Saturday, 19 October 2013

Ritual for the Initiation for the Crown

It's said in the myths if I can tell the heavens above what is in the memorial tomb it will open like the vomiting of the Moloch within the exposing of Satan.

Almighty Mouse....As the Almighty God within the game this gang plays.
nick name for Scott Orrock as his Mother in law told me

Allegedly Mark Alexander-Erber was wanting the crown through his Moloch for the brothel at 63 it doesn't work like that you forgot the A.  Tattoo on chest, for the Snake for the devil snake 
Within the teachings he will be at a place for the resemblance of  Woodhenge...Hollywood?

Even within the court case you forgot the A.

Within the mythology of 93, the number 39 is noted this gang has twisted much of the mythology of Aleister Crowley for the wicked ways.

Within the teachings, the Book of Law
Cup for the wine

Sand for the base of the pit like the bible talks about

Then, what you will not like the brothel has been utilised as to discredit names within the mythology.

Stonehenge, the Aliens, the Crop Circles, the Meteor Showers, the timing with the Hebrew Bible Calendar 

One yellow feather for the Princess Courtney game...

Black and white it needs to get to Print.

Memorial Tomb
Known to allegedly Abe Saffron as the Death pit She-ohl in Jewish
Juanita Nielsen as the Princess
Beaumont Children as the reference three Musketteers
Prime Minister Harold Holt
Donald Mackay
A gun for Howard Tyrell’s murder
Christopher Dale Flannery
Tony Jones
Holy Grail
Jesus Christ the body or Skull however I feel it is the body
Maltese sic Cross
Ruby, Emerald tablets for the laws
I will allege that the Pit Memorial Tomb was built within the building now at the time of building this position of the brothel within the gang.
This Pit, Memorial Tomb is by the Hooked X location thus this positioning of the brothel dates back to the subdivision and the links now to the owner will be reference to the Maltese Sic Cross that was stolen from Parliament House Canberra for the reflection of the Knights of Templar for the Malta connection
The Holy Grail, the body of Jesus Christ was in the position now prior to Abe Saffron taking control of the Drug market and dates back to Phil the Jew however the hidden King will be higher again as to how Jesus Christ’s came to this hidden Memorial tomb that is talked about in the bible.
the Gospels could not have successfully invented as owner of the tomb one so specific as a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin named Joseph of Arimathea (Mark 15:43). Had the Gospels been false on this matter they would not have been able to withstand the swift correction and ridicule from the Jews.
The lights of the night, for the silver chariot you told me about Chop for the lamb chop in the Princess Courtney tale of the Fox in lamb's clothing just like Skye for the Skye Megalites Karyn Englehardt.  Like she told me she was Blake, telling the world all about your play if she was deported?  I am sure you will now find the story in print so she gets the Crown in the drug network?  Setup?
As the myth goes, the 13th bloodline will solve the puzzle
God bless the brothel.....,,,,,
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date: Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 1:47 PM
subject: Myths? Or is this the hidden treasures. Setup exposed

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