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The Kings Cross Sting, Luna Park research

This is the first stage of my researching for The Kings Cross Sting.  By doing the chapter about Luna Park and the links to Abe Saffron that I was looking for I have forwarded the inforrmation to the government as the information will link allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges to the image of the man with the horns for the Ghost train fire at Luna Park Sydney.

29 January 2013  Luna Park.

It wasn’t just the unsolved murders, the icons around this gang had taken notice within my mind I was moving at some supersonic sensory complex system.  It wasn’t just now about the Heiress Juanita Nielsen, I was more than certain the information was going to be put together properly.
In October 1935, the amusement park, Luna Park, officially opened at its Sydney location. Based on the concept of the original Luna Park, which opened in Coney Island, New York, in 1903, the idea travelled to Australia with American entrepreneur Herman Phillips, who also opened Luna Park in Melbourne in 1912 and Luna Park in Glenelg, South Australia, in 1930.
Luna Park is a name shared by dozens of currently operating and defunct amusement parks that have opened on almost every continent except Antarctica since 1903. The first to use the name was the second major amusement park at Coney Island, designed by Charles I.D. Looff, who subsequently designed Seattle, Washington's Luna Park, which opened in 1907. The spaceship in the Pan-American Expositionride "A Trip to the Moon" gave its name to these parks... and to dozens that followed over the next century.[1][2]
In 1905, Frederick Ingersoll was already making a reputation for his pioneering work in roller coaster construction and design (he also designed scenic railroad rides) when he opened Luna Parks in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, the first two amusement parks to be covered with electric lighting (the former was adorned with 67,000 light bulbs[3]; the Cleveland park had 50,000[4]). Ultimately he opened 44 Luna Parks around the world, the first chain of amusement parks.
Despite the death of Ingersoll in 1927 and the closing of most of his Luna Parks, the name's popularity continued with newer parks with the name opening with regularity. As a result, "Lunapark" now translates into "amusement park" in Dutch, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Hebrew and Macedonian.

[edit]List of 81 amusement parks named Luna Park

Luna Park is the name of numerous amusement parks, from the Coney Island original, to the over 40 Luna Parks designed and constructed by Frederick Ingersoll, to amusement parks which received their names after Ingersoll's death in 1927. For a short time, Ingersoll renamed his parks Ingersoll's Luna Park to distinguish them from the Luna Parks to which he had no connection.[5]

Links to The South Australian Children, Glenelg was the site of the Beaumont children disappearance in 1966.  A Luna Park destination, so the gang was around and the drawing of children to some of the businesses this group of business people seemed to own or operate.
Atlantic Tower was built in Glenelg in the late 1970s and was Adelaide's tallest residential building at the time. This was a huge link when you think about the Victoria Street Development in Sydney and the links to the mob so to speak with the puppets, no Strings attached as we say at Sparkling Chandeliers.
Luna Park in South Australia existed from 1930 to 1934.  This was no connection I will alleged to Madam Tilly Devine.  Glenelg beach, has a Police shed.  How the children, would have needed this however the gang was well hidden in a away and probably the protection was existing at that time?  It’s a question that one day there will be an answer.

The first sighting I found, it was on the internet and I knew it was real.  These ghosts or spirits were active at Luna Park.
He had been having lunch this week with a parishioner of his who had previously been a high level yoga practitioner and Wizard in a wiccan coven when the most amazing thing happened. The parishioners can of Coke started sliding slowly across the table. At first Baz thought the table may have had a tilt or water on it, until he realised his own can next to it was not moving (both were empty). Pastor Baz and his friend both looked in amazement. The can moved around twenty centimetres, then stopped and then started to spin on its base, very slowly, doing two rotations. The parishioner grabbed the can and said "lets get out of here" and as they walked out Baz asked if he could pray for him. Upon prayer the other man shuddered, complained of lack of breath and heaviness and said "this is how I felt when I walked into a witchcraft shop....".
"I have seen a number of interesting things in my life" Pastor Baz commented "But this was the most tangible thing I think I have  experienced in recent memory. It became so obvious that it was being moved, I actually looked under the table to see if it was a trick because it was like watching a magic trick in progress.There was no wind, the other can stayed still and when it stopped and began to slowly spin, I almost freaked out a bit because I knew we were in the presence of a force that was moving it".
Then Baz wondered whether due to the nature of their conversation, which was about following Gods plan and Gods path and being in Gods will, whether something intervened to distract them both and create fear.
The link with Glenelg and Sydney Luna Park was the Amusement rides came up from Glenelg when the operator had trouble with Council and residents however the gang knew I will allege that the operator won the tender for the site at Milsons Point.
This gang did have some association before the alleged formal formation in 1975.

Another sighting by a child, however by what I have learnt children can see other people so it is extremely possible they saw the ghosts doing a reenactment for them I believe, all to bring the attention back on the Luna Park fire.
"Two years ago, I was staying at my cousins house, which is in units right behind Luna Park. We stayed up till 3am and our parents didn't know we were awake. We heard kids screaming, so we looked out the window - and I swear we saw a fire in Luna Park and heard screaming for help. Then it disappeared. We were so freaked out eh, and no-one believed us".

Why didn't anyone back in 1979 look into the Moloch meaning?  The link to the compartments and 7 murders where the father hears his own son's scream....

Don't think I like this, I hear the screams of those children when I think of this.  I feel the horror of the father, and the spirits are stuck until the puzzle is solved?  Why?  The person behind this is not just one person?  It's a system and network that needs to be brought down.

I was investigating the sightings, why?  Was it relating to The Kings Cross Sting?  The Ghost train murders were relating I felt to the wider scheme of things and links were starting in my head to a hidden kult in Australia from the early 1930’s even before.
Madam Tilly Devine was Queen of Kings Cross however she wasn’t the queen of Australia of the underworld.  There were others, each area had there own group where as the groups within the group gained power they aligned with other groups the starting of the chapters within the underworld we could see in the history was forming.
According to Anne Buckingham, the daughter of Saffron's sister Beryl, her uncle was behind the ghost train fire in which seven people perished.  That was it a link that was reported in the newspaper.  Remember we are investigating looking back however under the gang mentality the Boss wasn’t on site when the fire went up, there was other people if it links into the gang.  It is a theory and many before me had a theory.  I was pushing the reading in a couple of hours I had the research up on the laptop.  Going through the links to the gang at each sentence hoping that I would get the connection.  If this was a murder than I should be able to see something.
I know I started this series The Kings Cross Sting from French Street, Lavender Bay Blue’s Point where Francis had lived, he had been around when he came back from the war of the Luna Park.  It was with this thought that I am sure Francis could have a word with them in the Luna Park, the ghosts I meant and find out some links to draw me to the information.
I needed the significant evidence.  Of course what I was researching was significant and to someone it was going to fix a heart that was broken.  I was working on the novels, however the research was building for the gang to be pulled apart.  Francis had done a tremendous job with me pulling the strings to make me dance to find the significant evidence for the gang within the unsolved murders and the staged suicides the Private Investigation had been a huge success.  I just needed a search warrant.
Yet, for Luna Park the bodies were found.  Charred was the description, the father John Godson and his two sons Damien and Craig.  There were 7 deaths, with 5 Waverley College students going into the Ghost train ride, the 5 friend was pulled from the Ghost Train alive.  There by there was two trains one after another I will assume that burned.
I note within the reports that John Godman was found huddled in the corner with his two sons.  Which makes you think he was able to get out of the carriage and shelded the boys maybe is a thought however he didn’t run backwards why?  Why not run out the entrance?  It’s just a thought.  Knowing that now within these types of rides the laws and requirements changed after this fire.
I noted that the Ghost Train was on the site of the Big Top where today it is popular site within the park for functions you can hire the room.  However on my day out at Luna Park I didn’t remember exactly where the Ghost Train was on site.  I did thou look in the windows of the Big Top functions seeing the vast empty space where the laughter of children was no where around.
The images of paintings around this building, I was reading the signs No smoking.  Join the line, yes this was the child’s play humour why put the no smoking on a wall where a fire had engulfed the sad Ghost train.
I had read 9 June 1979 was a full moon and this was related to some sinister act or ritual.  Was it?  I was than thinking about all the research I had read and found on the Boss of the X at that time.  I was looking at a image that was found in the newspapers some years later of a horned mobster costume, with cow horns, a black wig, a cow skin and a toned abdomen, looking at the skin seemed by the image quite tanned and muscly. 
Thinking this was 1979, this man that had been photoed was probably in his late 20’s thereby 10 years older than me.  Was it the protector, the Master as some called him.  Was it the guy that picked up the protection money.  I was going over this in my head.
Fire, well, DNA of who had caused the fire would be gone.  It was a murder I felt.  Why?  There was a few items where I was drawn too. The ghost train ride had been the only item destroyed in the fire.  This could be to do with the redevelopment for the area or to have the lease be moved from the hands of the people at that time.
Premier Wran, Labor would not offer a lease to the pair that had the lease as reference to one of the people had been verbally noted I had read.
The horns, were the devil.  It was a point like a marking on the child at the time or singling out the family at Circular Quay to someone else.  It could even be to the man in the costume.  It was the child’s play of this gang that causes these connections.
I started reading about the ghost train, they said if the people had stayed in the train they would have survived.
Why?  Did they get out of the train?  Question after question?  It was noted that some of the deaths had suffered from suffocation.  I noted that some of the feelings that they had felt visiting the area of Luna Park had felt some problems with breathing.  Finding that the spirits were transferring some of the affects of how they died in the Ghost Train ride.
The screams of the children, had been heard by a few people on looking at Luna Park in the early night.  Were these children witnessing the reenactment to draw attention to the fire for the ghosts as the murderer may be still out on the loose.
Over the past, I was working on the plan straight away, well, the ghost train would have had kero around so a kero bomb, molotovol cocktail is a possibility and what I have read and researched this type of fire burning for the starting of the fire had not been brought up.
I felt that the charred body of the Godson family was noted, there by I felt this family was burnt the most allegedly the target came to mind in the fire.  What had the father seen, or done over the past while. 
Mr John Godson, had been working on his family farm an orange farm which had the connection with Warren and local to the Dubbo area the connection with the Nugan bank was a possibility.  I could see that this area had been visited by the Master in the past due to the shootings of the MP to be, the Horse Trainer.  So I had questions was Mr Godson any of those type of people.  A Councillor?  A MP to be?  Worked on the Nugan bank?  I was starting to have questions that I had to put together for the solution.
I was working on the significant evidence and how the gang, interrelated into the criminal world.  This was wide spread knowledge.  1979, the Victoria Street Development would have been working on, or maybe even finished.  They may have had many people within this development project that needed the continued work.
As I sat in my car tonight, watching a brothel in Riley Street for any traffic on foot I was complying the significant evidence which is my observations and what many of the police do each day.  I noted that this case has had a coroner’s inquest and has been approved if there is any new information that these alleged deads can be repened for possible laying of charges.
I had seen what others hadn’t in Kings Cross.  I was working on the significant evidence.  I was working on the links, how did this tye into the murders of the Heiress, the Beaumont Children and Donald Mackay.  I was working in the real to the unreal where the dreams were floating around and intermixing with the spirits that knew more.
I had been looking at the images of the fire.  It was horrific.  There was a fire at 10.15pm of a night.  This ride was taken late, so was Coney Island shut at the time?  We know that the group of the Godson family was on the way out.  These people were travelers to Sydney and had a big day, Taronga Zoo and than Luna Park.
The Mother Jennifer had been wanting an icecream so upon offering she left, the others with 4 tickets and there was only 3 of them went for the ghost train ride.  Was it organised at a time to be at the ghost train ride?  This by what I had read hadn’t been thought of as an option.  I could feel the ghosts surrounding me today.  I was fully aware of the senses, I was aware that the park was quiet, it was it’s last day of the school holidays and people were heading to school tomorrow.  The fire happened in June, in winter so todays date I don’t think had any reference to the fire however it is the 30 January 2013.
When I read the stories, the ways people put things together I thought it was possible that it could be set on fire for the man.  Was he a person, well the others it sounded weren’t burnt as bad.  Why didn’t he walk out the way the ride came in to the Ghost train Amusement ride.
I had been thinking this way and that about how it happened and really the person who was at the centre of the tragedy was who allegedly was it aimed at.  Why John Godson I thought.  I rang his family, everyone couldn’t talk higher about the man, the father, the husband and his wife that had been sick at the time.
Was it a loan shark deal?  They were about back then in.  However it crossed my mind.  I still went back to Mr Godson had visited farms by what I was told delivering the diesel.  This would have had him located nearly in the same area as Howard Twyrell Dubbo trainer murdered 1977 and Donald Mackay had been finding plantations of drugs and still with the help of his wife the evidence was still being reported.
1979, about 18 months had passed.  Frank Nuggan was around the farming communities at that time with his bank the Nugan Hand Bank one which I will allege was involved and has been mentioned within various Royal Commissions.
The Orange farm in Warren, packing fruit, mowing, fixing equipment and deliveries of Diesel to farms.  He had lived and been to school in Warren, his children on researching was at the school in Warren.  So they had no connection with the Waverley School boys in the carriage in front I will allege.
Well the fire it seemed by the reports was more intense where abouts John Godson and his two boys were.  Was it a kero bomb, it would be available around Luna Park.  I would look at the Carousel, the steam driven which would have had fuel.  It has been on site for Luna Park for more than 100 years it stated on the sign yesterday.
The book I picked up just for fun a slogan which showed a image of the lion for the Carousel.  This is a silent statement to Hells Angels and you will see Karyn Englehardt on facebook ( this person sells allegedly the drug ice and G to other bikies clubs around NSW from being in a brothel on a Sunday morning, allegedly which is Misty’s on Riley Street at the moment) utilises this type of image a lot for the silent statement and connection.  Page 25 Just for Fun Luna Park, The Luna Park Story. 
The investigation that I read, the police could not link Abe Saffron.  Well it is the President allegedly of Hells Angels through the company ownership or some connection of the company The Hells Angels Ltd which was formly signed up to in 1975 just after the death of Juanita Nielsen in the September.
The company that was in charge of Luna Park by what I have read at the time of the fire was Harbourside Amusement Pty Ltd.  HA is the two initials that were taken, it would than link by that assumption it was referring to Hells Angels.  I will note that this company previously was named Yugar Holdings Pty Ltd and on asking people about Yugar most referred it to a pistol however I couldn’t find any research.  However there is a A in the name and this could have related to Abe, however he didn’t seem to rule Kings Cross until the parting of Tilly Devine, he was in the army. 
Patent for the Rotar 1951 is Australian Patent 146301 however the Ghost train came from Glenelg South Australia first put together in 1931. 
I went to the shop, I was working on links I saw forsale the maronette’s, the puppets like the humour of this alleged gang I had noticed before there would be links to the alleged sinister background.  Rupert Browne of Luna Park Melbourne designed the face and Coney Island, named after Coney Island New York by George Tilyou.  Similarities with other businesses this alleged gang had was cash businesses.  Luna Park fitted this bill by allegedly the cash from the sale of the drugs could be spread amongst cash businesses and turned into real money usable for the future of the gang.
I have found the alleged links where a Forensic Psychatrist working now for the expert witness was a Judge or Magistrate and stuck off.  I noted that it seemed to be the same Forensic Psychatrist that was utilised in many of the court cases for the Priests. 
I note, that Luna Park, was created a market where the sailors, army personal would come to allegedly pick up woman.  It was an adult and child venue.  This theory I will allege was the idea behind many of the Golden Mile attractions that under the control of Abe Saffron grew.  It was the coming alive of the adult industry where the alleged money was through the Luna Park exercise and noting.  Within some of the reports Sailors would turn up to Luna Park and wonder where all the girls had gone too.  Kings Cross was evolving into the Adult Red light District of entertainment.
I note that Anne Buckingham told reporters on tape that her Uncle had been behind the Ghost train fire, however after that she withdrew the comment why comes to mind?
I will be searching a link between the Grand Mason’s well something like that I had read that is quite big within the jewish community and with children relating to sex.  Was this where Luna Park was started for, to attract the children for this alleged sick gang.
I have started to think I was explaining significant links to this fire. 
The ghost train ride, by the evidence I have read, I would still like to go over a plan for the Ghost train and will within the further research before publishing this book.  The way of the exit.  Was it blocked? Just a thought.
The ghost train had the four boys from Waverley College, and than the Godson family, I note that there was a mention in one of the reports to Parliament it was mentioned a fire however the third ghost train carriage was sent, well I will allege pushed as the man who did this also got the kid out of the fire. 
By the third carriage being allegedly pushed through the doors, allowed the next carriage to be sent further into the fire.  I will note that the Godson’s had left the carriage probably at that time on the first sighting of fire. 
Everytime we go on a ride, among the Luna Park rides that involve circular motion are the Tango train so I am going to assume that the circular motion.  Centripetal force, the effect of circular motion is that when you are in motion on a ride you feel yourself pressed against the seat harder than when the ride is stationary, giving you a strange feeling of extra weight.  Remember the two boys were 6 and 4 with John Godson.  Physics explains the sudden changes between weightlessness and heaviness which is felt during the Tango Train ride so I will assume the Ghost Train.
The Ghost Train is a skull and will relate to this gang, I know that the logo now is a skull with wings, however we will note that the heads were on the front of the ghost train.  However I note that the ride is different to the Tango Train however it  is a ride and is explained within the book What goes up it’s hair raising How Luna Park puts fun into physics.  History on Melbourne Luna Park however Ghost Train 1934 and it is widely noted that Melbourne and Sydney eventually worked together on equipment and further park attractions like Coney Island.
The  Ghost train like the Rotar may have had an Australian Patent, the Rotar Australian Patent is: 
Links again to the gang and to Kings Cross where the words World Famous Wild Mouse which many of the people within Hells Angels are called Mouse, Scott Orrock is known as Mighty Mouse by his Mother in law as she spoke to me about Scott.
I saw a plague, Michael J. Hind RIP was on the Big Top however that name wasn’t in the fire of the Ghost Train.  I asked about the plague, no one had seen it.  I will go back to look however the memorabilia plague and seat was removed previously by the owners of Luna Park after it reopened.  It’s like there is a chapter that they rather would forget.
Another cross reference, will be the fact that Abe Saffron was in charge as  I have read of over 60 companies where you might find some cross references when on Asics for the name Yugar as the reference for this.
Abe Saffron’s children complained what happened to the millions he had as a reference to the amount of money in his will to what he controlled in real life.  However this was the property of the company The Hells Angels Ltd that would be handed down from person  to person under the companies that he had setup with in the accounting to muddle the financial  statements for the government to follow.
I noted one of the names for Luna Park was LP Finance Pty Ltd however upon reading the tale of the Park never travelling well was noted after World War II.  Finance, was this a link to something else?  Just a question.
 I have been researching Hells Angels it seems well uncovered when I started on the Private Investigation into unsolved murders.  I felt that my thoughts like other authors would leave a trail for the evidence to be one day solved.
I know that there are standover tactics, was Luna Park being stood over allegedly by Hells Angels, or was it that the two people on the Luna Park was an alleged front for the gang that was forming and now known as Hells Angels to own.  Due to the land, being only a $1.00 could bring about Existing use rights  as they were holding businesses on this land.
I note by the reports they felt they may have been able to stay on the ghost train until it exited however the carriages were existing on fire and by the image the next day of the train carriages I have studied were very burnt.
So why leave the carriages?  The train had stopped.  However the train was still moving out of the tunnel there by the fire hadn’t cut the movement of the train to work.  So was this a deliberate fire and the person doing it had allegedly some idea of how the ghost train worked?  It’s a possibility by the train carriages were still emptying the ghost train ride on fire.  This report noted that Neville Wran wasn’t impressed allegedly with Mr Finks partner at the time.  There was a manager at the time Tom Hopkins, so why was a rememberance plaque for Michael J. Hind?  talks about the man Abe, the drug network being $2 billion dollars a year that allegedly was left behind.
Abe Saffron’s father Sam Saffron started in the black market business, so there were links with the underworld through the family prior to being in control of Kings Cross since 1948 after Madame Tilly Devine left the premises now known as Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point.   There was note on one of the articles of a gang/group that was noted with Abe Saffron links and allegedly child prostitution.   I did note on reading the story that Mr Godson I will assume had been heavily involved with the children by the wife being sick at the time.
One of the links was Luna Park is a suburb of Florida where the alleged Nigeria Scam comes out of under the person allegedly called Bob Bauer from Spring Hill Florida, no connection with the Attorney General in the past of the USA.  This connection with Florida was heavy with the Kings Cross and the names of the clubs that now depict or have depicted our Golden Mile, Pink Pussycat Club, Kittens Club, Love Machine, Bada Bing, and many others.  Pink Pussycat Club and Kittens Club also has the cat connection with the gang.  This silent statement that they have utilised for years as a kind of ownership.  Again, the property links you will see that the building works was nearing completion at Victoria Street Development and other area’s around Sydney where the alleged gang had been building the wealth of the foundations.  This is a way I will allege that the gang was changing the cash for the drug network into the building works of Sydney.  It was noted within the Ghost Train fire report tabled at Parliament that Abe Saffron had beneficial ownership of Luna Park.  Than it would come back to extortion money or rent as the gang comes to collect on premises that are in their alleged duristiction and fire is an option that seems to be linked where rent money is not paid.
This rent money, as the alleged experience I had personally was with members of Hells Angels working under the alleged direction as they would say of higher bosses and the alleged President.  Chapters, after chapters would come to terrify me why?  Because of the alleged burial ground of the King of the Cross had left within the building now known as Sparkling Chandeliers.  I have tried to put the links I have utilised for my information and interruptation of the events.
So why did the fire start?  Was John Godson the target?  What did he see on the farms in 1979 out at Warren comes to mind?  Allegedly did he see drugs being packaged and being sent down to Sydney Markets to allegedly Bill Bayeh’s brother within Sydney Markets.  Where the drugs were packaged within the boxes on the pallets as what I believe was done at the time?
Did John Godson was he the target?
The Ghost train carriage was pushed into the fire?  Why?  To send the carriage in front further into the dangers of the fire.  This will be why the attendant could pull the boy out on the last carriage and why only one was on this alleged carriage as in the reports it said two however that didn’t fit with the four boys in the carriage ahead of John Godson’s family being full I will assume by the evidence of one being pulled out.  If two boys were in the carriage, at that age, and at the speed of in and being pulled out they would have been able to hold on to the man that was pulling the one boy out of the fire due to the sheer inner strength we all poses for the life we have when it is facing death.
Why did John Godson, leave the carriage?  Was there someone there that had threatened him?  Maybe with a gun?  It’s a thought within this alleged criminal gang. 
I will note the physic, the man was fit with the horns.  Muscles on his abdomen.  His size was small for a fit man.  You will note that by the photo that was taken at Circular Quay.
This was also where the target was first met and shown to others by this man.  So did they know that the Godson’s were going to Luna Park?  The only connection was the Harris family.  I do not know if there is allegedly any links their at all.
Unless, John Godson had told of his timetable of where he was going on what date and time as the gang doesn’t seem to have a person standing down at Circular Quay dressed in horns normally or were the family followed from the residents of the Harris family?  These are ideas which I could not find out over the internet.
I checked with the sister about the Harris family and they were friends of the family.  Nothing to be connected with the alleged gang.  So were they followed?  Than it was allegedly murder that was carried out on the 9 June 1979.   The image of the man with horns was standing beside the older son, notice his height is short for a man thou he is fit.  The links to him was rare, with white pants, no shirt, the horns and the skin utilised like a mask all to hide his identity.
This person was by his body language of the photo cocky that he would not get caught over the alleged murder?  Even to being questioned as the links were non apparent to the naked eye.
So why was the last car still pushed in to the Ghost Train.
A Molotov cocktail would be enough probably to start the fire and not target the tracks of the ghost train, remember within the reports the carriages were still moving out of the ride even on fire.  The workings of the ghost train at that time were still working it seems.
Mr John Godson was huddled, well was it the huddle from the fire or what else they had been confronted with , within the ghost ride.
I will go back to what was happening in 1979, Royal Commissions, Donald Mackay family canvassing for the Royal Commission and Donald Mackay’s wife still I will believe by reports giving evidence to the attorney general and the police of that time which did help push the government for a Royal Commission. 
There was the Nuggan Hand Bank, were Frank Nuggan was working in the region of Dubbo/Griffith with the farmers and the investing. 
Robert Trimbole was working on the farmers and the planting of drugs Marijuana to feed the drug networks of Sydney and Melbourne that he was allegedly controlling the distribution.
The links to what happened in the Ghost train ride is only an assumption however this assumption has been based since 2009 working on the business model of Hells Angels and to unravel the criminal organisation to showcase in Kings Cross.
Mr John Godson’s sister said that the family farm wasn’t commercial.  However it is 20 acres.  This isn’t a lot of fruit trees for just personal usage, the watering, the mowing between trees, would have  been up kept to the farm.   Even thou, by the research it was personal usage however I do not know how many fruit trees were kept on the farm. 
Now, would John Godson see something and not tell  anyone?  Well if what he had seen or allegedly the gang thought he had seen maybe the reason why they were allegedly after him by the fire impact was more targeted at the Godson Ghost Fire train carriage if the boys in the carriage in front were not as burnt and not huddled in the same area.  If these boys from Waverley were huddled in the same area as the Godson family I will allege that prior to the fire a man with a gun had come out of the black and into the path of the carriage.
The Waverley Boys may have noticed however if you google the ghost train rides and upon my memory it was black within the train ride, the man at the start would push the carriages along and through the barn doors of the ride. 
If the Waverley Boys were not with the Godson family, than the target allegedly was the Godson family and I will further allege it related to John Godson.
Why didn’t the Godson family exit backwards thru the ride?  It’s a question however if a man had come out and terrorised them, this could relate as to why they had exited the carriage at that time and this could connect to the man with the horns in the image earlier that day.
This man I will allege is very similar in height, the physical body type of a man I met in Kings Cross Essam Nicola Gerges an Egyptian where the police will be able to check on his passport if he was in the country at the time of the Ghost Train Fire.
This man, Essam Gerges told me things during the encounters I had with him.  These encounters would talk sometimes about killing people.  He would talk about being the protector, the collector of money for the gang at Kings Cross referring to Bill Bayeh as his boss and above him which I will allege was Abe Saffron back at that time. 
Bill Bayeh was the Head of Security along the Golden Mile Darlinghurst Road, however allegedly within the gang he was in charge of the money being collected from brothels and other venues around through which he utiliised puppets without strings as one of  my slogans no strings attached as to how this alleged gang has and does operate.  Essam Gerges had told me that he went around picking up the cash for the Boss.
If allegedly Luna Park was operating with the collecting of money so the gang behavioured themselves as the only problems was from the same gang itself as to making the nuisance and than offering protection from this nuisance for money.  Thus this gang allegedly was  extorting money from many businesses even as I have encountered still today through this same system.
The image of the man with horns and the statue size beside the 6 year will determine that the man was fairly short which Essam Gerges does fit, is about 60 at the moment and would be by the other alleged murders that I feel he was involved within Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Beaumont Children, Howard Twyrell was a prominent figure within this gang for the using of the gun.
The gang would and still does move around items within the world of the property to sell a property, moving the money changing the owners and the faces and irradicating the links to the gang by having new faces however  behind the scenes is really the same connections.
I am not a sceptic, however you do feel under the common sense that the links of this gang are huge, where it has touched so many lives even there own families where murders, shootings are a common occurrence.
I will draw to the attention that thou Abe Saffron was allegedly attached to Luna Park some how, through the terrorising and asking for rent money as the gang says could even happen where the Manager of the Park at the time may not have known about the links to others within the gang as the two guys that were after the lease to be renewed for Luna Park would have to be investigated as to links to the underworld or where they just the front for the alleged gang unknowing that the people asking for the protection money was one of the alleged owners and thus the police on the 7 December 2011 Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said I turn a blind eye to this.  Referring at the time to the asking for rent, protection, extortion money I had been asked for at Sparkling Chandeliers Kings Cross.
Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald told me in this neck of the woods you have to factor extortion money, standover money in your business plan thus showing me that this extortion money and asking from alleged thugs for money for the intimidation from police, the childs play activities  that they performed on me to terroriising me with threats to be murdered, to be shot, or even to go to the police would be told back to the gang and upon exiting the police station of Kings Cross you would be shot.  Essam Gerges was one of those thugs that had come asking  for money off me after many others before him had failed to collect and to close the business due to the alleged hiding of bodies within the building.
Over the time, with the CIA contact of Bernie Houghton, Michael J. Hand the expertise of the gang flourished as to how the criminals learnt to get away with the murders due to the DNA and how to remove the chances of being found out.  Fire was utilised, the boat ride out the heads on the fast boat of allegedly Lenny McPherson are all ways where there was no body, no DNA, than the criminals seemed to not get caught.
The area where the gang has protected Essam Gerges in fact for some of it was the level of protection.  The Police wouldn’t look at a man that fixed there cars?  He told me he was  the mechanic.  He had some mechanical or engineering in his background on how he thought about fixing machinery whilst he was with me in Sparkling Chandeliers.  I noted that Essam Gerges would go and report to the police about drug trafficking when I complained to him about all the Alleged Hells Angels members around in the Lido Hotel Roslyn Street under Omar and the drug dealing.  Whilst he did allegedly give evidence in fact he was just furthering his own drug network gathering the working girls that had been feeding the hotel room in the Lido Hotel to his alleged own wallet.
This same hotel Lido Hotel in Kings Cross had high senior bikies in Roslyn Street July 2011 and this will interrelate to the gang’s activities and the alleged ties to setting myself up.
The police look by what I have found differently at Police informants as to the information given by others to them.  Within the gang Hells Angels, many of the high up people within the gang are in fact Police Informants and I will allege have utiliised this part of the law to keep protected and hidden.  I will further allege that by this level of  them being a police informant to some stages within the system the police give the person some protection by putting on their file DO NOT PICK UP by the Federal police.  This than has allowed these people that I have studied and mentioned within the evidence given to the police some protection to further their own alleged criminal activities.
This gang, the level of child’s play and how the gang have utilised business names as a way of linking or controlling the premises without the links directly allegedly to the bikie gang known as Hells Angels.
I further will believe with the evidence within the building Sparkling Chandeliers of the alleged bodies, this linking by DNA should exist and thus will put enough evidence together with the alleged murder of Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Beaumont  Children and  the same gun utilised on Howard Twyrell that the circumstantial evidence of those murders will infact convince a jury of the position that allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges was in fact the person in the horn outfit on the 9 June 1979 and singled out by others or by the following of the family himself as to help hide the criminal activity by again removing a person John Godson that may have seen as he either thought or was told had seen.  Maybe the gang had a problem in the area and were looking for the leaks? 
Beaumont Children, within the police search warrant yet to my knowledge not asked for by the Police thou I have been asking since March 2012 with the links to Essam Nicola Gerges.  You may find that the person I believe involved within the Beaumont Children as on the CCTV was for a guy called Kell who was the President of the Gold Coast Nomads where I will allege is still part of the Hells Angels network.  I have been told that the children were pushed into a car where Essam Gerges was where the children were delivered too by Ashlea Boyle a working girl around Kings  Cross and I do believe that Ashlea Boyle knew more than just a story she was making up about this same man Essam Gerges.  I do believe that the police search will connect Essam by the DNA that the area will uncover when the bodies are recovered.
Essam Gerges was the person who painted the cream patch on the wall in Room F of the premises now known as Sparkling Chandeliers Kings Cross.  This area is a subfloor area under the ladies toilets where the floor within the building had been upgraded from timber to concrete and risen by 5 steps which was enough and under the alleged guidance of the CIA Houghton and Hand that the bodies were hidden in the void.  I allege that the premises being opened and the puppets could  not shut the premises to hide the bodies than Essam came out of the hiding to keep the premises shut to protect himself from the alleged gaol time that would be incurred.

 John Godson's sister I have contacted twice to ask questions which she did answer for me.

The company paperwork is the links that allegedly will uncover the links to further companies that Abe Saffron may be  able to be linked too with the permission of Asics looking at who are the directors of the company.

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