Friday, 11 October 2013

Grooming since May 2011 for the setup within the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers

The brothel, the VIC would have been picked up at Hillsong Church in Merrylands Church youth nights

The VIC knew prior to going to Kings Cross $400 dollars, thus setup

The VIC didn't have a purse or jeans with her when she left the brothel.

The extortion out of my bank account started whilst I was in the police station 29.7.11

Chop in January 2012 threatened to murder the VIC, no one will turn up at court he said she will go missing.

I do believe the VIC would be taken to this CAM Wow which is on the NEW ILLawarra HWY, suttons Forest.

Gonzo in Room D comes from Melbourne Circus Bar, allegedly a heavy in the gang allegedly Hells Angels.

A Rabbi came into the brothel in May 2011 like a blessing.  Water he put on all the beds it happened on Mothers Day night with sex worker Michelle.

I was setup please believe me.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jennifer <>
Date: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 4:27 AM
Subject: Alleged Moloch/Hells Angels Sydney 9.2.13 8 acts of VICE
To:, wait1sus <>, Mark Carter <>,, Amanda Dench <>,,, ElectorateOffice Kogarah <>,,, aocc-interpol-cbr <>,, The Premier of NSW <>,, secretariat <>,, Corina Winbank <>,, Craig Thomson <>
Cc:, "J.H. FISHER & SONS" <>, "Edwards, Katie" <>

1 Gun Shot  and 2 gun shot

Under alleged Moloch 2 turtle doves, 2 drownings alleged murder

3 Affray

5 Vehicles garage fire

-House fire person was 69 years add number together 6

Compartment of offering to allegedly Hells Angel Moloch   Normally this is 4

Item 7 is normally an alleged death
Alegedly this lady under the study I have conducted was going to be offered as a live burning where allegedly they utillise the Eastern  Suburbs Memorial  I have been here numerous times just watching.  Driving past of a night late, seeing cars turning in to the cemetery like 2 and 3am...I didn't work it out for awhile.  The Madame Tilly Devine, Nellie Cameron are here, they allegedly pay homage to the past King and Queen's of the Cross of the Maltese sic Cross.
The shed at the end to the left, you will notice that there is coffin's a guy sitting their during the day.  I felt like it was a little odd to other cemetries I have been too.  This shed I will allege will have some Moloch Statue where the heat of the hands under  the god of Moloch offerings.  Sexual reference is part of a offering to MOloch

No 8, allegedly this body is normally laid in the Moloch, it will be a sexual reference and body will be missing harder for investigation no DNA.  However we have the teachings of Moloch, the list above relating to MOloch to fit.

Believe me, when you like Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said he turned a blindeye allegedly to the drug network, where police on the information have like ICAC, PIC, Katie Edwards, Cherie Burton, Police Minister Gallagher, have sent letters to me no further investigation, no wanting emails send via mail, allegedly this is perpurting the course of Justice.  When you allow drugs by allegedly a cult, this cult has bought our alleged Funeral homes, transport companies, Ambulance services, Mining, allegedly manipulated stockmarkets, calls for help police alleged as child's play, where people have shown bottoms to me all allegedly Hells Angels, where a blocking of a road, where you must cross allegedly Hells Angels, Intimidation I have suffered allegedly Hells Angels, threatened to be killed, have had phones ringing for years allegedly Hells angels.....

Do you like killings, murders, robberies, allegedly this cult Hells Angels , worship to Moloch is old testament, where years ago the book of the bible was rewritten as the alleged mistake came out.

Allegedly Hells Angels by alleged bribing to police for the drug running that is out of control what I have seen, than the way to stop this is for tthe Roman Vatican to condone and make illegal within the law. The Rabbi's to make haram to the god of Moloch, however there is science in the teachings of palm reading, tarot, the opening of the third eye, the becoming more aware and stronger in our society.

For every action we have a rreaction.

So please with God's help, make allegedly Hells Angels a criminal gang world wide through the research, The Kings Cross Sting.

We need to care take, the amount the world economies is setting on the funds from allegedy Hells Angels is huge.

We need a police search warrant, immediately for World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers, reference to god is in the research to add safety to all that unravel this mystery.

The Kings Cross Sting Reporting Author  Jennifer Stone,

Didn't anyone else think to look at the business model, the connections?  Its through the ability to expose this is through positive mindset, through studies, through opening my third eye to see all and look at each piece of information and corelate it to the history.  Can next time, a search warrant allegedly bac k in March 2012 would have exposed this too. Shame, no one listened to a lady that could see what was happening and to live in terror because no one had allegedly linked it or thought it was possible.

The Kings Cross Sting

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