Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Restriction of trade 26 July 2011

Dear Jeffrey,
I with the other girls were terrorised by a person known to Police, the event number 45012222. I have stopped the drug dealers coming in to the parlour and setting up ice dealing. The police were called several times to the premises during the night.
The lastest threat the txt I will forward to you. I actually owe this person no money. At 12,35am this morning a person known to me as Black Roger, text as follows
Still waiting out here and my time is expensive. If i have to wait another hour the bill will go up to tin $1000 and you dont want to owe me money xx.
Prior to today, I have on numerous occasions asked him to stay away from the building and meet his friends in oporto's. On Mothersday day night was the first time with two comancheros coming in with this man to deal drugs in the lounge room I assumed. After that I again have sent txts to ask Roger to stay away from the business. to have workers asking him up to the premises. Last night he was asked up by a worker, when he came I did not answer the door, the worker did.
Today I am going to see what else I can do to stop this. You will have to believe the restricition of trade, has been yelling and hitting workers at the front desk just a weeks ago which the police were called by the person and investigated, the sex workers name was Kat.

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