Saturday, 19 October 2013

Moloch System twists around the crimes

Princess crown.......

The story, the sister Lacey, as Lacey is the link to Allan Calleja who is Frank Amante's brother in law within Kings Cross evidence was given.  The hidden King of the Cross is allegedly Frank Amante Porky's Brothel and a person who I named within the Juanita Nielsen information that is going to the Judge.

I really don't want to hurt a person, it is not in my nature.  

The hair up, is within the Vic statement as the link to the Princess Courtney.
Within the Felony one they had Thumbellina, they called her Thumbellini  ...Michael Laut previous owner of the same brothel did this have paintings....and Thumbellina overdosed on drugs in the brothel as a reference.

Reference to Moss Vale within the brothel links to the alleged many unsolved murders as I have researched where the reference to the Red Cow farm and the intersecting of the Princess Hwy at Bomaderry where too many people are unsolved missing persons, I do believe this system I have nearly worked out that allegedly Hells Angels is utilising.

Moloch system,
It's a story....Princess Courtney.

Then the links to the bible and what I have left on the website

Where it relates, 
Adam.......   Made by God
Silver car....   Silver Chariot
Yellow yellow feather shows where the holy grail is 
Mary Miller....  For Mary mother of Jesus
Cody Stephens....   For St Stephens
Gonzo....   reference Gono
Red and white stripes....  For the reference in the bibles stripes.

Silver Jacket and silver boots with yellow and gold feathers
Psalm 68.13

Police Exhibit Photograph 2, VIC ringing  within 11 minutes which by the CCTV this will be less as the black guy came into brothel... allegedly within the VIC statement she met black guys on the 26 July 2011 where she told me she was working at Porky's.

Timing from when Mary left to the black guy turned up 10 seconds by CCTV

Vic left brothel taking 25 minutes to go to Kings Cross Police Station

Sammy Sweet within Room F, threatened me for months the police
Constable Robinson let him out of the brothel..... a heavy from the gang and said he
was sent by Frank Amante and John Ibrahim.

The VIC changed her statement?  Could you ask her was it just a game she was playing for the setup as telling Sattley evidence where the VIC was going to do a Job for $400.

If I am right about the system for the alleged drug network.  Just search the brothel rather than taking a person who could have lied due to pressure within a gang on her.

The VIC said within her statement she could get killed.

That's not from me, as this gang have continued to push on me like I have continued to push on them for the  Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation into the  drug network.

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