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Court Case, Judge Garling declared a novel

Evidence for the Court Case
Court case
Regina v Charbel Rahme [2004] NSWCCA 233 revised - 28/07/2004

Item 7…..ran away from home_______________  the same
Item 12    The appellant gave evidence that the complainant was brought to the Delarose by Mark Boumansour.  Well VIC came with a guy to begin with and the pretence that she was working that night as a prostitute at Porky’s.  Exactly the place that sex worker Michelle, Diedre Palmerston was headed as she went out the door after a while the incident with Roger Hegarty and the threats to kill me.
(Roger is in custody for murder and drug issues I believe Surry Hills)
Conclusion the complaint came to the brothel with a guy and a girl called Cody Stephens.
Cody Stephens alledgedly knows a guy that had been causing problems to Mrs Weatherstone with sending under age in maybe under the setup if you don’t pay $10000.00 you will get setup by Roger Hegarty…Police were called and Kings Cross Police were called.  Alledgedly this man Kell Stratton as per facebook evidence is a known drug dealer at Kings Cross for drugs and steroids. 

Item 12  then it would be difficult to accept she attended as anything other than a volunteer
VIC came voluntarily unless it was Michelle sex worker, Kell Stratton, Roger Hegarty.

The brothel for days had been organizing the setup as Roger on two days before asked for money. $80.00, you let me in here you guarantee the money. 
Mrs Weatherstone had been battling at the end of her wits with Michelle and Roger as Michelle had brought Roger her drug dealer alledgedly into the brothel.  Oportos to met Michelle refused yet she would go to the DVD shop up the road to met with Roger sometimes yet this was her setup.

After Mrs Weatherstone refused to guarantee any drug money, the coffee was laced with something known as Bikers Coffee.

20. The complainant being detained against her will 
VIC was free to come and go, as by footage Mrs Weatherstone was behind a counter.  VIC’s friend ran out when questioned about age needing to be 18 years old or older.  VIC at that time was free to go, she understood as the person asking VIC a man seemed to pick up that there was a hearing problem.
 Not once did Mrs Weatherstone stop VIC from leaving, even in her own statement she left the room.
Who was the man that sat with you VIC?  Did he offer drugs to anyone?  Did all these girls with him get paid drugs?  Did he take them to Porky’s like in your own evidence the car stopped and you walked across the road sucking a dick?

Mrs Weatherstone had not promised VIC any money, no drugs, yet you attended the second time?  Your friend by your submission VIC, Cody was offered many drugs and types of drugs?

The white commodore you described was someone that lived your way?  Is this the commodore a white commodore a friend with Mezzy bazzie who seems to have connections with some of her friends with Hells Angels?  MBM’s? Well isn’t she the girl that ran out because she was underage?

No drugs had been offered to VIC, yet she was working for a phone? By facebook VIC had a phone at 11.06pm working and operational calling her friend.  Not in a hurry to go to the police…..
How VIC did you get the phone?  Drug money, was it a drug deal.  Well you told the second person in your statement that you were 18 nearly 19.  Didn’t you know the guy that came in as part of the setup.  You’re a Christian, you don’t lie.  Do You?
Well I have never seen anyone sucking a dick across Darlinghurst Road. Fairytale? 
Did VIC get spiked as part of the fairytale or is this the grooming by whoever brought her in, your friend VIC, Cody or her boyfriend Kell maybe?

Item 37.  “Cause” Does it mean that the accused simply allowed the girl to be on the premises, thereby bringing about the result that she prostituted herself? Isn’t that right VIC, you could’ve left like you did yet you were there on your own free will or was it someone else on the outside.  Mary was on the phone number you rang was it Mezza?????

VIC, Mrs Weatherstone did not pick you up at all to come to the brothel?
You came on your own free will?  You did leave, you weren’t in a hurry you were having a nice chat with Mrs Weatherstone at the counter, Mrs Weatherstone was behind the counter you could’ve left at any time.

Mrs Weatherstone….under clear evidence of 18 years old.  You didn’t run with your friend when questioned about your age?  You were positive VIC? Yes? You were very positive explaining you had worked before like this? Moss Vale?  Was that the plan, someone spent sometime with you VIC helping you with the answers?

VIC, talked to other sex workers out the back in Room F?  That correct by a Couple a lady and a man. 

Yet this man is alledgedly believed to be dosing the toxic coffee on the second appearance of VIC.  See Mrs Weatherstone doesn’t take drugs and by this time it was a week nearly a couple of days with crap/drugs in your coffee?  I am sure we would all not know how it would affect us? 
Q. to police, when arrested, did Mrs Weatherstone seem tired? 

Item 88  Mrs Weatherstone gave you the telephone it rang a mobile number didn’t it?  You could’ve rang any number?

VIC, you did sex outside the brothel?  Sucking a dick in the back seat of the car, across the road?

Mrs Weatherstone never forced you?  Kell Stratton had commented to Alex about being forced?  That was the connection between the two yet she wasn’t forced.  No one caused the problem, it was the setup to close the brothel so your the new Queen of the fucking everything as the saying goes.

Did you see other people at the brothel?  Did you call it a club in your evidence VIC?  String Club?  How did you know?  Read the door?  Didn’t you read the R for restricted and the 18? 

Mrs Weatherstone didn’t demand you work?  It was you that demanded it on Mrs Weatherstone? 

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