julia Gillard and Ken Rudd who asked for
the police to further investigate.  However within the outlaw gang crimes the
ability for these people to be registered Police informants protect these
people and make it harder for the person telling police they are doing the
crime to you.  Police said they wouldn’t take me serious until I had a
bone?  Inspector Surry Hills July 2012.  Why was I getting extorted because
the police weren't listening to me.  It revolved to a Detective Amanda Dench
and Senior  Constable Craig Arnold however their senior Detective Inspector
Ian MacDonald said on the 7 Dec, 2011 upon opening the Juanita Nielsen murder
investigation with the evidence I gave said I turn a blind eye to this in
Kings Cross.   Please check out my website as
  this hidden compartment has been within the premises for a long time thus it
could link to where allegedly Abe Saffron or others within the gang put their
treasures that they still protect today.  Extortion I gave information,
called the Police 000, at each time not once did the police investigate,
question these Outlaw gang associates that link to Hells Angels elite that
have terrified me and my family.  I don't want this to happen to someone
else. Where the police continue to bring the information back to one Police
station iis a problem where there is high outlaw gang activity.  The NSW
Police should be able to have the Federal Police above them as a way of
stopping outlaw gangs and past corruption attempts as noted during the Wood's
Royal Commission.I was working on exposing the drug  network, emailing the
government and seeing now how the Federal Police didn’t have any control
over the NSW Police was a concern for the wider the community so this
doesn’t happen to someone else.  It happened back in 1985-6 and it happened
again 2011 -2013?  I could see the Royal Commission happening however all
that is needed is the laws changed.

This will stop so many problems in the future.  That a person when they go to
a Magistrate and the Magistrate said as happened to me with Magistrate Leah I
would sign for a search warrant that the Police be made by the Court system
to look for further information and evidence.

That the Police law be interacted where a person continues more information
to the police that the Federal Police be able to start the investigation
rather than referring to the State Police.

That people under the age of 15 be held responsible of being charged being
within a brothel.

That people being utilised as puppets for the Outlaw gang be treated harder
when proven of double the sentence given to curb this type of behaviour.

That the law be changed that gang related crimes be always thought of by
Police in the area where large drug use exists.

Where the brothel owner calls for the Police that the brothel is cleared and
the person is given time to talk to Police out of area due to the alleged
outlaw gang intimidation that I have had.

These were just a few items now I could see we were working on to change the
system for the better.

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